07-Ghost: 03 – Eyes Are Yum~


But Frau’s more~

Summarize it all up in a sentence:

Teito attempts to escape the church to rescue his friend Mikage,  but he ended up getting PWNED by the smexy beast Frau which is so awesome OMG FRAU!!!~~~

So anyway, on with the commentary…


Teito attempts to escape  on the church to rescue Mikage but nuh-uh, thanks to Frau XD. Lol at how he catches Teito easily XDD~~.


Oww look at this cute little image of a bride and groom. (and probably this will be the only wedding to happen where the bride is the seme XD). We really need a change of outfits there (blames Frau’s fug veiled hat -_-).


Now that’s better! Aww~ Isn’t the groom so cute? XD




By the looks of how Frau ate it, it looks like he finds it yummy O_O;;


LOL Teito’s so cute when he chomps on Frau’s food XD. Maybe the eyes really tastes that good? O__O;;


Castor then explains about the exotic food… and blahblahblah it has fins to blahblahblah it tastes good with gravy etc. (nutritional contents section?) I’d rather die of hunger instead of trying it. NO THNX XDD


Haha~~ I really love it when Frau pats Teito’s head like a little dog XD. Frau may look very mean and intimidating but I can see him treating Teito like his little brother.


Uhh, enjoying the eyes much?


Aya-tan really looks more hotter as the series goes…


Konatsu deserves to be mentioned here because I really love his character~ He’s like, the most “normal” one out of all Aya-tan’s subordinates XD. He and Hyuuga makes a perfect combo XD~


Another one to be mentioned is Kuroyuri~ Which is always seen sleeping on Haruse’s arms. Kuroyuri’s gender is still unconfirmed up until now in the manga though, but I’m sure he’s a guy. XD lol


Everytime I see this pic with these guys, I wanna throw both of them to Ristorante Paradiso. Eeww.


LMAOOTO XDD… Cool Christmas tree (honestly, I really have not much to say on this one… NEXT.) But again, the nuns are funny awesome as hell XD.


Flashback time: Perverted homo classmate tries to molest Teito… But Mikage comes and saves him! XD Dude seen flying up away by Mikage’s punch. Bad thing though is that both of them ended being locked up :((.


Awww~!!! MIKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 He’s freaking CUTE XD!!!!!


We get to see how Teito and Mikage first got along and how Mikage won Teito’s trust~ ^^. I wish there will be more moments like this added on this adaptation~ SQUEE!!


How will Teito escape this when there’s a SMEXX beast outside on guard to block his way? XDD!


Teito unleashes powaa to Frau…


Missed! LOOK AT HOW FRAU  TAUNTED TEITO xD!!!!!!11 He’s a SMEX BEAST, oh you got that right!


Lmao at these two standing at the side drinking chamomile(?) tea like they’re a couple watching their favorite match  XD.


Hahaha~!!!!!!!! Teito thought that he finally knocked down Frau but Frau’s just too cool to get hit like that easily~ XD!!!


Ouch. T___T


Poor Teito T___T But Frau has to pwn him because Teito’s just too stubborn to escape the church (you silly stubborn kid~)… Hang on there Teito >.<!!!


Lmao. Sorry Teito, Mission Failed for you~


NUUUUUUUUU~ MIKAGE!!! Poor Mikage for always being treated roughly and staying at this dark, dark and lonely place without Teito T___T.


We get to see Mikage’s imouto even in a pic! I don’t recall seeing her face on the manga though… But yay, at least we get to see her here ^^. Aww, they look so close with each other~ I want Mikage as a brother too! *glomps Mikage*


Hyuu-tan says that Mikage’s sister is moe. Pedophile XDDD jk. Speaking of Hyuu-tan, I found his voice really funny. His seiyuu overpronounces so much but I guess it’s sooo Hyuuga anyway, and it’s so cute ^^.


NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU AYA-TAN PLEASE KEEP AWAY FROM MIKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!11 T__T!!!!!!!!!!!111 Nuuuu~~~ Being hot and all is NOT an excuse!!!


So I think I’ll end the commentary with a pic of Frau feeding a cat~ “Yesh! Yesh!”




Is it just me or they did add A LOT of stuff in here that wasn’t on the manga? I’m not complaining because I want moarrr of those!!! XD The nuns are getting so much screentime too ^^, but I guess it isn’t bad and it’s nice of Deen to balance the exposure of male and female characters shown in the series (I can’t wait for the mermaid btw~).

I really love the part where they showed how Teito and Mikage first got along. It was so cute and sweet and I want more of their moments together ^^. Other than that, we get to see Mikage’s sister as well in a photo, which I really don’t remember if they show her face in the manga either. Well, I hope we’ll get to see more of her too~ With those additions, I love how the anime adaptation is making their own flow of the story and I wonder if they’ll follow the manga’s route or not and make an original end just like Kuroshitsuji and Soul Eater.

One thing that gave me a little itch though is the animation of some scenes which I admit, is painful to watch T__T. The slow motions are starting to get on my nerves (really, it’s hard to take screencaps when that happens!) and I thought that the quality took down a little notch this time. The fight scene was ugh… Butoverall, it was still an enjoyable episode ^__^.

I can’t wait next episode when Frau breaks Teito’s slave collar, and it will all finally start XD!!! And another thing to watch out for, my fangirl instincts had gotten the feeling that the reunion part will be taking place maybe in episode 5’s end or near that, unless the anime adds more stuff in the flow of the story. I’m so excited, yet sad!!! Lol it’s quite ironic on being excited on something that for sure will make me baw lots of tears T__T!!! Nuuuuuuuuuuu~~~ First the Storage Cleaning episode on Hetalia then this one~~~ T___T The next following weeks will be an anime BAWfest for sure~ XD. Needs lots of tissues and pillows to back me up next week!!!~

Screencap Heaven on the next page~


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7 Responses to “07-Ghost: 03 – Eyes Are Yum~”

  1. janselle says:

    ~Teito reminds me so much of Wolfram in Kyou Kara Maou in this one XD! I guess it’s because he also had the same seiyuu.

    And FRAU = SMEX BEAST. I agree XD!!!

  2. Teairra says:

    I’ll better prepare my tissues as well..


    :huhu: :orz: Why does it has to be that fast??? It’s so sad… Nooooooooo…

  3. haha.. I don’t know what to say for your summary. Just that is so funny XD!
    Okay, about this episode.. I also gets really annoy of the fighting scene too >.<
    And you really NEED to scare me with that refer of RP (you know what I mean) :teeth:

    Anyway, there are a lot of part that wasn’t show in the manga in this episode, which is amusing. Love the Mikage and Teito’s first time meet. Mikage is so cute and his sister too =3! I don’t remember either that her face was show in the manga, but I suspected something from her in the future. She just can’t be randomly mention… maybe Teito might get to meet her someday.. <.<‘

    I also can’t wait for the next episode, and the reunion part. I am very ready with a tissue here too =] Btw, the official homepage of 07-Ghost changed too!

    Mimiko ♥’s last blog post..New released song 22/04/2009

  4. Ashelea says:

    CHUUU~~~__<!!! Lol you really DO know how to summarize something in a sentence XD but you forgot the “eating eyeballs” part, but it wasn’t necessarry anyway XD lol.

    Hahaha!!! Yes… That’s why I find Frau’s hat so annoying Dx… He looks like a bride (a SEME bride, just like you said XDDD) with that get-up, but the flower on Teito’s head makes him look more CUTE as an uke groom as well XD~~~

    Uh ew is that Fear Factor or something that they had to eat those eyeballs with fins? XDD It’s funny when Teito’s all “WTF” with his face but he ended up eating lots XD.

    At first, I’m really complaining on how Ayanami looks not hot enough, but this episode PROVES that he’s HOT!!! ZOMG I have no complaints anymore for him~~~

    AND yes!!! DXXX The fight scene was awfully animated T__T it’s so lame, but Frau’s PWNage pays up for it in my opinion ^__^. The look on his face in that pic is smex already XD, that’s why he’s a certified SMEX BEAST to the extreme XD!!! *nosebleeds*

    And yes, I love how they added that scene where Mikage and Teito first met~<33 Love that the anime added stuff~ And Mikage’s sister dear too!!! I agree with Mimiko that Teito might have the possibility that he might meet her in the future (BUT I won’t ship her with him XP!!!)

    GOSH T_____T!!!!!!!!! Nooooo~~~ I don’t want that to happen yet T___T but it’s too late now T__T I also have to pack up lots of towels instead of tissues because I saved all my tears for this reunion part to come!!! T___T. So yeah, thanks for the awesome post as usual~<3!!!

  5. hana says:

    I don’t mind the drop in animation quality on the fight scene but the only problem I have in this whole series is that ALL the blond characters looked exactly the same (excluding Frau). Mikage, Hakuren, Konatsu and Shuri looked the same IMO.

  6. ShiryuKaren says:

    OMG they really did added some stuff on the anime. I also don’t recall seeing Mikage’s sister as well. And the first meeting scene between them was so sweet.

    I can’t wait for the next eppie :orz:

  7. mikan-sakura says:

    Frau PWNS!!! He’s such a smexy beast for sure xDD!!!
    Gosh, I’ll really cry on the reunion scene now that it’s animated. Huhuhu~~ T___T

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