Hetalia Character Single Vol. 1- Italian Brothers


For the sake of PASTAAA~~~

I DIED of oozing moe on Veneziano (North Italy)’s character song, Let’s Boil Hot Water! Daisuke Namikawa’s voice is like, ahhhh~~ *faints* XDD. The first track tells how Italy loves Pasta, and it has a more Samba beat and the song was refreshing, and MOE!!!~~~ It’s so moe you’ll get a heart attack XD!!! Overall, it’s bright, happy and PASTAAA~~~

[Lyrics and Translation here]

The Delicious Tomato Song is more upbeat and it features Veneziano’s brother, Romano (South Italy). The song was sooo funny and catchy at the same time XD. Romano’s so adorable and he proves that he’s very different from his twin brother~. And the screaming parts (he screams like a girl XD) are really funny. The lines on Romano’s song are really funny and how he calls Spain a jackass at the start of the song XD. He also mentions France and he begs him to protect him. My favorite part though on how he says that his brother eats so much potatoes that it makes him macho roflz. Oh god, Daisuke Namikawa~ XDDD…

[Lyrics and Translation here]

It’s hard to pick a fave but I’m leaning more on Romano’s ^____^. Because it’s just so entertaining and funny to listen at ^^. So anyway, here’s the download link [updated with .zip format links]:

>>Download .rar format<<

>>Download .zip format<<


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6 Responses to “Hetalia Character Single Vol. 1- Italian Brothers”

  1. Ah, I heard these two songs awhile back. Daisuke Namikawa is awesome with both of the brothers. He’s able to make their voices fit who they are so well, and can vary his voice so well in this. The “Let’s Boil Hot Water!” song does remind me of moe now that you mention it (gee I’m so stupid I didn’t notice it earlier). It’s relaxing~ I also love the pasta parts!

    I like “The Delicious Tomato Song” a little more as well. I like the upbeat parts and all of the comments from both Romano and Spain (it was so funny). I love the part when he calls Spain a jackass too. So funny~

    Ah, I love both of the songs. Daisuke Namikawa is so awesome singing them too!

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    • kanzeon says:

      Yes ^^ Daisuke Namikawa’s a male moe genius XD! We can really differentiate N Italy to S Italy because he deepens his voice on voicing Romano. Yes, he’s so moe~<3 and he can really sing ^^.

      Lol. The side commenting parts with Romano calling Spain are made of so much win ^^.

  2. Pillow-Chan says:

    Thank you
    Veneciano never fails to making me laugh :heh:
    Also, if you find any translations to the 3rd track I would really appreciate it
    because I couldn’t find any and I really wanna know what they’re saying :-_-:

    • kanzeon says:

      :freeze: Lol me too…
      Just check the LJ community of Hetalia because the kind people there will translate it soon for sure ^^. I’ll try to post it here too when it gets translated ^^.

  3. mediplast says:

    thank you very ,mmuch!! they’re so cute!! haha. so cute cute to listen to. :thumb:

  4. aninha saganokai says:

    Thank!!!!!!!!!!!! :oha:
    Im brazilian(sorry for my bad english), im a fan Hetalia,
    and this musics its so… so… :cute: :kyaa2:
    Thank you very much for this post! :cheer:

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