Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 12 – The MoeGirl Experience


Easy, breezy, MOE-beautiful. The final three now gets to make an ad on MoeGirl cosmetics!!!


Obligatory: Watch the OP [in HQ!]





Three stunningly beautiful girls in front of me. In just a few few weeks, we will get to know who would be the second winner of Anime’s Next Top Model. It so sad to see this season coming to a close so soon, and for me losing a job T_T but since you’re all here and there’s no turning back! Part of being a true Anime’s Next Top Model is being able to master both high-fashion and commercial. Plus, a part of your contract in winning is having a contract with MOEGIRL cosmetics, the most-used make-up by anime girls to unleash the easy-breezy MOE side of themselves.

Now you’ll make an ad on MoeGirl’s current product, the FloralShine lipgloss!!! Of course, you’ll have to pretend you like the product so much and convince everyone that it’s so effective so that they’l buy and we’ll earn lots of moneyz… you’ll have to show the easy-breezy MOE side of you!!! Good Luck, final three, and remember, this would be the most important photoshoot for you, because next week would be the deliberation for the FINAL 2 that would face each other on the Grand Finale!!!












Which girls would be the FINAL 2 of Anime’s Next Top Model C2? The fate of these three fierce, modelesque and beautiful girls lies in your hands! Vote wisely!

Anime-NTM FINAL 2 Voting!

  • SAKURA (31%, 78 Votes)
  • MISA (35%, 89 Votes)
  • AMU (34%, 87 Votes)

Total Votes: 254

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14 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 12 – The MoeGirl Experience”

  1. Ashelea says:

    I voted for AMU!!!
    That wink was just :zsnap:

  2. fye says:

    You made it so hard again to vote this time! I honestly can’t choose between the three of them on whom to vote, but i’ll guess i’ll vote who i want to win, and that would be the original queen of moe, Sakura.

  3. warriorhope says:

    It was hard to vote again. But I had to pick Amu since it doesn’t really seem like Sakura-chan is wearing that much make up. (but maybe she’s going for the natural look?)

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Shugo Chara! Doki!-Episode 21

  4. Voted for Misa. When you look at Sakura and Amu’s pic, you think that the crap you are selling are kids stuff or whatsoever because they look like 8-year-old kids. Unlike Misa. :nosebleeds:

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..ZZZMailing

  5. mikaino says:

    Final 3 is always in this theme, like in the original ANTM. Nice photoshopping, tho. The brushes makes me think of a lip gloss smudges :blush:
    My impression, I always do that, that’s why am I commenting, duh! Lol, forgive my nautical nonsense.

    Misa: Oh my darling, it’s such a beauty! Such luster! Very high-fashioned and stunning! Best photo so far, so good.
    Sakura: The original MoeGirl! The classics! I love her cheerful mood :<3:
    Amu: I would shorten my comment on her, maybe some Shugo Chara fangirls will get mad at me.
    What is this? She looks old in her makeup! I can’t believe it! Safe pose, ugh. I also don’t feel the moe-ness in her photo. I feel old-ness.

    Is that quite harsh for them?

  6. Gargron says:

    Still voted for Misa. She’s the most cute one. :blush:

    Gargron’s last blog post..Stone-hard time

  7. Kitsune says:

    I hate lipstick! I prefer all natural girls without any artificial additives!


    The average woman spends 10 working days a year getting ready for work while the beauty industry takes hundreds of pounds of women’s money annually (Source)

  8. FuyuMaiden says:

    Misa doesn’t look easy-breezy or moe to me at all. She looks like Misa. Which is good for bitchiness and all of that at other times, but she doesn’t do cute well. It looks like she’s specifically trying to be cute and it makes me want to slap her! But she’s against two naturally cute lolis, so it can’t be helped if she’s not cute in comparison (though I still wouldn’t think she’s cute).

    That said, Sakura disappointed me too. It’s like she’s just smiling and running! Even though she’s the queen of cute and moe! Where’s her moe!? Sakura-chan!!! :doomed:

    So yeah, a vote for Amu and her cute wink. Amu does cute winking so well and here she did it not super-genki, but more casually and I love that. Though I’m definitely disappointed in my Sakura-chan.

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Chibi FTW?

  9. Xiao says:

    MOEGIRL~! <333

    Aha, this will be a tough round since I think they all look good so I’ll have to look even closer at how well the makeup was applied.

    Sakura: *squints* Alright, the first time skimming through, I missed the glamour completely. Big detraction right there. When you wear makeup, you have to make it noticeable and not at the same time. It wasn’t done. She’s obviously not ready to use even lip gloss.
    Plus, again with the child-like face when she could’ve switched to her other-dimension, older self. Moreover…this ain’t a walk in the park, dearie. Change that elementary shirt! D:<

    Misa: I like. I really like. Her hair can disappear in the background if it were a little more blonde Misa seems to be comfortable with commercial shoots and looks great while doing it. Only problem is the skull hair accessories make it “HAAH?!” Maybe if she went with a dead flower, it would be more fitting. =P

    Amu: I thought she looked stunning the first time I went through these pictures. Love that posture. Relaxed but still maintains a model’s “aura”. And that wink is cute as hell! ;D
    The lip gloss looks good on her (light purple~) but perhaps she applied a little more than necessary. Other than that little flaw, love everything about it. Won my vote. ^^

    Ah, this is starting to become a close race. But Sakura’s got to go after this round. She’s not keeping up with the other two. Sorry, Sakura. 🙁
    I hope Amu wins. <333

    Thanks for another great episode! ^^

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 71

  10. mitchell says:

    I really like everyone’s photos, because it’s not just about posing, it’s also about selling the product. And I think that all of them succeed in that. There’s nothing disappointing in this photoshoot for me.

    On Sakura, I really like that she keeps up with the energy throughout on every photoshoot. Amu is also really beautiful. I would really buy this product with that wink of hers and that pointed finger. Really really nice. I am most impressed with Misa’s. I really thought that she would really fail in this one since she’s all more on hf than commercial but this photo is really stunning. She’s like, flirting with the camera. Really impressive. So I’m going with her till the end.

  11. lostty says:

    I had to vote for Sakura (for the sake of support), but based off the photos, Misa did the best. Nonetheless, this is a really close competition. It really is anyone’s win!

    lostty’s last blog post..Name That Anime – Screencap Challenge! #3

  12. issa-sa says:

    I’d be (pleasantly?) surprised if Amu doesn’t take the crown in the end. It’ll just be like RL ANTM where upset victories don’t happen – or won’t it?

    issa-sa’s last blog post..When a non-Otaku friend buys a present for an Otaku…

  13. Moka says:

    Moka speaking! :3 To be honest I liked Nagi’s one best but I guess I have to vote for another one of the girls.

    Sakura.:Makeup doesn’t really suit little Sakura. The lipgloss should have been more orangey color since pink is too bold for her age. On the other side if this was the older Sakura it would have suited perfectly. But right now it doesn’t suit her so I guess that she won’t be getting my vote. :heh:

    Misa.:WIN! That was just win!!! I love her expression and the makeup suits her perfectly! I really like how “easy-breezy” she is, it makes her really moe. My only problem with the picture are the hair accesories… I mean… She can pass for a deadly flower. :despair: XD

    Amu.:Looks good. The wink is win but I don’t think the lipgloss color suits her. The pose is really cute and the background suits tho… I don’t know how should I say this but… That lipgloss makes her look kinda older but this isn’t the point of being moe, right? I don’t like it very much. :freeze2:

    I would have chosen to vote for Misa but for the sake of fangirling I voted for Amu… The next time I should seriously vote for Misa. T.T

  14. revolemina says:

    Misa gets my vote. She is rockin’ that ad, behbeh!

    revolemina’s last blog post..All hail Nassim Nicholas Taleb!

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