Eden of the East: 08 – O-Ughhh-Sughhh-I


Besides from being a very annoying, stupid and lame character Ohsugi/Ousugi/Oosugi/Osugi/Oushitsuji can be, his name is annoying, stupid and lame as well.


This part is sure confusing. Why do Akira knew that Shiratori had wings. And also, will there be a reason why is she tearing apart those “Johnny” (the symbolism forms) in the front of Akira. Also, I think that this might be the end of Shiratori’s screentime in the anime because for sure she’s back on her duties again as a Selecao. She might be at the movie though.


Guess who’s back? :bleh: Argh! Why did he still managed to get found? 😡 :rage: Ugh, one of the most annoying character this season sure is back for more of his whinings >.>. *More RAEG~*


Uuuughhh! Look at how annoying and what a loser Ousugi is… That look of jealousy on Akira’s hawtness~ Why can’t he just leave my Saki x Akira ship alone? What a bitter shameless stalker. *RAEG-es moar*. So like any other obsessive, egotistical guy. So over the top!

Anyway, it’s so amazing on how Eden of the East is such a huge facebook/friendster/multiply lol. And going back to the previous episode wherein Shiratori casted an illusion. It’s so amazing on how technology in this series’ time can be so unbelievable.


I’m so lovin’ Micchon more and more in the series. She’s so snobby yet cute and that makes her so adorable ^^. And her facial expressions are win!!! Plus she’s a skilled programmer~ What’s her age? She looks like an 11 year old kid! Micchon’s so awesome and she’s now my 4th fave character in the series (after Sakira lol they’re ONE XDDD, Shiratori and Juiz.. Sorry Hirasawa but you’re fifth now :3).


And my Saki x Akira shot of the week~ Kyaaa~!!!! They just look good together. Ousugi better jump to the left please and die. Kyaaa~!!! Sakiraaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :kyaa2: :kyaa2: :kyaa2: *gets shot because of excessive fangirling*


😡 Ugh, this guy seriously has something wrong with himself. You’re saying that the guy who spent a billion of cash just to find and save your sorry ass a criminal?! Dude, your jealousy is just bringing you to no good. He’s like, trying hard to make a pointless love triangle that will never work out, since we’re all for Saki x Akira right XD? He should just face the fact that he has no hope for Saki.

And what? Akira will hurt Saki? HELL NO if that’s only your proof. Can’t you see that he’s a Prince?You acting up like you’re worrying about your friend but psssh, you’e just jealous.

Now get sealed in a box and throw yourself. DIEDIEDIEDIIIIEE!!!! >8( :rage: :rage:   :rage: Where’s Shiratori? She should pick this asshole up and kill him. Or some Selecao should call Juiz now and place an order of having him get hit on by a bus… or a plane. Just to get him dead! *mad DDD:<*


“Pantsu” seems like a fairly interesting new character though, and I wonder how Akira will persuade him more ^^. I don’t quite get (and actually, I don’t care lol) the NEET part so much though, but I think that Akira, before wiping away his memories, had dealt which each and every NEET, or whatever… lol.


Oh God, is it just me, or Akira’s eyes had never looks more piercing as ever? It’s scary yet exciting at the same time on what will happen especially that there’s only three episodes left. There will also be a movie coming soon as well. But still, I can’t see everything being explained completely within hours.

Overall, the pacing of this episode feels like this series is a 24-episode one rather than an 11-episode XD. This episode feels like a cool down from the previous episode being action-packed. Which I think is quite a waste, since again, this series is only 11 episodes. But I think they’re pulling it off though so far, and what happens next will definitely be exciting.

Btw, sorry if ever this post is so messy etc, but that’s the way I am lol. I’m a shallow fangirl that always gets sidetracked when I see something worth fangirling/raging about, lolz XP. Deal with it~ <3. Ousugi is annoying anyway, fact.

P.S. – Even though that I’m such a crazy Saki x Akria shipper. I can’t help but get the feeling of this series having a bittersweet/sad ending because

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Anyway, screencap gallery next page…

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13 Responses to “Eden of the East: 08 – O-Ughhh-Sughhh-I”

  1. kirapika says:

    Two words to describe Ohsugi/Osugi/OhSHITsugi would be: f***ing annoying. :rage:

    No really, I think his main purpose here is to be an antagonist without him even noticing it. And yupp~ he’s just jealous of our hawt hot Akira. ^^

    Oh and, now he thinks that Akira is the enemy!? Arggghh..! >< All he has to do now is stfu and disappear so that we can all be happy. *sigh*

    Show ▼

    Gawd, I can’t wait for more Sakira. ^-^v

    kirapika’s last blog post..K-On! ep. 09 – Has Mio been dethroned? Yes or No?

  2. owq says:

    Why did Ohsugi keep his Johnny? :ehh:

  3. Ashelea says:

    ARGHHH!!!!! :rage: AHHHH!!!! 😡 For I though that Ousugi was really caught by Shiratori herself and just used the illusion rental just to pretend that its not him… Now it’s real and that asshole’s still breathing!!!! ARGHHH!!!!!! :argh:

    And of course, he has no chance on Saki at all :heh: His love rival is an uber HAWT PRINCE!!! SAKIRA FTW~!!!!<333 :kyaa: !!!!!!

    Also, Show ▼

  4. Distrike says:

    Oosugi is a wimp… He should have just move on and pick a girl that would cause him less trouble. Akira’s dangerous.

  5. Ayumikat says:

    I was hoping Juiz would make Ohsugi disappear to the middle of the Gobi desert or something. Not liking the spoiler-ish episode title but I hope it won’t come true. Then there’s still the movie to come…it’s gonna be hard to watch an Akira-less movie, ya know. :heh:

  6. cinderbird says:

    Ousugi is a total complete package of a very annoying character from the start. And this episode totally proves it :argh: He’s so ungrateful and egotistical jerk. And I agree with you saying that he isn’t really there to protect Saki, since he’s just primarily jealous of Akria that’s why he wants to bing him down to “show-off” on Saki. Ugh.

    Show ▼

  7. Rave says:

    The pacing for this series is absolutely brilliant. I still can’t believe that it’s only 11 episodes. Although, at the end of this episode, I couldn’t help but wonder… Show ▼

  8. kanzeon says:

    @cinderbird and Rave: Spoiler tags fixed now, thanks for letting me know ^^. I’ll be editing the comments ^^.

  9. on the spoiler on the episode titles . . . nah. I doubt akira will die. that’s just for making fans worry. Worry if that’s the title of the last episode. hehe. leading characters don’t (or at least usually don’t) die (unless it’s the last episode, but that’s pretty rare too). hehe

    also because happily ever after akira x saki has to happen. LOLz

  10. Auntie Heng says:

    to be honest, i didnt like Saki :p
    she has this constant helplessness surrounding her… my helpless comment didnt go down well with the folks at randon curiousity :heh:

    on the other hand, micchon is adorable!! :omg:

    i hope this series gets more action thou.. the osugi scenes are so :ehh: :ehh: :ehh:

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