K-On!: OP Single – CAGAYAKE! Girls


K-On!’s OP Single, “CAGAYAKE! Girls” is more of your love it or hate it seiyuu J-Pop song. It’s tweeny, upbeat, fun and just like any other seiyuu song, it fits the “moe” vibe of the series. I don’t listen to these kind of genre in a regular basis though, so I’ll pass on putting this up on any of my playlists. The song tackles about slice-of-life about girls. The lyrics are fun. Yui’s seiyuu was the one leading the song, and I guess she did a good job of making it sound silly and bright: just like Yui.

The second song “Happy!? Sorry!!” was yet another typical, generic J-Pop song, so it’s a pass for me on this one as well. I just don’t like these type of genre, just like what I’ve mentioned before.

Download link below the jump ^^.



1. Cagayake! GIRLS [Lyrics from Lyrical Spark!]
2. Happy!? Sorry!!
3. Cagayake! GIRLS (Instrumental)
4. Happy!? Sorry!! (Instrumental)

Plus 14 scans

>>Download here<<

Sample scans:

>>ED Single Download Here


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    :thumb: ARIGATOU! :nosebleeds:

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  4. adicto says:

    yea xD

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