NEXT LEVEL – Ayumi Hamasaki


Here’s the newest album of Ayumi Hamasaki: NEXT LEVEL. And just like what the title says, she is stepping it up to the next level. I am loving her music more and more. From the electronic dance hitter Sparkle, to the sentimental (and my personal favorite) days. Download PLUS Ayu’s PV for Sparkle, Curtain Call and NEXT LEVEL (hell yes, three new PVs) all below the jump!

Splitted the download into two parts.


~Part 1
01 – Bridge to the sky
03 – Disco-munication
04 – EnergizE
05 – Sparkle
06 – rollin’
07 – GREEN
[and 2 cover varieties]

–>Download part 1

~Part 2
08 – Load of the SHUGYO
09 – identity
10 – Rule
11 – LOVE ‘n’ HATE
12 – Pieces of SEVEN
13 – days
14 – Curtain Call
[and 2 cover varieties]

–>Download part 2

Cover Variety:




SPARKLE: The first few seconds of the video might fool you for an innocent, eighties-style music video, but nuh-uh-uh~ because following it was Ayu in latex, latex and latex O_O (just watch the video!~)


CURTAIN CALL: This is an another powerful and emotional music gem for Ayu, I must say.


NEXT LEVEL: The video shows Ayu driving (and driving, and driving…) and it also shows breath-taking views.



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2 Responses to “NEXT LEVEL – Ayumi Hamasaki”

  1. Xiao says:

    I like “Next Level” the best out of the the PVs. For the song and the wonderful shoot of the video. I want to do that something. Grab a red convertible and just keep on driving to god knows where. xD;

    Not sure about Ayu’s other tracks. They’re not really grabbing me like her earlier music did (I found “Next Level” closer to that so maybe that’s why I liked it better). :/

    Thanks for sharing! ^^

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 75

  2. Brett says:

    :aww: Ayu Is Simply Amazing In Every Aspect Of Music And PV’s. She Continues To Be The Hottest Music Star And Fashion Icon Of Tokyo. Her Song Identity Is My Favorite On This New CD. WHICH I OWN!!! XD Love It So Much. Simply Just LOVE It. I Agree With The Poster Of This That Ayus Music Gets More Amazing… Though I Must Say GUILTY Was My Favorite Studio Album. As Far As Lyrics And The Rock Styled Music. :kyaa:

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