Hetalia Axis Powers: 08


And then the phone rings…


Germany gets a phone call from USA, who had captured Italy.


USA and UK are thinking of something to do with Italy…


But he seemed too useless so he got “packed” home. (in a very interesting fashion XD)


Aww it’s ok UK! Your cooking may not be that good but for sure USA would love it ^__^


Lol at how Italy had been a huge a$$ for betraying Germany XD.


Look, Germany hates you now.


~CHIBITALIA~ – Chibitalia is starving, and finds something to eat in the trash…


But young love, sweet love gives his food instead for Chibitalia to eat. So sweet~!


Awww… Austria’s too rough at Chibitalia (quite an irony though because Austria’s too nice on Hungary XD can’t wait to see her here ^^)


Oh don’t be scared! Young love, sweet love’s just giving you food again! ^^;

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4 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers: 08”

  1. Dop says:

    The label on the box Italy was sent back in just cracked me up.

  2. Effyness says:

    Haha, I LOL’d so hard at this episode (then again, I always do). Poor UK. His cooking can’t be THAT bad…can it?

    Effyness’s last blog post..Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens

  3. Jane Portman says:

    Great! I am great to read this coming from you. More post to come in the future

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