500th Post!!!


Tsui: Isn’t it really fast? Lol, I hardly even noticed it. It’s all because of Kanzie’s hard work. She made a total of 464 posts out of this, while since I’m just her new slave co-author helping her out here, made a humiliating total of… 33 single posts (since November) -_-… *gets thrown by bricks and eggs* And wow it’s March already, how many months had it been being a slave here, I might be a masochist now. Cheers for a masochist!!! So let’s take a look back on the 500 babies (beat that, Octomom! XDDD) So enough joking, I present to you this blog’s founder, as she’ll do… something for this 500th post (hey, I was just asked to give an introduction -_-;;)

Kanz: “Babies” your ass, perverted scumbag. Thank you Tsui ^^!!! So ehem… *gets script*

Kanz: Well to be really honest, I wasn’t really expecting that METANORN had come up with 500 nonsensical ramblings, filler posts, and other FIERCE sh*t (and you would never hear me saying the word “fierce” next to the word sh*t, hopefully)!!! So here’s really the long story, when I exported all of our posts from WordPress.com to Kokidokom, all of the posts weren’t really completed because there had been a problem with importing limitations, so there was like, only 300+ posts. But thanks to 53RG10’s awesomeness, he did the file splitting, imported the remaining posts, and finally made my move “complete” ^^. And what I noticed is that when it’s finally finished importing, we have a total of 499 posts!!! but I double-checked and 4 posts were doubled due to the importing, but I deleted them, and post some more, and now it’s 499 again, and this is the 500th ^^ ..So I’m so glad, and thought that this calls for a celebration!!! So as for this very special landmark, we go back in time from the early days of Metanorn, to the day I founded a co-author, and up to this very present time ^^ as they’re summarized to a little TOP 20 list ^^.


The first ever post in here… Which is, I must admit, a very very VERY embarassing thing to share because (besides from the MiXeD cApS title, which is now I totally find uncool), sharing this old post to the present is like sharing your baby photos, you know.. So way back before, this blog was created out of randomness by a bored lass. And while I re-read it again, I lol’d at how bitchy I was (and hell nobody didn’t even cared to comment on my first post T__T), and gave myself a sigh of relief on how much I improved and became real nice(???) now and harmless (so you can now call me a HBIC – Hidden Bitch in a Closet /just kidding XDDD!).



Got too much excited over Persona 4 since it was the only game I’m awaiting for at the PS2’s dying day. And yeah, I’m totally addicted to Persona because of its mythological preferences, school setting, a hawt main character, and it’s interesting gameplay. So one of the most views I get from my blog are these Persona 4 posts as well (too bad the few comments unjustifies them T_T) and I’m a proud Shin Megami Tensei geek. I absolutely love Yousuke, and Rise (which her Persona’s name is the same as me ^^).



I started the very first cycle of Anime’s Next Top Model, with Enma Ai being the first-ever Anime’s Next Top Model. About the project, I thought that it would be like a “hit or miss” for me. I just randomly started it out of boredom to be frankly honest. I was like, “OMGF*CKINGGOD Whitney won on ANTM?! That fat bitch who bashes skinny girls just to get her to the top? UGH!” on the RL ANTM and just randomly imagine what it’s like if Anime would have its very own Top Model? So yeah, Anime-NTM was born ^__^, and I’m proud to say that issa-sa is my loyal follower of it ^^. Thank you very much, issa-sa ^^. And with its simplicity and humble beginnings, I’m so glad that even a few readers enjoyed it.


I also had my first anime that I ever completed on blogging: Vampire Knight (season 1)!!! I must say that this series had been my guilty pleasure a while back then, fangirling Zero and his twin brother, getting tons of hits about twincest yaoi between them and such. And of course, the gems of the show: Shiki and Rima ^^. So yeah, Vampire Knight was so bad, it’s awesome. Now only a few shows counted by a hand are the shows that I had completed in blogging (this and Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, and some OVAs, which shouldn’t be counted… lol) and hopefully, I would manage to get back on per-episode blogging on summer vacation.


Made my 100th post… So yeah, little celebration and stuff with my little audience before… But so happy ^^.


largeAnimePaperscans_Kaichou-Wa--1.jpg picture by metanorn6

Made an anime adaptations wishlist from my favorite mangas. Now I’m dying to update it since I have encountered more manga series that has potential to be an anime ^__^. And also speaking of manga, I always put up the latest manga that I’m raving about.


Created my Absolute Anime OPs and EDs when there were no classes (Thank God for tropical typhoons). Now they’re separated in a page under Chart Action but it’s still under construction because I’m updating my list.


Geez, this one makes me mad. Got in a f*cking horrible hiatus when my very first blog got deleted on WP.com for no f*cking reason at all. I still thought that they had mistakenly deleted it because if ever I did something wrong, I exactly exported every post on my second blog and it wasn’t even deleted. And for the last time, F*CK YOU WORDPRESSDOTF*CKINGCOM!!!  It’s all your fault why I cannot celebrate blog anniversaries T__T!!!


CODE-GEASS-19-1.jpg picture by metanorn6

Then there’s my Code Geass R2 Finale post and it got the most views from my WP.com blog. It’s also one of the reasons why I’m glad I had moved, because I thought it’s very undeserving to get all those views from this crappy post.



Halloween was definitely fun. I made a tricky, Kuroshitsuji Gothic-styled banner with added optical illusions. Definitely one of my favorite banners of all time ^__^. The succeeding banners had been Halloween-themes as well. And I also presented Anime WTF Moments for Halloween :).


kyonharuhi.jpg kyon haruhi ♥ image by vicucha_sc

Reached the 300-post milestone and finally decided to get some help from someone. I dragged my high school seatmate along to help me with blogging. He’s now know as “Tsuiteru” or most often, I call him “Tsui”. But still as you can see, we still haven’t gotten more anime in here to blog so yeah… bad idea to hire a classmate XP can’t blame school, you know. But still, I gained a friend who shares your hobby and who’s so fun to hang out with, and we are currently dating now :). He had been a very loyal dog to me, and even though we have lots of some misunderstandings and he’s quite a pervert, I love him so much ^^.


And for Tsui, I think the most memorable he had done was when he made an epic post about 200+ Life Lessons you learn from anime. That was such a very funny (and freaking long!) post XDD. So that gives him this very special 12th spot in this Top 20.



Started drawing Anime Bloggers Being Manga-fied and I appreciated all the kind feedbacks. I really just discovered my talent to draw just that moment when I am bored, so I must really say that boredom bears so much great things. And now after some more characters and counting as of the moment, the webcomic, which was later named as “META☆ALLIANCE”, was born, as it tackles different random stories of manga-fied bloggers in random situations for the lulz. From shopping and the search for Aniblogger’s Next Top Mascot (and Baka-Raptor being a real-life bishie) to the webcom where Omisyth being tsundere tearing up bunnies despite blissmo‘s great pleasure to watch them. I’m really excited for making more webcomics when I have time ^^. So watch out for the next one!



And Anime’s Next Top Model 2 was announced. With finally it’s own OP sequqence, a new unique batch of fierce and competitive female anime characters, and a huge improvement of course. And (ok, I’ll be a boastful bitch for a second, excuse me…) among all those second-rate copycats out there scattered on youtube etc, they can’t match the fiercess. I’m still the best and the original Anime’s Next Top Model queen. I mean, come on, REAL competition baby; photos made by yours truly, and an actual panel with snarky remarks. While no offense to some youtube Anime-ntm videos, they like, only put up different pictures they could find on google, put them in a slideshow and make 10 or less people vote (ok, bitch mode off…). So now that this cycle will be ending soon after a few days, watch out for the finale!!! And once there would be an upcoming third season announcement, I’ll definitely make sure that I would improve it more ^^.


Tsui made an emo post on how he misses me when I was gone for the New Year XDDD~ When I got back and saw this post, I like, assaulted him at school and gave him a huge “baka”, lol. But I’m really sorry for not being able to be online and make a special post for that New Year because I celebrated and went with my other relatives. It was no choice at all, so sorry again, but on a last note, Tsui was sweet ^^ aww.. Lol. But when I got back, I made an uber-special 2008 Sum-Up post, which was entitled as “What’s Hot” for that year. Yeah, it’s quite late but I really did my best to wrap up EVERYTHING I found hot that year.


Moved on KOKIDOKOM!!! Haha~ Bayba Wp.Com and hellooo freedom!!! Well, I was supposed to move somewhere else but I got so fed up with the rudeness and disrespect that had given to me, and Shichi knows it ^^. And then he started Kokido Kombine. I want to express a HUGE “Thank You” to 7/Shichi/Vii/Seiben/or many other nicknames/personas he has. He’s such a great person and had always been there when I need help not only on CSS, FTP, irc and stuff, but also on giving some RL advices as well (you do! ^__^ not kidding). Also now being a proud member of the Kombine, I am now able to experiment more on my creativity. From being as cool as black to being pretty-pure white, I experimented, struggled and experimented XDDD…



And then I officially named my webcomics as META☆ALLIANCE. And then Fuyu, Amayalee and I were 7’s Angels [part 1, part 2] and were on a task to save the Anime Princess Lostty ~oh that was so fun ^__^. I’m definitely making more webcoms soon this summer vacation so watch out for the next one ^^.



Made our blog’s mascot: MIMI-chan~~~!!!!!! You can also catch Mimi-chan at KokidoKombine’s irc channel ^__^.



And of course, my fangirlings. I posted my most favorite kissing scenes ever on anime for something this Valentines, even though I had a really sad one T__T. I also fangirled Hetalia Axis Powers up until now. I just loved it from the moment I saw it. The concept was genius, fantastic and hilarious. I also shipped so much countries together, posted crazy MADs, even generated my very own family, and of course, made banners. Other series that I majorly squeeled into  and absolutely adored so much are Kuroshitsuji, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, D.Gray Man (for Lavi’s sake only) and of course, Ookiku Furikabutte ^^.



People also get to my blog for… Music, of course, and from J-Pop to the American music scene, everyone’s updated. Found the perfect weekly filler posts to blog about: THE ORICON CHARTS XDDD!!! I really want to thank youtube channels of OriconGoddess and cdtv8 since they’re the ones who are keeping us all updated, I just post ’em here… lolXD. And recently, I also had my newest feature which is to post the Top 50 Singles as well on the Billboard US Charts ^^. Music is life~


KANZ: So that’s how I could shorten METANORN’s first 500 posts into a Top 20 XD… I guess what determined us so much is our imperfection, and enthusiasm to blog. As long as we love what Tsui and I are doing, what could make us stop, right? Whatever I want to post, I’ll post it. And I also excuse this because it’s like an anniversary post, but I consider it as one… Yeah. It’s because there’s no certain date when I started this blog, so I guess I’ll just celebrate it by post number (yeah, what a pitiful blog this is T__T lol)…

So about what would you get to see more on the upcoming posts? I’m trying to work on making some icons and wallpapers (for PSP and desktop) because I remember making some before, and there was so much good feedback, so I’m planning on making more.

Another one is a Novel Project. Yeah, it’s becoming a trend nowadays lol but I really had a concept way back before and I think it’s about time I would share it to everyone. So yeah, keep your eye on that one ^^. And I’ll definitely try something new like making AMVs and stuff.. lol yeah, I have lots of time this summer, so it would be a great opportunity for me to learn how to make AMVs ^^.

Oh, and MOAR WEBCOMICS!!! XDDDDD~~~ I’m also adding some more characters in META ALLIANCE and I had made two new characters for the webcomics in the moment ^__^ (just watch out for them both in the upcoming chapters ^^).

warriorhope [Shojo Lover]- Twintails!!! But different to Fuyu’s. They’re worn downwards ^^.

foomafoo [Temporal Vortex] – Wearing glasses, and his character is always close to Kairu Ishimaru ^^.

And of course, watch out for the finale of Anime’s Next Top Model Cycle 2!!!


TSUI: My upcoming plans would be my own version of my Favorite OPs and EDs. Just like everyone, there are a lot of anime OP and ED sequences that I found really amazing, and I would really like to share them.

And also… I’ll be making a “How to make your blog more popular/get more hits from AnimeNano/or something” post XD. Plus I really feel the urge to do something on April Fools :).

And most of all, I’m exercising my creativity (if ever I have some -_-). Yeah, it’s embarassing to be next to this girl who is amazingly creative and wickedly awesome. And I already started now by making METANORN’s very first banner MADE BY MOIIII!!!! *pops confetti* So yeah, I’m proud to say that this Persona 4 banner is the thorn among the roses. I stole a fanart, then add text to their shirts, used a gif maker and that was the result! It may not be that great like what kanzie does, but I’m still glad that it got accepted to be displayed XD. So please tell me what you think 🙂 (*is prepared for the boos and bricks thrown*)


Kanz: Thank you very much everyone for always dropping by, sharing your thoughts by commenting, and a lot more. I have a long long list of people whom I would like to thank (most of them are mentioned above in the post already ^___^) so yeah, you know who you are, thank you. So that’s all for this 500th post  ^^ and watch out for the 1000th one XDD~ Lovelots ^^

P.S. – And we will be also graduating at high school tomorrow!!! Yaaaay!!!


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33 Responses to “500th Post!!!”

  1. Congrats! Wow that’s a lot of posts. Our We Remember Love has also just celebrated its 100th post recently so I can definitely relate to the celebration going on here.

    Keep having fun! ^_^/

  2. Hynavian says:

    Congratulations! May we see more 500s in the near future.

    *Cheers* 😉

    Hynavian’s last blog post..Pokka Coffee Caramel

  3. foomafoo says:

    It sure was fast! Dropping by kanzeon. People always gets busy when school year ends so that’s understandable since I’m busy too XD.


  4. Gargron says:

    Quite a long history. Congratulations! Your blog is such an amazing good place. Keep up the good work! :kyaa: :nosebleeds:

    Gargron’s last blog post..Death Note

  5. Ashelea says:

    OMGOMGOMG!!! 500 posts… *faints*

    T-that’s a lot!!! *re-checks your blog to make sure*

    Wow it really IS 500 O__O
    You guys are awesome. m(_ _)m And keep up the good work ^^. Lol I love the history flashback thing ^^, very inspiring and fun to read. And lol yea, making a first post is the hardest thing to do XP. And yea lol I really remembered the time when your blog got deleted and then you came back on a new blog with a video of your cheerleading XD ROFLMAO… And now that I realized it, I’ve also had been a long follower of yours now ^^.

    What made me love your blog to bits is that there’s always something new to the table. Really, not lying. And it’s just… COOL. :zsnap: Just pure win. From Anime’s Next Top Model, to the music posts. Everything’s worth checking out =)

    Your future projects seems very interesting! An AMV!!! OMG!!! And a novel project… Woah. You’re reaching God-level status of creativity lol. Definitely you’ll do awesome!

    @Tsui: I think your banner was great! Come on, and there’s still room for improvement though, but I believe you’ll be as good as Kanzeon someday :D. More power!

    Keep up the good work and for sure, you’ll reach the 1000th in no time =D

    • kanzeon says:

      Thanks for being a long-time follower ^^…

      Lol I also remembe when your name was still without the -lea… lol XD. And yeah, that video ^^ lol… Well that’s just a way to celebrate my comeback XP

      Aww thanks ^^… Well I sometimes thought that I’m being conceited but I really think that I always manage to keep this place cool ^^ And of course, I’ll definitely work harder in here ^^. Lol God-level status XD stop that or else my head will get big.

  6. Kitsune says:

    500 Posts already! Congratulations! I am sure you’ll produce another 500 this summer alone 🙂

    The latent content of the introduction clearly reveals Tsui’s intentions 😛

    The new incarnation of Metanorn looks great with all those nice banners and graphics, and I especially like the creative proceedings of ANTM 🙂

    I look forward to Kanzeon’s AMVs because she showed her talent and high potential in the ANTM video 🙂

    Kitsune’s last blog post..Yoko Kanno Anime Compilation Concert

    • kanzeon says:

      Thank you Kitsune because I remember that you have also been a long-time follower(friend ^_^) here =)

      And omg I’m getting pressured right now on the AMV thing XD…

  7. FuyuMaiden says:

    Woo! 500 posts! Another way you can prove how much better your blog is than everyone else’s! More frequent posts! (Seriously, seeing how quickly my posts leave the main page of Kokidokom makes me a sad girly…stop doing too much and making me look bad!!!11)

    Hmm…either I followed you longer than I thought I did or I went back one day and looked at a lot of old posts. But hahaha~ I hadn’t seen your first one before (early posts are so embarrassing, aren’t they? *secretly deleted two at one point* )

    Woo! AMV’s~ I have no doubt you’ll be good at that since you already did the great opening for ANTM. Hmm, wonder if you’ll make your own AMVs for the top two also (though that might be hard since you’d have limited time to make two of them).

    And a novel…*super competitive streak awakened* Ohoho~ Everyone’s writing their stuff now, huh? *determined to get mine done first*

    Looking forward to seeing 2 new characters in the webcomics too (heck looking forward to more webcomics in general). Sheesh, always doing new stuff. So many plans.

    And let’s see what else? Oh tsui, I didn’t forget about you! *throws bricks* No, of course I’m kidding. I need those bricks for people who don’t like Nagisa (the power of a Nagisa fangirl~). *throws bananas~ instead* Though honestly I like the banner. Especially for a first one. I like the different fonts and colors for the letters.

    Now you two get to work on making 500 more. I want to see a 1000 post special! :^_^:

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 23

    • kanzeon says:

      :orz: :orz: W-why?! Lol I’m no better than everyone (lmao stop that or else I’ll get my head big XD!!!1) And thank you also for being a follower… I mean, THE tsundere blogging idol Fuyu-san? To be really honest, when you first commented on my blog, I was like, “wow *can die happy*” XDDD~ So yeah~ And early posts are really embarassing XD

      And about the novel, yea, let’s arm ourselves with pens!!! (or prepare our fingers to type, in this case XD~)

      And yeah, so many plans, hope I’ll get to start all of them this vacation ^^. Especially the AMV, yeah, wooh pressure ^^ lol. And the webcomics though, I had started a new one, so yeah, watch out for that. I should have also made a webcomic for your blog anniversary but that time I was so busy with graduation stuff and all so I’m sorry TT___TT…

      And thaaaannk youuu~~!!!!!

  8. 53RG10 says:

    Congratulations on your 500th~ guys! It’s always fun to read your nonsensical ramblings, filler posts, and other FIERCE sh*t! It shows how much fun you have blogging! ^_^

    Looking forward for moar Meta Alliance comics and Tsui’s post on making a blog popular…I’m in dire need for that! 😉

    53RG10’s last blog post..[Filler] I Hate Trap Fan-Art…

  9. Kabitzin says:

    Wow that’s pretty fast! Grats on the milestone =3.

    Kabitzin’s last blog post..White Album 12

  10. SageQRtet says:

    Congrats! Reading your blog for pretty long time and really enjoy it. Thanks and best wishes!

  11. Effyness says:

    Whoa. 500 posts? .___. That’s…a lot. x_X Congrats! You’ve got a great blog, and I’m sure that you’ll be able to go for 500 more! 😀

    Effyness’s last blog post..Shugo Chara! Episode 75

  12. fye says:

    :oha: Congratulations on the 500th post!!! Keep up the good work!

  13. 7 says:

    Congratulations! I am happy that you have reached this milestone! I’m not surprised you made it this far but keep up the good work! Here’s to 5 billion million thousand hundred more! :XD:

    7’s last blog post..Gundam 00 S2 – Episode 24: WTF are aliens doing here?!

  14. Shin says:

    Incredible. Even I’m still only in my 400+ 😳

    • kanzeon says:

      @fye: Thank you ^^

      @7: And I owe my biggest thanks to you! And yeah, definitely aiming for that number lol XP

      @Shin: Lol. I missed making a 400th post special XD

  15. I know! Isnt Persona 4 terrific!?

    About that Persona banner of yours.. Did I just read the text as ‘Metanirn’? Oh crap.

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..International Saimoe League 09

  16. Xiao says:

    OMG, I’m so late in commenting for your fabulous post here even though I got started on this like half a week ago. GOMEN NASAI~! TT________TT

    Ah, but first! But first!

    CONGRATULATIONS, KANZIE!!! <333333 And Tsui-san, too! ^^ Wow, 500 posts. Damn, that’s half of a 1,000! O.O <– Ooo, look what you did, hun. Xiao can count now. *awe* 8DDD

    Lol But seriously…damn, that’s one HELL of a blog resume you’ve got there! O.O <– Will also do this a lot. Aha~

    Omg, it’s just fabulous and wonderful and… Xiao is just utterly speechless.*so proceeds to bow down to the beautiful legacy you have created for yourselves because it is just simply awesome* m(_ _)m
    Really, everything I see here is so great. I must have crashed into your blog around…#3 and once I started following your posts, couldn’t stop. xDD
    I love everything! From ANTM (WAHHH! I’M STILL SO HAPPY THAT MY AMU-CHAN WON! WAAAHHH!!) to the awesome, lovely batch of banners and graphics to kanzie and Tsui-san’s constant humorous bickering quote: sadomasochism FTW lawl~ xD; to the awesome webcomics to the music updates andandand…! *fangirl squeal* I love this blog. <333

    And I’m a bad fan cuz I’m commenting so late. *hides in corner to despair while doing :-_-: *

    Butbut!…Yea…I don’t know what else to say except congratulations on your success and that I’ll be looking forward to more posts from ya (I WILL STILL BE HERE FOR the 3,548th post and above! :mwahaha: ) as well as all the projects kanzie has in mind. OMG, can’t wait for your novel idea! x3

    And can’t wait for Tsui-san’s upcoming OP/ED list. I need more new songs on my ipod to listen to so get to it! xDDD;;;
    And your banner is awesome. It was the first one that popped up after the new batch came out and I was like “wow…COOL!” *is amazed by everything* <D

    Hmm, yep. I probably sounded so dorky but I can’t help it. Congrats again and lots of love and support to ya, my favorite FIERCESS! and her slave awesome co-author. METANORN FTW! :cheer:

    *end dorky comment* xDD;;

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 76

    • kanzeon says:

      OMG Xiao!!! *hugz* There’s nothing to be sorry for, lol. I know you’re busy with preparations regarding Somt and stuff and I really don’t make comments mandatory lol. But I feel so happy with your comment TT___TT *cries tears of happy fierceness*

      Aww YOU are awesome, and everyone also because if it isn’t for everyone, we will never reach 500 posts… yeah you know the speech XD. Thank you, my fellow fiercess!!! Your comments always make me snap my fingers around so late at night as well as so early in the morning :zsnap: because they’re just fabulous. So thank you ^^ *drags you out of that corner and gets you a lot of spotlights*. And with what you said, I’m sure and happy that when we reached 10 gazillion posts (like hell it would ever happen XD), there will still be a fellow FIERCESS following them ^^.

      And yeah, I’ve started the novel and will publish the first chapter sooner or later ^__^.

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