Phantom Requiem: 04 – And The Oscar Goes To…


EIN, from her exceptional role on the film, The Doki-Doki Duo!!!

First of all, sorry for the delay on this one (again), because I’ve been waiting for the fansubs the past few days, only to know that it got licensed by Funimation already D:<… So I have to watch the subs then download the raw to take hq screencaps (you know how I hate fug pixelated caps ^^), so yeah…

Next, ohohohoho~ what a really cute deito episode! Ein is win. She’s such a great actress. I should really give some recognition for her seiyuu, Ayahi Takagahi, who did the role of Noe from True Tears before. And with this episode, we get to see versatility from her, and Ein’s character as well. We have seen her do a maid job before on the first episode, and this time, she’ll be portraying the role of a lovestruck teen together with Zwei. Ein is really awesome. Who knows that she’s a deadly assassin doing these things below…







This episode really made me giggle a lot. It’s because I love when two non-lovers are acting up as one. It’s so cute~. Zwei’s acting was horrible though, and he really needs some tips from Ein herself XP.


The other part of the episode shows their real duty, which is to of course, assassinate that guy. Bee Train could do more on the action part though, but I’m still contented on how it turned out. The masks they’re wearing are cool btw~. There’s also that Matrix-like scene with the bullet and them almost getting hit and it’s really funny. Overall, it sucked technically, but still entertaining ^^.


She’s still acting, dummy.

Looks like Zwei and Ein will do a lot of travelling and acting as spies from now on. There will definitely be more character developments for sure in here, because we witnessed the look on Ein’s eyes when Zwei gets “raged”. Maybe Ein will crack a bit off from her ice soon, but so far it’s unlikely because she’s still a devoted assassin.

So overall, I’m really having fun watching this show. Not only for how cool the characters (or Ein in particular XD) can get, but also I’m locked up in it because I’m in it for the development. Screenshots are on the next page~


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