Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 14 – The Last Judgment

Nagi: And for the final photo shoot of this cycle!!! As the final two, it’s time for y’all to show both from your soft, sweet, innocent commercial look to fierce, high fashion, scary psycho side ALL AT THE SAME TIME in this final photo shoot editorial!

MISA                                         AMU


The Judges’ Verdict:

Enma Ai: Amu. Thy wings spread into the darkness of the oblivion.

Yukari: I agree. If I could only split my votes to the good pictures and evil pictures. Misa definitely owned the evil side, that was just, astonishing. But at the same time, Amu rocked the good shot. Both really proved themselves that they’re the final 2. This photo shoot is so amazing.

Death the Kid: HELL YEAH SYMMETRICALITY BABY!!! Argh this would be very very hard for me to vote on this one, since it’s now they’re final shoot, but based on the overall aura the picture gives, I’ll go for Misa babe. Both sides were amazing. On Amu’s though, I didn’t think she made the bad side effective.

Akira: Well to be freaking really honest, I cannot really decide. These bitches prove they belong to the top 2 of this competition, so I’ll respect these photo and give a tie decision. WUT??? Lol.

Xiao Jie: Amu. She has captured every concept that has been laid out for this shoot so beautifully and so well-balanced. The contrast not only shows in her two expressions but also all in that one outfit. Her innocent side is extending herself to the audience but her darker ego is slightly beckoningly them to follow her TO HELL! BWUAHAHAHA!!! There’s nothing special about Misa. If she had a stand-in, I wouldn’t have even noticed. She’s got the general gist of it but there’s nothing that wows me. No originality in dress, pose, or expression. She does not stand out, she’s being too cautious and I. DON’T. LIKE. IT. Give Amu the win already, kthxbai.

7: Oh god. I have to admit, seeing them in the middle of the night did give me the creeps, more so from Misa than Amu.


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16 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 14 – The Last Judgment”

  1. mikachan says:

    1: Global Issues – AMU!!!

    2: Fierce Eyes – MISA!!!

    3: Santa Girls – MISA!!!

    4: Snow – AMU!!!

    5: Race Cars – It’s a tie for me

    6: Countryside – MISA!!!

    7: Novel Covers – AMU!!!

    8: Kissing – MISA!!!

    9: Cosplay – MISA!!!

    10: Kimono – AMU!!!

    11: Moegirl – Tie again… both are pretty

    12: Good/Evil – AMU!!!

    AMU – 5
    MISA – 5
    Ties – 2

    It’s a freaking tie for me XDDD!! :mwahaha:

  2. Kitsune says:

    I provided the reasons previously.

    1: Global Issues – [Misa]

    2: Fierce Eyes – [Amu]

    3: Santa Girls – [Amu]

    4: Snow – [Both Fail]

    5: Race Cars – [Both Fail]

    6: Countryside – [Misa]

    7: Novel Covers – [Amu]

    8: Kissing – [Both Good]

    9: Cosplay – [Amu]

    10: Kimono – [Amu]

    11: Moegirl – [Amu]

    12: Good/Evil – [Amu]

  3. 53RG10 says:

    1: Global Issues – [Misa]
    2: Fierce Eyes – [Misa]
    3: Santa Girls – [Amu (Moe Innocence FTW!)]
    4: Snow – [Amu]
    5: Race Cars – [Amu]
    6: Countryside – [Neither]
    7: Novel Covers – [Misa (Forbidden Secret sounds so enticing!)]
    8: Kissing – [Amu (Ikuto >> Light)]
    9: Cosplay – [Misa]
    10: Kimono – [Amu]
    11: Moegirl – [Misa (Amu’s Lip Gloss Doesn’t “Fit” her…)]
    12: Good/Evil – [Misa]

    Amu: 5
    Misa: 6
    Tie: 1

    53RG10’s last blog post..CLANNAD ~After Story~

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  5. FuyuMaiden says:

    Yay~ A chance for me to get carried away and ramble on. How fun!

    1: Global Issues – I’ll skip this because I either get hung up on how Misa doesn’t look like a child, much less an abused one (though she’s doing her best…I guess) or how Amu looks great, but the cheerleader outfit is too random. So yeah, skip it…it’ll be a tie.

    2: Fierce Eyes – [Amu] I wouldn’t call her eyes fierce (they’re cute and moe though~ lol), but Misa pisses me off wearing clothes in the water and it looks like she should be drowning unless she has a stoold or something down there with her. Even if I ignore one, she’s still defying logic with the other. So default win for Amu!

    3: Santa Girls – [Misa] I still get hung up, thinking, “Black isn’t christmas-y you bitch!” but since it’s no longer Christmas season I can let it go. She looks good (ignoring the Christmas fail). Plus I didn’t care for Amu this time around.

    4: Snow – [Amu] Since it’s my favorite out of the whole thing from her and I completely forgot what Misa even did this time around. It’s too boring.

    5: Race Cars – [Amu] Both she and Misa looked great, but Amu wins because like Xiao said, Misa reminds me of the Joker. Oh yeah, and Amu’s pose feels like an actual pose (an awesomely hawt one for a loli), where with Misa it looks like she just happened to walk on the set…in slow motion…or something.

    6: Countryside – [Misa] Even though she looks fake as hell, but you have to give her credit because her hair and clothes are actually different (my god she even wore black during Christmas!!) and Amu felt a little off.

    7: Novel Covers – [Amu] Because in the novels, Misa and Light look so fake…especially Light (go away you). Misa looks…ded, but that could still work, if Light wasn’t there looking all…well like I said before, go away. Plus…Amuto~ Natural real chemistry ftw!

    8: Kissing – [Amu] Because I need to give no reasons. Ahahaha~ But I will just the same. Unlike last time where Light ruined it, this time without him, Misa would have failed because she’s not doing anything. You’re supposed to entrance him, not the other way around!

    9: Cosplay – Sakura! Oh wait, I can’t do that *loved that Sakura cosplay* [Misa] Because Amu doesn’t even really look like Amu. It’s her clothes, but it’s not Amu.

    10: Kimono – [Amu] Though I still stand by the idea that everyone else shares. Enma pwned everyone. But Amu at least looks less lost in Enma’s fireceness than Misa who did a pretty good pose, but has an expression that says, “Uh…where am I?”

    11: Moegirl – [Amu] Because Misa’s not moe! And I feel like her face gets all lost in the background…and in her own face (where is her nose!?). Amu on the other hand just looks so natural and cute and still just connects. I really feel like Misa kind of hid her face too much (in her own face lol). Amu looks like she’s looking at you, but Misa looks like she’s looking past you.

    12: Good/Evil – [Amu] They both did the expressions well, but it looks like Misa ran out of ideas after that. Amu, on the other hand, did a great pose which works with both sides (and the reflection). I guess posing for reflections is a strength of Amu’s since she did that in the first round (except no random cheerleader uniform to throw me off this time, lol).

    So my verdict is clear (lol, as if it wasn’t from the beginning) Amu ftw~ To me, Misa did better in the beginning, but after the snow week she only outdid Amu when she was having a bad week. So yeah, Amu ftw~

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Celebrating One Year of Rambling Simplicity

  6. issa-sa says:

    LOL, my vote just tied the 2. Let’s see where this goes…

    issa-sa’s last blog post..What the Hetalia? (My ‘Happy’ Hetalia Family)

  7. ikasete044 says:

    1: Global Issues – Misa

    2: Fierce Eyes – Misa

    3: Santa Girls – Misa

    4: Snow – Amu

    5: Race Cars – Amu

    6: Countryside – Misa

    7: Novel Covers – Misa

    8: Kissing – Misa

    9: Cosplay – Misa

    10: Kimono – Amu

    11: Moegirl – Misa

    12: Good/Evil – Misa

    Misa – 9
    Amu – 3

    Well clearly, Misa has a better portfolio than Amu, and she’s a real model as well. Misa ftw!!!

  8. mikaino says:

    OHMYGAWD!!! Akira!!!~_> But in this shoot, They were both photoshopped. And now, I liked her photo honestly. The green-yellow eyeshadow doesn’t fit her, but the overall was nice.

    6. Misa. Ah, the freshness and I think that she is saying: ” Ahhh! It’s nice to see the nature!! NOT!!” I hate fakeness, but I like the fakeness of this one! Amu looks like a hip-hopper which is praying.

    7-8. Misa and Misa. Akira said almost everything I’m going to say in this shoot.

    9. Misa. Cardboard blades FTW! Quite sexy too. Amu’s photo was plain. She was so like: “He loves me? or He loves me not?” :ohohoho:

    10. Misa. Amu was standing there and Enma Ai pwns her 100 times! But still, Enma Ai did greater than the girls.

    11. Misa. I TOTALLY agreed with Akira’s verdict. She attracts most of REAL costumers unlike Amu (Maybe 90%). Amu attracts MOST Shugo Chara fangirls (70%). Well, Amu looks matured too.

    12. (Good vs Bad) Misa. The good was good, the evil was so evil. :aww:

    Uhh, I think that was harsh. But was that a good idea?

  9. Effyness says:

    1: Global Issues – [Amu]

    2: Fierce Eyes – [Misa]

    3: Santa Girls – [Amu]

    4: Snow – [Amu]

    5: Race Cars – [Amu]

    6: Countryside – [Misa]

    7: Novel Covers – [Amu]

    8: Kissing – [Misa]

    9: Cosplay – [Misa]

    10: Kimono – [Amu]

    11: Moegirl – [Amu]

    12: Good/Evil – [Amu]

    Effyness’s last blog post..Shugo Chara! Episode 75

  10. mikaino says:

    I forgot to judge the 1st-5th photoshoots! Sorry about that. I was just lazy to look at ’em..

    1. Nobody aimed the top. Misa’s photo was good, but her face doesn’t look like her a little. Amu’s photo was photoshopped, unlike Misa. No cheeseburgers for you two 🙁

    2. Misa, DUH!!!!! The posing was so fierce, and her eyes! Oh my! This is the real FIERCE, even one eye is shown. Amu’s photo is 0% fierceness, her eyes were in a fake surprise. Misa pwns her like, 100kx!

    3. Misa FTW! Her hotness with the coldness of the background is love. Amu’s photo was kinda cute, thanks to those fairies. Without them, she looks a bit of nothing. Misa is still the best even she is solo.

    4. Misa. She is alive even those hand and makeup issues on her photo. Amu looks like a dead fish or something like that, honestly. Even though she’s the strongest there, I still like Misa.

    5. Tie. Their photo is well done. It’s quite hard to decide.

    Also, I forgot to say that I don’t have a favoritism on Misa. Her photos are really great, honestly.

  11. Kathy says:

    1: Global Issues – [Tie]

    2: Fierce Eyes – [Misa]

    3: Santa Girls – [Misa]

    4: Snow – [Amu]

    5: Race Cars – [Amu]

    6: Countryside – [Misa]

    7: Novel Covers – [Amu]

    8: Kissing – [Misa]

    9: Cosplay – [Misa]

    10: Kimono – [Tie]

    11: Moegirl – [Misa]

    12: Good/Evil – [Misa]

    I love you Amu…but idk why, but Misa won my heart this time :huhu: Gomenasai-desuu~ :orz:

  12. bella says:

    hello amu she is soo kool in the photo wen she turns evil her eyes r sooo kool :cute:

  13. Scarlette Gurl says:

    1: Global Issues – [Amu]

    2: Fierce Eyes – [Misa]

    3: Santa Girls – [Amu]

    4: Snow – [Amu]

    5: Race Cars – [Amu]

    6: Countryside – [Amu]

    7: Novel Covers – [Amu]

    8: Kissing – [Amu] ~AMUTO FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9: Cosplay – [Misa]

    10: Kimono – [Misa]

    11: Moegirl – [Misa]

    12: Good/Evil – [Amu]

    Go AMu :kyaa2:

  14. Tasha says:

    :runs: Amu honnie! I think she pure wins overall, ofcourse she didn’t do too well with alot of the shoots that needed sexiness, because, she’s 13 ¬¬, but when it comes to cute, Amu is pure awesomeness with a side of winsauce. Amu has like a split personality, she is cold towards strangers but extremely giving towards her close friends, she can make it work when posing for good and evil. Amu just has fashion and modeling in her, it’s in her blood. She looks great in Lolita and frilly things, and her tsundere cuteness tops it all off to make her winner! XD

  15. farhana says:

    cute sangat 😉

  16. Amu lovers says:

    :huhuu AMUUU!![spoiler]

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