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How to make your blog more popular… [Desperate Edition]


Yeah, you!

Have an anime blog for months now or just starting a blog? Had tried everything from being a trap to making yourself look like a know-it-all but still not getting fair blog views? Already did all of what’s mentioned in Kairu’s post but still not working? Don’t lose hope just yet because there are still some ways to make your blog get those freaking views… So let me give you some EVIL tips to make your blog more popular, in a little bit desperate mode.


Of course, who would have thought that you can easily promote your blog when you have an accomplice to ask a question on Yahoo Answers! Yahoo Answers in one of the biggest and well-known Q&A services in the entire web.


– A blog (of course)

– Internet (again, of course)

– Confidence (because you’ll be doing a stupid thing)

– A friend (or if you have none, you can just make an extra e-mail account) that will ask a question.

– More friends (to rate your answer… well, you SHOULD convince them to rate your answer to make it on top.)


– Make that friend post up a question…

Potential Questions:

– What’s the best anime blog?

– Where I can find this/that? (make sure that that can be found on your blog)

– Then it’s time for you to answer! Of course you’ll answer in a way like “There’s a site blahblah that has it..” or “I think this blog works for me, worth trying.”

– So you’re done! And people around the globe that might ask the same thing will get to know your blog more and more and more.


AnimeNano is such a very popular site where you register your blog and get your feed to be displayed once you publish a new post. Once you become a member, we can’t deny the fact that many referrers will be from AnimeNano. Because of that, there are so many ways go fool people to randomly click on your blog in there. And who cares if they clicked randomly anyway and get disappointed? It isn’t your loss, actually it’s your gain, gain from views *evil laughs*. So here are some ways to get more hits from AnimeNano.

a.) Make use of the “<strike>” function

I conducted a deep research on some blogs throughout the ‘sphere and I noticed that kanzeon (can’t remember her certain post but she told me she did) and issa-sa (compare to this) had done a certain post before with a strikethrough on a title. Making post titles with a strikethrough on them, when flashed on AnimeNano, the strikethrough effect was gone. I just don’t know if it still works though but it’s worth trying.


– A blog (of course)

– Internet (again, of course)

– Confidence (because you’ll be doing a stupid thing)

– Needed to be registered and accepted already on AnimeNano.


– Make a post with a misleading title then strikethrough it.

Ex: “GO HERE and you’ll get free pr0n.“;

“Haruhi Second Season Trailer”

– Publish it.

– Go and check it on AnimeNano.

b.) Misleading post titles

Misleading post titles are always made of either win, or can irritate a desperate hopeful which hopes for something else.


– A blog (of course)

– Internet (again, of course)

– Confidence (because you’ll be doing a stupid thing)

– Needed to be registered and accepted already on AnimeNano.


– Make a post with a totally misleading title then publish it.

Ex. Post Title: “SUZUMIYA HARUHI Official Hentai OVA”;

Post Body: “I wonder when will they make one?”

*TIP: Publish the post first then wait a few minutes before making the body so that when it displays on the feed, there’s nothing.

– Go and check it on AnimeNano.

Get trolled. Profit baby.


Well if you hate the world and you don’t care if you bash a certain show/character and YOU MAKE WAR, and you’ll really GET PEOPLE COMING BACK EVERYTIME. For example (I’ll repeat, EXAMPLE ONLY), I’ll say “Utau sucks!” to kanzeon (lol sorry kanz, I’ll take you as an example again XD), I can already see kanzie giving me her smile of death (lol, because she only smiles when she gets mad, you never know that you’ll get killed by her later) and she’ll be coming back time after time because of the dorama. Not only she’ll be coming back but as well as her back-ups! So with that, you get more views!


– A blog (of course)

– Internet (again, of course)

– Confidence (because you’ll be doing a stupid thing)

– Emotional Endurance and Verbal(or Typographical in this case) Endurance

– First-Aid kits and food, it’s a war baby.


– MAKE DORAMA. Simple. It’s either by means of comments or by posts.

– Have fun and enjoy the rage.


I find sob stories to be a complete waste of time, but hey, it gathers attention to some people at times too. Besides from that, you” get sympathy and countless flowers and money and offerings with how much your sob story is worth sobbing. Make sure that it’s real though.


– A blog (of course)

– Internet (again, of course)

– A sob story. Whether it’s about you quitting blogging, personal issues, relating to a certain anime character, having your dog die, etc. Make sure it’s real though, and make sure it’s not a cheesy or a common title.

– People who reads your blog of course.


– Share it.

– …And here goes the views!


Hahaha this one’s really true. Random Curiosity’s probably the most popular anime blog out there with it’s episodic posts and epic picture spamming. Almost getting tens or hundreds of thousands of views daily, and their comments can be considered as a huge forum already. What way can we promote our blog by promoting it on the most popular blog ever?


– A blog (of course)

– Internet (again, of course)

– You should know where Random Curiosity is dude.

– Confidence (because you’ll be doing a stupid thing… O WAIT.)


– Comment of course. And I’ll suggest you to comment in their most spammed posts (like before: Gundam 00, ToraDora, Code Geass) and this Spring season, Full Metal Alchemist might be one.

– Always add your blog url after your comment.

Ex. comment goes:

“ZOMG I LOVE THA SHOW SO MUCH!!!” (or you can make yourself sound less.. stupid, I guess) then *insert your blog url in here*

6: FREE STUFF ( I mean pr0n).

Well if you’re really that desperate. Go post pr0n like the great Sankaku Complex and you’ll be getting views faster than a running cheetah. No explanations and procedures needed. Works 100% all the time.

Those are some of the stuff I could think off for now. I can’t really give serious advices since I’m still a n00b, so yeah, just try them out too and tell me if they’re effective. So bottomline, the best way to desperately get those views going is by tricking people, but I still think that it is worth appreciating it if you get real hard-earned views from your real efforts. Like this post, when you really did try those mentioned above, wow, you’re a God of awesomeness. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS~


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10 Responses to “How to make your blog more popular… [Desperate Edition]”

  1. I laughed while reading through this list because that’s such an accurate way to attract attention given the way people browse the web. I’ve considered doing a few at some point or another, but somehow, my dignity always seems to get the better of me. =p

    zzeroparticle’s last blog post..Two Excellent Character Songs

  2. Nagato says:

    You forget:
    – Reply to every comment
    – Make unwanted comments on others’ blogs (Like, lots and lots! Actually I guess this falls under troll.)
    – Bother Maestro to put your feed on AnimeBlogger Antenna
    – Become a featured feed on DannyChoo
    – Lots of gimmicks on your blog (Rotating banners, animated avatars, etc.)

    And spamming Yahoo! Answers? For Shame! ;p

  3. Amayalee says:

    Lmao. All effective methods! Maybe I’ll try the few that I haven’t, just for the hell of it! XD Hilarious post by the way…:P And it’s always fun to be a little troll.

    Amayalee’s last blog post..Toradora – The End of Greatness

    No one really gives a damn on Yahoo! Answers. Everyone hates that site..

    “a.) Make use of the “” function”
    Seriously, what can tbe strike function do!?

    “b.) Misleading post titles”
    That.. Is definitely risky. It doesnt work for all bloggers.

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..GAROOOOGMESH!

  5. Oh no. Ignore my comment earlier. The “strike” function is on the loose.

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..GAROOOOGMESH!

  6. Gargron says:

    Trolling is indeed working, but man, also from the other side. I remember a couple of trolls visiting my blog everyday and insulting my art gallery. That attracted some “protectors” who then also visited that post everyday and trolled the trolls. Lol.

    Gargron’s last blog post..The eccentric finale of the eccentric show Soul Eater

  7. arefilterasty says:

    Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in since I’m starting a new anime blog 🙂

  8. mrsLEMON says:

    MWAHAAHA! I have found useful information. Or, you could just post spam on THIS site. T.T neh, neh, KIDDING!


  9. orbifesse says:

    Lulz at the Random Curiosity one because it’s true that “desperate” bloggers would really promote their blogs at the comments there XD.

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