Some blog updates, news and announcements…


…with an ir/relevant Oofuri pic :oha:

OMG it’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s an animated banner!!!

So I tried something and it’s making an animated header for this site. The anime is AIR and if you could see it, the clouds are animated in a way. I honestly find it exciting, and it looks so good and serene so I thought I could make more soon too. I really love love love the results! Hope you’ll like it ^^. Sorry if it lags or loads too long because it’s only a gif file. Anyway, I also would like to give Shichi a HUGE thanks for… well it’s a secret :^_^:  lol.


Youtube HQ in METANORN

On another update, I finally found the perfect plugin that embeds HQ youtube videos XDDD… It’s called Smart Youtube, so huge thanks to that and expect the upcoming videos posted in here will be in HQ ^_^


KokidoKom Forums

And heading on to shameless promotions, I am inviting everyone to join Kokidokom Forums ^_^ (sorry for this late promo btw T_T) and help me on giving a caption for this Kokidokom poster (7 already posted this on his blog too):


[click the picture]

So what are y’all waiting for? join the forums now!!!


SoMT Badges

And going over to the upcoming Shoujo-Only Moe Tournament, I want everyone to get this cool SoMT badges and put them into your sidebars to spread the news about the upcoming competition!!! [The girls are Amu from Shugo Chara, Rahzel from Hatenkou Yugi, Utau from Shugo Chara, Yuki from Vampire Knight and Kyoko from Skip Beat! respectively]




I also made animated ones for added fierceness ^__^



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12 Responses to “Some blog updates, news and announcements…”

  1. FuyuMaiden says:

    Oooo…animated banner. Pretty~ I love how it looks when the clouds change. Ah…so cool. The only downside is that you get the graininess that comes along with all animations. Why can’t animations look as perfect as other images? *ignores the logical explanation that they’re animations*

    Ah. I’m reminded again that I have to join the forums. I’ll be getting to it…soon.

    Ooo and sidebar badges. I’ll probably put one in my sidebar at some point. But for now I think the post with all of the linking is enough. Once that’s no longer as noticeable I will continue the promotion with a badge (we still need more fanboys!).

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Shoujo-Only Moe Tournament

  2. Omisyth says:

    Awesome as always. Just joined the forums and racking my brain for a good catchphrase. :bunny:

    Omisyth’s last blog post..Weekly Highlights (17-02-09)

  3. Kabitzin says:

    That AIR animated header is awesome. I like how the animation is very subtle and kinda calming.

    I find the first SOMT animated banner extremely hypnotic… @[email protected]

    Kabitzin’s last blog post..Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 06

  4. Yamcha says:

    The Air banner is something trippy. I really like it.

    Yamcha’s last blog post..The Better Late Than Never Winter 2009 Anime Impressions

  5. That irrelevant pic is awesome!!

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..ZZZMailing

  6. warriorhope says:

    Heh. I love the SOMT banners. Awesomeness.

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Shugo Chara! Doki!-Episode 20

  7. Xiao says:

    I LOVE the new banner. 8D AIR~ Misuzu~ x333 Agh, the changing clouds look wonderful. I applaud you on another splendid job. *applause* 😀

    Aww man, I should really learn how to do animated banners and such soon. The results look so good if you do it right. *will fail a thousand times before I actually learn how to* lol xD;

    I need to go back to the forums soon. I haven’t posted anything yet. *such a bad member. Shame, shame, shame* D:

    Aha~, and totally lovin’ your badges again every time I see them. X33 Thanks again!

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Accepted Nominations (so far) & Promo Badges!

  8. Kitsune says:

    Oh wow… I am very impressed by those animated banners 🙂

  9. foomafoo says:

    honestly kan, I find your present site slower than the wordpress. Great banner though 😉

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Cliche Legends

  10. 7 says:

    @foomafoo: Take a good look around. Haven’t you seen the intense and countless graphical features? :^_^:

    7’s last blog post..Clannad~After Story – Episode 19: When a family functions properly

  11. foomafoo says:

    That’s actually what my comment is hinting.

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Link Exchange Protocol

  12. kanzeon says:

    @FuyuMaiden: Glad you like it ^^. And lol thanks for joining in the forums ^^

    @Omisyth: Thanks for joining in the forums!

    @Kabitzin: Yea… Endless…

    @Yamcha: Very glad you like it =)

    @Kairu: Oofuri ftw!

    @warriorhope: Thanks ^^

    @Xiao Jie: I had fun on learning to make gif banners ^^ Hope you will too when you start on them ^^

    @Kitsune: Sankyuu~~

    @foomafoo: Because it’s more awesome… So it takes a while to load 😉

    @7: Desho?

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