Tommy februrary6 – Strawberry Cream Soda Pop

Tommy february6 – ○Strawberry●Cream○Soda●Pop○



Tommy february6 is back!!! And here is her latest music video single from her up and coming “best of” album Strawberry Cream Soda Pop Daydream with the title, Strawberry Cream Soda Pop (you just remove the ‘Daydream’ lol). Of course, this is Tomoko Kawase’s gentle and soft alter-ego so it’s expected that we’ll get retro/old-school, fancy outfits, cheerleaders, the Engrish, and glasses. The music video also shows her counterpart Tommy heavenly6 too! The end part looked like it was corrupted/infected by a virus/randomly looped out of nowhere but it’s really intentional so don’t worry ^^. …Plus the “girls” in shades and fancy clothes are definitely traps. They’re her bandmates XDDD~~~

I can’t also wait for her alter ego [Tommy heavenly6] to release her “best of” album too, entitled Gothic Melting Ice Cream’s Darkness “Nightmare” (wooh that’s a mouthful…). I don’t want to take sides between the two egos since I love them both but in my opinion, Tommy-chan is at her best as Heavenly6 more and I think she’s more “herself” in that alter-ego.

Anyway, you can download the song!!! Enjoy!!!



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2 Responses to “Tommy februrary6 – Strawberry Cream Soda Pop”

  1. The video looks yummy. Not to mention the title. XD

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Im Back Online!

  2. GeekGuy23 says:

    Good to see Tommy back, and thanks for putting the song up! Couldn’t watch the video unfortunately but will track it down later.

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