Phantom Requiem: 02 – Puppets R Us


We get to know how to handle guns properly.

This episode has Ein teaching Zwei how to use the gun properly. Other than that, he also undergone several training being an assassin now to hopefully catch up on Ein’s skills. Zwei has no other choice anyway, or else Ein will shoot his brains off. We also see a scene with more characters as well, as they discuss about Zwei being supposed to be killed for being a witness, but he only had just his memories erased and then he’ll now be working in Inferno. So Zwei will be a puppet working for Inferno as an assassin for the rest of his life.


Pretty much nothing exhilarating at all for the second episode. It’s all guns, practice, blahblah, rinse and repeat. It does show a build-up though, and this is why the next episode looks like it’s something shouldn’t be missed. We have a b00b-massaging scene (lmao, how the HELL should I call it? XD) or maybe something more (smex?) so yeah, looks like Zwei is trying to hit on Ein. The series implies a very sensual atmosphere though, from the bgms to the setting too, so it could be possible. Whatever that is, I know there will be intense romance ahead for sure~ lol that’s why I’m watching this one XD.

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2 Responses to “Phantom Requiem: 02 – Puppets R Us”

  1. meteorhouse62 says:

    I love this show. I don’t know why and I don’t care neither if it’s from Bee Train. This episode is definitely a build-up of what’s coming next.

  2. cabal alz says:

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