Vampire Knight Ch49: Let’s get sinful and tainted, Onii-sama ~<3... (WHAT THE FCUK?!)


But for sure Shiki and Rima are back!!! Yay~ it’s been so long and I really miss bitching and lol’ing on this series so much!


So we finally know who’ll be the possing main antagonist for this arc. And it’s Sara-sama. One thing’s for sure: She’s one fierce tramp, and she won’t stop until she gets what she wants.


Well face it, Ichijou’s one useless character that did nothing except on kissing Kaname’s hundred year-old ass. He should really die, and I bet he will soon, with Sara-sama around to inflict pain on him. Btw, I love Sara’s nails~ They’re so sharp that it can rip human meat apart.


Pffft~… XDDDD!!!!! Oh god.. Blearghh.. Uh… Hahaha… XDDD. That’s like, the most unforgettable line already this year so far XD. Lmao I wonder how many shallow fangirls are “Kyaa”-ing right now with this one~ Ugh VK’s really becoming a huge blender for making emo-shakes to sell out on everyone XD. Come on, “taint me”? XDD FFFFFFFFFFF. Dude, you really sound like you’re begging your own brother to bed you XD.

I really don’t like Yuuki from the start because she’s just like any other cliched frail little damsel-in-distress. Quite disappointing though because I thought she’ll be improving when she became a pureblood (and had that long hair), but she is still Brother’s little blood bank after all.


Well, here’s the smut. The scene was cute though, I’ll admit… And it’s funny on how they munched on each others’ tongue in front of Seiren XD.


Lmaooooo XD. Really. Maybe both of you should audition right now on Anime’s Next Top Cheesecakes and both of you really have a huge chance of winning. Or Kaname should just flush Yuuki’s head in a toilet since she wants to be tainted anyway and he wants her to fall down in the deepest depths… Yep, to the toilet you belong.

At the end of the chapter, there’s a timeskip of one year. It kinda makes the series more interesting though because Kaname’s been chomping on Yuuki’s neck for a year and I wonder how leukemic Yuuki is now (or maybe she has a baby now?). Also for ShiMa, they should really give up on searching for Ichijou because they are way cool to waste their time on that~


Btw, Zero’s becoming my most likable character of all the unlikables because he’s really grown up on revenge now. To be really honest he should really kill Yuuki and Kaname now and put them in an emo juicer to shut the hell up on both of them. I can’t wait for him to kill everyone (except for Shiki and Rima of course~ XD).

So overall, Vampire Knight is half emo cheese and half p0rn. Good thing that I still have my favorite characters though and to be really honest, they’re the ones which really kept me on reading this (and Zero’s smexyness too~ XD). Going back to the time skip thing that happened, I think Matsuri-sensei is making a wise choice because that gap can involve a fresh start and developments to the other characters, hopefully. But nonetheless, I gave up on taking this one seriously back ago and will just read it for the lulz and how will it turn out~.


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23 Responses to “Vampire Knight Ch49: Let’s get sinful and tainted, Onii-sama ~<3... (WHAT THE FCUK?!)”

  1. FuyuMaiden says:

    Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, EWWWW!

    I didn’t get around to reading this chapter yet because when I checked it out it looked like it was going to be another one of those boring dialogue chapters. Now I see it’s one of those gross incest chapters. Eww.

    I wouldn’t be bothered by Yuki and Kaname so much if they didn’t have any basis for a relationship outside of being siblings who inexplicably love each other because they’re vampires. And oh god the lines they deliver.

    Let’s get rid of this emo cheese with some proper bloodiness for a Vampire series. Meaning: Zero, kill them right now!

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Weekly Extra – In Total Non-Anime Mode

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah… Vampire Knight just have their boring blahblah chapters, and they have their incestuous p0rn chapters. Eeww. We’re lucky if we’ll have a chapter without any of them.

      Lol… Yes, those lines are… O__o wut?! XD

      Yep ^^. I’ll be very happy if Zero will blast lots of stuff in here and there will be lots of bloodshed ^^. Kill! Kill! Kill!

  2. hashi says:

    The “taint” line was the best line of the manga so far, for me. Of course, I’ve been shipping the siblings from before I knew they were siblings. And I usually like the strong emotions people put down with the word “emo.” As for sibling incest, I’m always nonplussed that people think that’s terrible, but lots of killing is just fine. Incest worse than murder? Hmmm. Anyway, this chapter had some real vampire feeling for me, from Sara and from Yuuki and Kaname.

    hashi’s last blog post..Hayami Saori — the new Kawasumi Ayako or the new Shimamoto Sumi?

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol I have no problems with the coupling of Kaname and Yuuki, I just love to have fun on their “snacktime” scene and the cheesy lines they said XD. And I love how this series really gets more into the actual vampire things ^^.

  3. ShiryuKaren says:

    I had stopped reading this manga a while back ago because the emo cheese thing is really getting so annoying that i can’t do nothing but to laugh at it. But OMG, Shiki and Rima are my favorite characters too~ along with Aidou, Kaien, Cain and Ruka. I found the supporting characters to have more life than the primary ones. But I can’t help but to agree that Zero’s hot!

    And lol, Ichijou should really die XD… I can’t stand his kiss-ass character at all.

    • kanzeon says:

      For me, I stopped taking it seriously even before. Come on, “Taint me too, Onii-sama!”? XDDD~ And yay, we also have the same fave characters ^^. Glad we’re only on the same side on Ichijou ^^.

  4. Xiao says:

    lol Sara’s character makes me :…: but I guess she falls under the category of a classic vampire so it’s not so bad. OMG, a vampire that acts like an actual vampire and it took us 49 chapters to get to her?! =P

    Oho~, the siblings do the gore smut in such a boring-looking hallway to make their incest more appealing and add some red to the plain old walls. |P Yea, ok. I guess that’s cheaper than going out to buy paint.

    OH YEA~ Hot and thirsty for revenge Zero is smokin’ hawt! :cute:
    I want him to charge through their front door with Bloody Rose and explode bullets everywhere. Now that’s how you enter a house, Kaname. xP

    && Ichijou should live a little longer so when Sara kills him in front of Shiki and Rima, they can have an awesome team-up and kill Sara in the best bloodbath for the manga ever. :mwahaha:

    haaa~…I miss Kaien. ;3;

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 79

    • kanzeon says:

      Yes ^^ I looove Sara’s noble-ness~ that’s why she’s fierce ^^.

      Yes ^^. I bet they’ll be doing that on the sofas, and the curtains too because they also have no money for an interior decorator as well XD.

      Zero should really be outside Kaname’s mansion instead to bust in and blast their heads off that time. But I guess he’s too hot to enter anything because it might burn ^^

      OMG ITA @ THAT IDEA~~~<333!!! You should really replace Hino-sensei for a minute and make that happen like, ASAP!!! XD

      Aww I miss Kaien too T_T

  5. Ashelea says:

    I totally agree with you with everything you said. YuMe is just getting too MEH/UGH/LAAAME/BORING/EWWW already. Ugh……. :teeth:

    And I don’t dislike Ichijou but I think that he’s really going to die at this arc. Well, it’s for the good anyway to end the clan.

    And ShikixRima is LOVE!!! They add light to this emo cheese p0rn manga XD.

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah… Even though that they’re vampires… It’s still… blearghh esp. with the emo cheese -__-.

      Yeah ^^. Agrees with everything you mentioned~. I hope it will be the end of Ichijou. And ShiMa is LOVE I agree ^^

  6. kirapika says:

    Ughhh. Mehhh. Waaahhh.
    Truthfully speaking, I don’t read vk for it’s main characters. XD How I find Yuuki irritating is something unexplainable to the depths of old ye toilet >_< I read it for ShiMa and Zero :3.

    Eversince this whole incest thing has happened in vk, I just don’t feel it anymore. More like I’m starting to hate it. You could say I’m being biased because I’m a ZeroxYuki shipper to the ends of the world, but that’s how I see things. XD I don’t really understand what’s so good about KanamexYuuki other than being incest-y. I was all, ewww, ughh, yuck! when I saw those scene. :teeth:

    No offense to KanamexYuki shippers though 😀

    kirapika’s last blog post..First Impressions: 07-Ghost ep. 01-03 – Who’s your bishie?

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah, I agree with you. Why do they really have to be in love while Kaname can just treat and love Yuuki as a sister instead, right? That’s why I really don’t take this series seriously and I just laugh at their obsession on each other ^^. I also only read it for Shiki and Rima and Zero as well (and the other side characters too~ Kaien ~<3)

  7. mikan-sakura says:

    Sara’s totally scary… WTF-scary XD. But I like her because she’s pretty~ But still not as pretty as Rima and Maria though.

    Haha I hate Takuma! I LOVE Shiki and Rima too <3!!! It would be perfect if they will be too late on rescuing Takuma and both of them will kill Sara next ^^. Hahaha~!!!

    And UGH, the incestuous lovers again are the reason why Vampire Knight is getting so cheesy, emo and lame. Ugh, I bet Yuuki’s pregnant now with the 1-year timeskip that happened because for sure what she only did was being a whore to Kaname.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter.. :^_^:

    • kanzeon says:

      Yep ^^ Maria and Rima are the prettiest girls in vk ^^.

      Lol yes ^^. Can’t agree with you more on that~ ^__^. Hey, there can be a possibility that Yuuki can be pregnant and maybe the “destiny” the series was talking about canreally happen, right? ^^.

  8. maya-nee says:

    Sara is scary, but I like her smile :XD:
    Incest… :…: I’m starting to hate VK. If it weren’t because of Zero :kyaa2: I will really stop reading this.

  9. Pinkcharaangel says:

    kya! OMG i read this chapter and wt not but by far this is one of my favs :blush2: . but i just hate wt Sara did to my beloved Ichijou i mean cmon he’s not that bad he’s like 1 of the unvampire like and cute no not cute, HAWT :kyaa2: people in the series. i missed rima and shiki but theyre back in the house. Zero is still smexy :hmm: , kaname and yuuki have a kiss scene :cute: so im fine.

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  12. I absolutly LOVE your critism, though I’m a huge fan of VK and Zero, Yuuki and even Kaname XD I think the mix of sadism and cynism is just perfecly fine. I love it 😉

  13. Jenn says:

    Plot twist: they have inbred down syndrome kids. 😆

  14. este esputo kanameputo

  15. Liz says:

    Loved this chapter.

    The YuMe scene was hot, but ‘taint me too oni-sama’?? I loled so hard at this.XD

    The one year time skip is interesting. Hopefully Yuki and whiny, emo-bitch Zero actually show some character development after the skip.*dodges rocks from zero fangirls*

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