07-Ghost: 06 – More Exotic Frau Food


The food in this series just keeps getting more… exotic~


Frau’s Meat in a Stick™. Well, it may not be Frau’s “meat” but it’s sure worth tasting because it is made by none other than the smexy bishop himself! Want a bite? Yum~my right? Of course it’s definitely delicious! It’s made by this secret ingredient:


One-eyed… frogs from… who-knows-where-ville. Lol after those eyefishes, we knew this was coming all along. Well at least Teito and Mikage proved them to be delicious, just know remember where it came from :P.


Meanwhile, Mikage witnesses a carriage that fell in an accident. When he goes to the rescue, he young girl that reminded him of his sister. Because she is quite reminiscent of her and since Mikage’s kind-hearted, he carried her to the church to get her wounds healed. She looked harmless, up until she reveals her skeletal wings and harms Mikage.


Turns out that she’s under evil Aya-tan’s control, just like the other victims in the previous episodes. Nuuu~ Aya-tan you meanie!!!


The girl seems possessive over Mikage, since she mentions she doesn’t want to be alone. Well, we can say she’s stupid as well because she wants to kill Mikage. What the hell, you want to kill that person you want to be with? That makes no sense at all -_-‘. But anyway, guess who came to his rescue? You guessed it right! TEITO! Teito enters and blabbers on how much he’ll protect Mikage and such (all the bromance stuff~) and then does his duty to burn the girl’s ass alive with his sparkles powers. But anyway, funny how we see Mikage like a damsel-in-distress in this case XD. I lol’d and facepalmed at that instance.


But of course, since Teito wants to save his friend badly, something had awakened upon him. OMG this is quite the amusing part since Show Spoiler ▼


Probably this was one of the better moments this series had though. The background music is really awesome and it fitted the amazing but short moment ^^. OMG everything’s working so well in this scene! I love the sparkles and the fiery thing!!! Woot~ Go Teito!!!


But as much as to end up that moment, Frau enters the scene and saves both of them. Oh God *glomps the screenshot* Why does Frau has to be that awesome to PWN everything in every episode?! XD… Sad though that we get to see the real awakening of Teito, but for sure it will fai as of now, but thanks to Frau, the monster-of-the-week is gone ^^.


Next: I’m pretty scared that the series is gonna pull off that “monster-of-the-week” thing every episode, which is freaking annoying as hell. I hope not, but seeing the previous three episodes, I’m scared that we’ll get to see victims then victims again and so on and so forth for filling up the entire 25 episodes.


First of all, as you had noticed, I changed my post format now since I think it works better than the picture by picture commentary, which takes too long to make ^^. Hope you’ll like it more~ And also, it makes it more shorter ^^ (I know tl;dr posts aren’t made of win).

On to the episode, even though the scene where Teito is slightly awakened with all that sparkles and stuff, I think something’s really lacking in the series. Studio DEEN better make it work or else it’ll leave us manga fans disappointed in this one.

I have a small itchiness on how some characters acted in this episode as well. I laughed so much when Mikage got caught by the enemy girl XD. Oh god, the look in his face ftw~ For someone I thought that should act tougher, he acted like a damsel-in -distress. Ugh, be more like Frau, dude! The fight scene was still awesome though. I don’t know why, but those sparkles amuse me so much when Teito casts them XD. And the sounds they make just… tickles me XDD.

So overall, it’s still an OK episode. Next episode seems to show more of Aya-tan’s subordinates and I’m excited for that. Not sure about the monster/victim-of-the-week though. Ugh.

Screenshots in the next page~


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15 Responses to “07-Ghost: 06 – More Exotic Frau Food”

  1. mikan-sakura says:

    If ever 07-Ghost pulls off that monster of the week thing, I’m gonna rip heads apart. Come on Studio Deen, please make this one decent!

    Anyway, still nice episode ^^. Love the new format~

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  3. Auntie Heng says:

    seems like mikage has uke qualities too ~~


  4. Auntie Heng says:

    castor looks alot like kyouya from ouran

  5. Ashelea says:

    Nothnx at Frau meat in a stick >.>

    MIKHAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIILLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :kyaa2:
    OMG the almost awakening scene was so awesome, too bad Frau kind of ruins it when he suddenly came but oh well, Teito’s transformation takes so long anyway, and I guess Frau came at the right time to rescue them ^^.

    Lol at Mikage acting as a damsel in distress as well =P.

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah, still thanks to Frau’s awesomeness and we’ll get to see more of Mikhail later on anyway ^^. That scene was just a teaser :^_^:

  6. BOCHAN says:

    I find this episode is rather boring, but I won’t drop this

    because I want to see more of FRAU!!! :kyaa2: :kyaa2:

    yeah!!! i can’t ignore him :aww:

    • kanzeon says:

      I agree ^^. :kyaa: A huge part of me watching the anime adaptation is seein more of FRAUU!!!~~ Kyaa~

  7. kirapika says:

    Lol it looks to me as if without Frau, Mikage and Teito would be dead toast by now :XD: *go FRAU~ <33*

    Ughh, I hope they don’t go with the monster-of-the-week thing because that would totally be such a turn-off (not that I mind if I get to continue seeing Frau being awesome). It’s like Shugo Chara (fillers) and Jigoku Shoujo all over again with the total repetition of the routines. *sigh*

    kirapika’s last blog post..Yume Kira Dream Shoppe by MIZUTO Aqua

    • kanzeon says:

      Yep ^^. Frau’s so awesome isn’t he? <3 *melts*

      Yeah -__-... JS did the "customer/client of the week" and I hope this won't fall into being "victim of the week" now.

  8. lynn_may says:

    Kyaah! I love Frau so much. I don’t care if this episode is boring because at least we get to see how Fra rocks so much!!! <3 OMG I love him!!!

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