Hetalia Axis Powers: 12 – Take Responsibility!


Another dose of Hetalia World News!



The groom: France. Who’s reported to force UK on marrying him! The Suez Canal deal was a rumored huge pain in his ass, so France plans to join forces with UK so that he will have more financial and a resourceful support.


The bride: UK. Who’s suddenly surprised about the “incident”. (Yes, he IS the bride).


But the contract was canceled though, and France was dismayed. Could it be that UK has his eyes on someone else? coughsUSAcoughs…


CAUGHT!: UK Spying on the Axis Powers!


While the Axis Powers are having their training, UK was caught by our paparazzi for suspiciously spying on them. Of course, UK has his cute fellow pets along too.



HOT GOSSIP NEWS ~ Italy takes Japan’s “First Time”!!!


Spotted: Italy taking Japan’s very first… hug. Japan was having a very peaceful moment in his home until Italy stumbles by and gives him a hug.


Japan reportedly said that he should take responsibility of what happened!





OH MY FUCKING GOD PLEASE MAKE TIME FASTER! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!!! It’s the EPIC strip of all EPICNESS! My most favorite strip of all the series so far~ Next episode’s gonna be epic, fo’ sho~ I’m gonna cry now, I’ll prepare my pillow~… this is the most perfect delayed birthday gift ever for me even though the next episode for sure will make me cry!!!

Ehem… Sorry for that, so that wraps up the World Hetalia History Report (or whatever I might want to call this not-so-new-News thing shit) see you next week for more goss and reports!


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6 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers: 12 – Take Responsibility!”

  1. Periwinkle~ says:

    O…M…G :aww:
    They’re finally animating THE MOST EPIC STRIP in Hetalia next episode!!! I’ll go buy lots of tissues now… I’m in current state of shock O_O.

  2. jonie says:

    Lol because the best part of this episode is the preview XD

  3. Ashelea says:

    ZOMFG!!! Tell me I’m not dreaming! Cleaning Out The Storage??? Oh my god x 1000!!!

  4. baran says:

    Eh, as much as I like that strip I would’ve preferred the Battle for America story or America’s birthday… the Storage story is just too much seriousness for a gag anime. :/

  5. cinderbird says:

    Cleaning the Storage was also my favorite strip so far because of how it gives off a different look on Hetalia. It shows why I love US and UK so much. I’m really gonna squeal and cry next episode. I hope Studio DEEN won’t mess it up.

  6. warriorhope says:

    I know I’m going to T.T next week. The drama cd and orignal strip is bad enough.

    Lol at the arranged marriage between France and England (even if he didn’t have eyes for you know who, he would never marry France though)

    This is how England became known for having super spies. :^_^:

    Ah Italy. Now you know the dangers of…hugging someone. (It’s time for la shotgun wedding).

    warriorhope’s last blog post..07-Ghost-Episode 2

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