It’s been a while since I posted here. The main reason why I was gone is because I was very busy at school, and probably Kanzeon doesn’t care much about that that’s why she still manages to blog. Added to that is we had an argument, but all’s well now and I’m glad to have time to blog again. So what caught my attention these past few days is this EPIC ALBUM Puncolle -Voice Actresses’ Legendary Punk Songs Collection-, where seiyuus cover legendary punk-rock songs.


  1. “Sex and Violence” (The Exploited) – Haruko Momoi
  2. “Basket Case” (Green Day) – Haruna Ikezawa
  3. “White Riot” (The Clash) – Kaori Shimizu
  4. “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” (The Offspring) – Mai Kadowaki
  5. “Anarchy In The UK” (SEX PISTOLS) – Rie Tanaka
  6. “London’s Burning” (The Clash) – Yuko Goto
  7. “Call Me” – Halko Momoi (Blondie)
  8. “God Save The Queen” (The Clash) – Haruna Ikezawa
  9. “Blitzkrieg Bop” (Ramones) – Kaori Shimizu
  10. “Search and Destroy” (Iggy & The Stooges) – Mai Kadowaki
  11. “Ruby Soho” ( Rancid) – Rie Tanaka
  12. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Nirvana) – Yuko Goto


And you can download all songs here:

=>Download [mp3 formats]


Well here’s a sample from Mai Kadowaki (the seiyuu of Ilyasviel von Einzbern of Fate/Stay Night) singing how she’s “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” [original “The Offsprings” song]. This is my favorite song out of the album (yea, I even manage to pick a favorite) because this is the only song here that happened when I was already born or somewhat aware? Yea. So enjoy.


And here’s Momoi Haruko  singing “Sex and BalenceViolence” [original “The Exploited” song]. To be really honest, this is a mindfuck. It’s like an eight-year old shouting “Sex and BalenceViolence” repeatedly. Well worth making it to a ringtone.


The cover art was awesome as hell too! Look at how those lovely lolis flippin’ their fingers! To sum it all up, this is the most wonderful thing that has been made not only in the Japanese music industry, but in the whole world’s music industry as well. It definitely shows respect punk-rock legends and made the dead ones roll over their graves and generate electricity!!!

Yea ok, I partially lied, this made my ears bleed as well as it made me ROFLMAO. But still, only if you love old punk-rock songs AND moe-voiced seiyuus at the same time (I repeat: AT THE SAME TIME), you’ll come to love it. This is guilty pleasure for me since listening to all those moe voices is heaven.


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8 Responses to “PUNCOLLE IS EPIC.”

  1. 53RG10 says:

    I don’t like this album, it’s bad, so bad it’s good…seriously, the only reason I’ll listen to this album again is for some LULZ and guilty pleasure. Plus hearing moe voices singing Punk Rock triggers a chord that makes me smile! ^_^

    –From Deciphered Melody

    Copy Pasta FTW!

    53RG10’s last blog post..Top 5 Anime Picks for Spring 2009 Season

  2. Xiao says:

    I wish there was a facedesk emoticon. xDDDDDDDD;;;

    Great, now I want to play this on the world’s biggest international radio and :hypno: everyone into dancing to the second one on the streets. WAHAHAHAHA!!!! :mwahaha:

    …*cough*…yea. :megane:

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 73

  3. kanzeon says:

    Wow this is definitely bad… But I agree with sergi that it’s so bad it’s good…. to laugh at! XD OMG I really can’t stop laughing hearing those songs… And lol at the cover art too :XD:

  4. […] quieren “adquirir” el álbum, pueden hacerlo por medio de METANORN, por el cual también me enteré de esto. Todavía no lo he escuchado, pero luego de leer varios […]

  5. moritheil says:

    It’s a brilliant statement about music.

    ‘Anarchy in the UK’ is masterfully executed, though I have to agree that on the whole it sounds like they all got drunk and headed into the studio.

  6. Shinigami_55 says:

    The download link is dead! please re-upload!!! please!!! I want it…

  7. jim says:

    I liked puncolle very much too!

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