Eden of the East: 04 – Dr. Selecao


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This scene sure is weird. It can be a symbolism for sure, since they would put it in here for the first place, we can cancel now the fact that Akira reminded the two guys about a certain movie when he drifted the motorcycle at the edge of the cliff. Maybe they can be related to the missing NEETs? I also realized that different movies are really becoming mentioned throughout the series so far. I wonder on how it will relate to their situation later in the series.


This part is very interesting because it showed how did the Selecao’s had gotten their life-changing roles. The primary rules of the game are explained: 12 people are handed these cellphones which has a 10-billion yen balance. All they have to do is to make a significant positive change in the country using the money they had. It also explained the role of the Supporter. And as much as they would not imply it, it’s a game that would cost your life.


We can put Hiura in the category of those who really does their purpose as Messiah. He established a huge health center to take care of elderly people. Besides that, he doesn’t care to get killed, but at the same time, he really uses the money for the better. Quite different from Kondou, who uses his money for his personal intentions.


Hmm. Something’s telling me that there might be a chance that this guy isn’t really the Supporter. What if he just coincidentally killed Hiura  because he has some grudge against him or anything with regards on his bribery. Damn, the Supporter thing really gets very confusing because it can really not exist at all. I don’t know XP. Kondou got killed by his wife, because of a wrong sent text message, not by the Supporter, so… yeah. But still, if ever I’ll be rooting for someone to be the Supporter, it’ll be the number 1, lol why? It’s because it’s the first person Mr. Outside picked to start off the game XD.


Two down, ten more to go.


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    Juiz’s great, great voice is by Tamagawa Sakiko, a veteran seiyuu who has had over 100 roles in her career, including Onashia in Simoun and Fujitsubo in the new Genji. As well as Natsumi in You’re Under Arrest, Tachikoma in GITS:SAC, and Mariko in Oniisama-e.

    hashi’s last blog post..Hirano Aya Only TV — episode 1

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