The Jukebox


One thing you might already know about me is that I absolutely love music. From upbeat tracks that I dance on our cheerleading practices, to sentimental tracks that helps me pass on the mood. Not to mention of course, J-Pop, which keeps me in touch with my weaboo roots XD…

As you could notice on the right sidebar of the site, I embedded my IMEEM playlist on to my blog so that I could share some of what I’m currently listening to ^^. Most songs are somewhat new/fresh plus I mixed both J-Pop and English songs because I really listen to both XD.

Here’s so far what’s on the playlist:

1. My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson (My current fave, Kelly’s like, so the queen! Glad to see her comeback)

2. Lucky – Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat (OUR theme song 😉 )

3. Thinking of You – Katy Perry (My fave Katy Perry song up to date)

4. Holiday – Hilary Duff (Just love this song to bits)

5. Diva – Beyonce (Female power and dominance really what makes me like this song!)

6. Poker Face – Lady Gaga (I just like Lady Gaga’s beats)

7. Top of The World – Pussycat Dolls (Lol watching The City at the same time XD)

8. La La Land – Demi Lovato (Not a fan of Demi, but I admire her live singing voice. And since we tackle a Disney star, I hate Miley Cyrus :P)

9. Be The One – The Ting Things (Loooove this band!)

10. Shinai – Nana Mizuki (A Nana-sama gem)

11. PRIDE OF GLORY – Nana Mizuki (This song is slowly growing upon me)

12. Gozen Reiji no Baby Doll – Nana Mizuki (Love its pop tunes)

13. silky heart – Horie Yui (It’s also growing upon me)

14. Daikkirai Demo Arigatou – Thelma Aoyama (Thelma Aoyama is a gem in J-Music because her I absolutely love her rhythm)

    15. Stay With Me – Koda Kumi (Another fave J-Pop artist of moi)

    That’s so far what’s on the playlist. I hope you’ll listen to them as well (lol I didn’t put it in Auto-Play mode since I don’t want visitors to get “startled” when they heard a music playing when they access here so just double-click the song you want to play and enjoy ^_^). I also definitely be changing songs from time-to-time too… So yeah, I hope you’ll enjoy this new addition to the blog and let’s all sing along together!!!


    *thunder clashes*

    T.T …


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    7 Responses to “The Jukebox”

    1. Panther says:

      I used to have a music player embedded into my blog, but lots of people complained that they already had their own playlists on whenever they visited a blog. It would be a good idea not to set it to auto-start at least.

      Panther’s last blog post..Webcomics: Doctor McNinja

    2. foomafoo says:

      imeem doesn’t have a plugin so I don’t try giving a shot since my sidebar might end up messed up. I’ve tried embedding anime vid though which rather made my site much slower so I also removed it.

      Anyway kan, I’m surprised you can listen to both contemporary western songs along with J-pop. I don’t do it because it ruins the theme lol.

      foomafoo’s last blog post..The Journey

    3. 7 says:

      made my site much slower so I also removed it.

      Sadly, I agree with what foomafoo said. This is the very reason why I minimize the use of flash in my website and resort to javascript instead.

      7’s last blog post..Catching Up Clannad~AS: Episodes 7 to 16

    4. kanzeon says:

      @Panther: Yeah, I also thought about that lol. Even I, get annoyed when a song suddenly plays whenever I visit a site so I just did not set it to Auto Play ^^.

      @foomafoo: Yeah that’s what I’m also complaining 😡 WP should have a plugin for that!!! On listening J-Pop and english songs, I don’t listen to them right next to one another… lol.

      @7: OMG I’m thinking of reducing some flash thingies on the site though T_T… I’m planning to remove the Anime-NTM one since it doesn’t work on other pages… Or maybe I’ll just separate the Jukebox on a different page so that it won’t affect the whole site ^_^

    5. Gargron says:

      I’m happy you didn’t make it autoplay. Interesting to know what others listen to.^^

      Gargron’s last blog post..Half school year done

    6. Face Poker says:

      I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

    7. Oh hey! A P4 picture! Nice..

      Good choice on your playlist! I should do that too. 😀

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