Kuroshitsuji: 24 [END] – The End of the Contract


I’m a sad, yet happy fangirl at the same time after watching the finale of Kuroshitsuji… Commentary and final impressions ahead!


Oooh an angel with a shiny sword!!!


But once you’ll see Sebastian’s arm flying off because of that, you’ll change your mind =P


Don’t worry Sebastian, you still look hot one-armed :D.


[*scary yaoi fangirl mode was turned on, that it urged me to take the most accurate screencap that will look like Sebastian is kissing Ciel*] Muwahahahaha!!! Ehem. Gosh! :nosebleeds:


LMAO. Work those stilletos, Sebby!


Let’s enjoy the view of Sebastian destroying and ripping that Angel apart…


I really love the view of a burning city while the background instrumental of London Bridge is Falling Down ~Falling Down~ Falling Down~~~ is playing. Just epic. Oh anyway, let’s go back to the bridge, looks like Ciel’s about to fall… FALL?!


No Ciel don’t fall! Don’t freaking fall!


Wow. Boy sure knows how to listen..


*slaps Ciel while he’s falling* Stupid!!!


I’m really crying in this scene right now. WHY CIEL!!! MY POOR CIEL??? :orz: Still keeping that calm face in his death is so heartbreaking.


Aww… Being his loyal servant, Sebby still gets Ciel underwater and takes him to his…


…NICE BOAT. Hey where did you get that? But on a serious note, it was so sad to see Ciel die. Nooo… It’s heartbreaking for a fangirl for an ending like this…


But anyway, going to the people who are still alive, the Slumdog Millionaires Indian duo invented curry bread, and IT WAS A HIT!


And there’s the Queen. Oh, come on Queen. That’s a fake face you’re making!


Oh, and Lydia shoots a sequel to Hakushaku to Yousei. Coming soon on your dreams maybe?


O WAIT. Does this scene with a sailing boat in a dark river looks familiar??? Hmm…





Oh yeah! It’s Jigoku Shoujo. Sharing much? Looks like Enma Ai’s retirement (oops! sorry for spoiling the third season for you!) will lead to Sebby taking her place (sorry Yuzuki! Ooops! sorry again for spoiling!). So anyway, here’s another similarity:



See? I really knew it. The only missing parts are the cute little lanterns and that ginormous jellyfish spotlight thingy.


…But who cares about cute little lanterns and a ginormous jellyfish when you have special effects underwater??? Right? RIGHT?


*jumps back from Jigoku Shoujo to Kuroshitsuji again* And so they finally arrived to the stop where Sebastian will finally take away Ciel’s soul. No please don’t, Sebby. Pretty please? No? It’s a contract? Contracts suck! CIERRUUU!!!

:huhu: :orz:


Sebastian will finally take Ciel’s soul. When Ciel asked on how will it feel, Sebby said that he”ll make it gentle. Ciel then said that he should make it painful (wow what a stubborn uke) so Sebby has no choice… Sebby then says his sexy line “Yes, my Lord.” ~for the very last time.


Nuh-uh~ You’re the one who said that Sebastian should make it painful!


Itadakimasu. :nosebleeds:


Last look on Ciel’s face before Sebastian will “eat” him up.


And Sebastian will finally indulge himself on Ciel’s soul. SCORE!!!


LMAO. Ooops! Sorry for misplacing this pic in here XP. Can’t help it~ It really looks fitting XP


Uh, so that’s it? They did not even show how he ate him? Lol, yeah I know it would be too painful for me to watch XD… So this ends Kuroshitsuji. We should all know before that this has a dark and gothic theme so it’s usual for it to have a tragic/dark ending. It’s quite sad for Ciel to die, but I still think that it’s the contract, and he has no choice for it. Ciel’s stupid though for breaking up his promise with Sebby that he would still continue to live when he counts up to ten. But no, he let go of the bridge and fell instead T__T. Sad though, but still happy for my scary yaoi fangirl side because Ciel is finally with Sebastian now forever in hell and they can “play” with each other as long as Sebastian wants XD~.

Kuroshitsuji sure broke my yaoi shippings though. I still have to screencap accurately like crazy for that image of Sebastian to make him look like he’s kissing Ciel, I mean, there’s not even a freaking kiss even on the forehead shown T_T. But overall putting aside those BL shippings, the series had been an enjoyable ride. I never experience any minute of boredom from from it. It also shows light moments in some comedic scenes. As for the characters, I feel so bad that the helpers dies, and the dog, but at least the Shinigamis are alive ^^. The scene on where Ciel’s at the river showing old memories from different characters was so touching too.

Since the anime had finished first than the manga, I expect that how the manga will change things up, if they would. The anime suffered though on a weak plot, and I thought it should have ended sooner or extended more to fit things perfectly. But overall, I had enjoyed watching this. And to Ciel, I bid you good night ^^.


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30 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji: 24 [END] – The End of the Contract”

  1. gabriel says:

    hahaha nice *-*
    awesome !
    awn, i wanna see sebastian as demon… ;3;

  2. EvilLordClowz says:

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!I want Ciel in the second season of Kuroshitsuji!!!!Sebastian will not be commplete without Ciel!!!!!!Love you Ciel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I don;t wanna!!don’t wanna!!!Ciel ur gotta survive in the second season or i’ll be s heartbroken!!!Can’t even focus on watching the ending of season 1 properly!!!!TnT ToT

  3. EvilLordClowz says:

    how do you think the second season will be?Well in case Ciel’s still alive,then their life will not be the same againwith their servants dead fighting Pluto in Season 1!!!But,i do hope Ciel’s alive!!!When’s the second season started???STill waiting!!!I’m Shocked to hear bout it!!!!Gosh the anticipation is killing me!!!!

  4. kim xina says:

    I’m still crying 4 this anime
    It’s so heartbreaking.
    My ciel die!!!!
    couldn’t help but crying ToT
    but i really want 2 see how sabastien eat ciel’s soul
    hope 4 a little Yaoi ><

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  6. Zera-sama says:

    They made the second season with sebastian and ciel 😀 it’s not over till i say it’s over! I didn’t know if ciel died or not… lol he just fell down in the water and sebastian saved him… Ohhh well…

  7. Amber says:

    Looks like ciel and sebastian are still alive. but wait.. CIEL ISN”T SURPRISED HES ALIVE???
    most people think sebastian didn’t eat him but i think that season 2 is either flashbacks, or what happened BEFORE season one. yeah.. its a bummer to me too :(.. that could also be the reason why those chinese people are still alive and why he isnt surprised hes alive :p.. i would say more but too lazy T__T. if u wanna know why else just… watch the aniime or comment this.. but i might not reply ><

    • Amber says:

      oooh. maybe sebastian erased his memories?? cuhs grell is still there but ciel didn’t know who grell was untill LATER ON in the story.. right? soo maybe :3

  8. Gakusangi says:

    Appareantly Ciel’s memories have vanished and Sebastian wants everyone to keep quiet about it…It seems that Ciel isn’t to his pallet and he’s trying to spice the boy up again from his dialogue, so hope still remains that some loophole will be discovered.

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