Nana Mizuki – Shin Ai [PV]


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Tsui’s thoughts…

:spark:   :spark:   :spark:

My, it gave me goosebumps everywhere… I can’t think of any other better and fitting PV concept for this song so I think it was really good that that the concept was kept simple: Nana-sama looking like a goddess singing on a grand stage. It’s really amazing of Nana-sama to make the lyrics by her own self. AND, the song is too good for White Album.

The video was  shot at a Japanese theater orchestra while she’s only alone with a harp player (Mika). She’s wearing angelic costume, all-white. The music video was simple and clean, yet it has a lot of different camera angles. At the PV commercial, I thought she was crying… Lol but it’s just make-up haha… But Nana-sama looks ethereal as ever.

– Song Lyrics and Translation by blackrabbit2999

P.S. – Lol kanzeon and I were fighting it over on which of us would be posting this one, but I found the video first XDD Lol.


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6 Responses to “Nana Mizuki – Shin Ai [PV]”

  1. shiner says:

    Thanks for putting up the video ^^!!! :kyaa: oMG this is probably my favorite song of her yet. I can’t wait for the album to come out ^^.

  2. kanzeon says:

    :kyaa2: I love it! I also love the grand concert hall setting! And Nana Mizuki-sama is looking stunning. Btw, why do you think White Album isn’t that good? I think there’s nothing wrong with it (yet) except from many people getting School Days vibe on this… but I think it’s impossible.

  3. Xiao says:

    :spark: :spark: :spark: :spark: :spark:

    God, she is even more gorgeous and wonderful than evar! :aww:
    *is convinced that Nana-sama is really a goddess in human form* & I can prove it! >xD

    Aww, man. The song! The lyrics! What’s there not to like about it? It’s so sad and nostalgic but full of hope, too, I guess? Which is very appropriate for the story. Nevermind about how boring the anime is right now, “Shin Ai” just fits the scenario. And Nana-sama wrote it! She wrote them! <3

    Ah, and a big round of applause for Mika, as well. I’ve always loved the harp but rarely get to see anyone play it. And she plays with such an expression. Gah, I envy talented musicians like her.

    Loved the costumes they wore and the setting. Haha, I just realized this all fits in, too. She’s singing in a theater but the person in the song is singing for only one person and the rest of the seats are empty. Hmm. Yea, great. ^^

    Thanks for sharing! ^^

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  4. warriorhope says:

    So beautiful. :blush: It fits the song better then White Album op animation does.

    white album is amusing if you don’t take it seriously

  5. pan says:

    I love nana

  6. looo says:

    She soo cute

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