Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 05 – The Girls Pimp Your Ride!


As what the OP says, “It’s time to make it hot!”, and this is totally the time for the girls to make it hot and step it up! Get ready for the coolest photoshoot ever on the history of Anime-NTM since I’ve worked hard on editing the girls’ photos! Will the lucky seven girls maintain ferocity and coolness in this fast and furious photo shoot?

Obligatory: Watch the OP!



Oh my God! I’m from a date and I need to go back home! Geez! Stupid Jin for leaving me here on the streets! I need to make him jealous because I’ve heard that Zange is flirting with him again! Ugh, poor Tsugumi… Anyway, I need a car to pick me up, and you girls will help me which one to choose! Yes, you’ll be posing on fast, cool and crazy cars! All cars are courtesy of the video game “Burnout Paradise”. So you think y’all that be easy? Nah, because beware of the other enemies chasing after you and maybe you’ll witness car crashes everywhere!!! So get ready to pose ferociously ok? Good Luck girls!



~Girl of the Week~ AMU




















NOW IT’S TIME TO VOTE! Which girls will complete the top 6 of the competition? Which girl will ran out of gas towards the ride on becoming Anime’s Next Top Model? Vote for the girl whom you think has the best photo.

Anime-NTM C2: Episode 05 Voting

  • Rika (10%, 12 Votes)
  • Sakura (12%, 14 Votes)
  • Misa (20%, 24 Votes)
  • Orihime (11%, 13 Votes)
  • Shana (11%, 13 Votes)
  • Yuki (19%, 23 Votes)
  • Automatically Safe: Amu (18%, 21 Votes)

Total Votes: 120

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20 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 05 – The Girls Pimp Your Ride!”

  1. Nazarielle says:

    Well, my first though is: Sakura looks like she’s gonna fall off that car any second. My second thought, did Orihime get hit by her own car? It looks like she’s getting flipped over by it, haha. It’s too bad Amu is the girl of the week, because her picture looks really good this week too. Shana looks kinda scared, but I guess she’s just trying to stay streamlined to cut down on drag? I wish her car had been red instead of blue though, would’ve looked so much better for her.

    Anyway, gotta vote for my Shana-tan :3

  2. ja says:

    this contest is so lame..

  3. the_poop says:

    wow! First of all, I like the new site!! very cool!
    2nd, I am not sticking with my favorite this time around…
    Misa is the standout this week, in my mind anyhow 🙂
    we shall see who is on top overall however!~

  4. FuyuMaiden says:

    Well, this certainly a unique photoshoot. I like it. Looking at the environment it’s a lot more like you can make a decision based on which girls are posing and which ones are getting forced into poses (by the cars, lol).

    That’s my Amu-chan! She did the hottest “girl standing next to a car” pose that’s possible for a loli (and she still has an innocent expression so she’s can appear age appropriate~). I’m tempted to vote for her again, because I love that pose (it’s the wind dammit!) but since Amu is the girl of the week again I’ll try to set aside my wind bias…just this week though.

    What happened to Rika? After looking so good last time, now she’s pretty much back to before. She looks like a grade-schooler that’s about to be hit by a car on the way home from school. Which may fit like…a public service announcement, but compared to the other girls she’s weak.

    Shana looks like she got hit by the car, but in a cool way (I didn’t even know that was possible). Orihime looks like she stopped paying attention when the car went around a curve so she’s about to fall off of the car. Sakura somehow looks like a victim of that car crash nearby even though I can’t think of how that would be possible with the laws of physics, but if I stop thinking that, she looks pretty good (except her princess clothes seem a touch out of place in the setting, but whatever).

    Misa is Misa (I really can’t say more than that, even though she does well, she seems predictable). Yuki is almost a surprise (since I half-expected her to be sitting in the middle of the road in front of a car), but eh…no expression. Even when it may be appropriate, because it’s Yuki, I can’t give her credit because she looks like that all the time.

    Hm. I guess I’m voting for Amu after all this week. Shana looked good too, but car violence doesn’t appeal to me personally. Misa was good, but she never appeals to me (because I do not like her). So, Amu it is.

    Tch. This is what happens when most of my favorites get kicked out. I have a hard time choosing. (Whoa, wrote more than usual. I do ramble more when I’m sick.)

  5. Ashe says:

    Oooh I really like this photoshoot! I think the best photo for me is Sakura’s again because it contrast the whole chaotic background. It’s just beautiful. Good job on everyone because they’re all really beautiful. I also like Amu’s!!! OMG I like the wind in her hair.. too bad her hair is short the effect can’t be seen much lol. Is it just me or does Rika slide down again on having a boring photo? She just looks like she’s only crossing the road. Misa’s photo is also good. It’s ‘fierce’ in its own way because she has eye contact and she’s walking towards the camera. OMG at Orihime! Now that’s what I call EXTREME posing! Shana’s photo is also great, it’s just that her hand bothers me because it looks too short. Oh, and Yuki… she looks like a p0rno star with that pose and outfit -_-;; Btw kanzie, ignore that ja there… he/she is the one who’s really lame!

  6. foomafoo says:

    Orihime rocks although she looks like tryin’ hard lol. Shana got colds from last time.

  7. 53RG10 says:


  8. warriorhope says:

    Amu-chan because the wind effect is cool.

  9. revolemina says:

    Rika with a schoolbag surrounded by sports cars is just wrong. FTW Orihime gymnastics! Sakura’s shot would have worked if not for that terrifying accident just feet away. …..Did Shana just die on the car??

  10. mikaino says:

    Why Nagi was on McDonalds instead of cars?
    Ok, here are my impressions:
    Rika- Bravo! The atmosphere of the background matches in her mood and direction. But overall, it’s very good. Keep on improving, Rika!
    Misa- Why is she always modelesque? :dun: She’s only standing but she remains fierce, and she stood out. Good photo as well.
    Yuki- Don’t really like the top. But the colors really matched. Except the makeup, but love the car 😉
    Sakura- She looks like a fallen angel which landed on a car. You seem to give a lot of sweat on extracting her ._.
    Orihime- Is she doing a yoga thing on the car? I can do better than that, lol XD
    Amu- Kudos to the Gaussian Blur, she stand out. Without it, she’s defenitely ignored.
    Shana- XDDDDDDDD What happened to you, Shana? o_O You looked like a person which was being hit by a car XD And died.

  11. What happened to Misa? Got literally hit by that car? XD and Whats up with Orihime? XD I lol’d. I lol’d HARD!

    Uhh yeah, voted for Yuki.FFFFFFFFFFFFABULOUS! :spark:

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Im Starting To Forget ‘Anime’

  12. hazy says:

    Amu’s photo was very nice, but the one with Misa looked better. Sakura’s was… weird. Lol @ orihime’s.

    hazy’s last blog post..Anime Preview: Winter 2008/2009 First Impressions – Batch 1

  13. Xiao says:

    Woot! Fast and furious! Great focus this week, hun! It’s only appropriate since the competition is getting more fierce! ;D

    Waah! Nagi, you look so cute! x3 How dare Jin ditch you! *will chase him with the losing car later* =P

    So, let’s see…

    My girl of the YEAR! xD – Amu, that is hawt. I f***in’ love that pose to bits. And the outfit. God, love the style. Everything about this shot is hot. Amu even makes “P-A-R-K” looks hot! Awesome, babe, awesome. ;D

    Rika: Hun, I thought we made it clear that it would be best if you didn’t show up on the shoot in your school uniform and just plastered some paint on your eyes before taking pictures. What did you do? Just that. Did you have detention or get too caught up playing games? Take this shoot seriously. The camera man will not wait and there is no patience or excuses to spare for lame photos! And why is the friggin’ backpack still on?! Dx
    Ugh, you look so out of place. Detract major points for that, as well. AND be PUNCTUAL next time.
    So disappointing…what happened to last week’s Rika? (how’s that for fierce? Lol *takes this all so seriously* xD; )

    Sakura: …um, the pose looks really nice…but…nevermind about the car overturning on the side. Did Sakura really die or something since the last shoot? o.O Look, she’s all glowy even under the sun! Girl, are you that desperate to win?! o.O;;;

    Misa: Why so serious?
    …xD Erhem, what really got me were the pigtails. *loves pigtails* Ah, she looks great from that angle, too. Love it. Now why can’t you make me say this for you more often? >:/

    Orihime: What are you trying to prove? That instead of denting the hood of the car with enormous boobage, you’ll somersault over it and use your butt instead? =_=;
    You’re paying if there are any damages. That’s a nice car…and it’s purple! *loves purple*

    Shana: LMAO
    …I love it. It’s great. But I can’t take it seriously when we’re already this far into the game. So this = no vote.

    Yuki: Ok, so there’s a time where you can pose for race cars, a time when you can show off an almost naked chest, and another time where you can look professional doing either one but never both at the same time. My opinion is clear. Bai.

    …I love this. This is so much fun. xD
    Argh, I really want to vote for Amu again and I think I will. Her photo is the only one I like. Sakura’s is good, too, but her outfit just doesn’t fit with the fast and furious theme…not even as a ghost to it. Yea, I think I’ll vote for Amu again.
    I’ll be both irked and maybe slightly happy if Rika manages to get through this one. But if she fails the next one, Shana’s taking her place.

    K, thanks for such an awesome episode as always! ^^

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 65

  14. maya-nee says:

    Amu- very good
    Rika- bitch
    Sakura- wrong clothes
    Misa- good
    Orihime- wtf
    Shana- raped???
    Yuki- very good

  15. Achariyth says:

    Amu’s was nice and set up what to expect from the shoot. Sakura and Shana both had issues with their backgrounds, as the eye was drawn as much to the car crashes as the girls.

    I’d say the winners are Amu, Misa, and Yuki, although if I were Yuki, I’d stop having Haruhi pick out my clothes…

  16. sayumi_chan says:

    shana looks like she got hit by a car also orihime and she went whoosh XD . sakura looks like a ghost who died in a car crash :dun: . rika looks like a nerd hahahahahaha ( my friend said that ) . MisaMisa looks reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllly scary like a goth girl waiting to be hit by that car ’cause she and :kyaa: light :kyaa: broke up haha XD XD XD XD XD . the blue stuff on her looks like blood , i was also wondering, is she a royal or something ? haha . i like <3 amu’s pic the best since she looks cute .

  17. FlareKnight says:

    Well another round and things are getting tougher for the girls that’s for sure. Too bad everyone can’t just hang in there.

    Amu – Almost too bad she’s safe since she really has done a nice job this week. Making her cool look work and starting on the top it really is like she’s looking down on the competition. Best to take caution, but in this case confidence is fine.

    Rika – Hopefully not winning the vote last week won’t end up biting her. Do think going with the more serious look would be safer for her. Is a rural girl so think there is nothing wrong with the awe in her eyes at the scenes around her. Should ask friends to help her prepare to be even stronger in the future.

    Sakura – Is she being carted off to a funeral or something? Seems kind of random. At least Rika is in a condition to be travelling :). Just a bit odd and it might cost her this time.

    Misa – While I’m not sure about her facepaint for this round she is still solid. Fits well in looks and doesn’t seem out of place with the vehicles. Not week winner worthy but good.

    Orihime – Has she given up and decided to commit suicide? Or was she just not paying attention and got run down? Suppose it could be a stunt gone horribly wrong. Something just feels strange here.

    Shana – Well as a Flame Haze she can get away with this kind of stunt. Besides looks more like she’s hitching a ride than getting run down like Orihime. Bit reckless but still solid.

    Yuki – Now she came out with a good effort. Must’ve heard enough criticism. Probably one of the best since she really went out to fit the theme with the cars.

    Think Sakura and Orihime might be in trouble this time. Sakura especially since it feels like she forgot that this was a new round.

    FlareKnight’s last blog post..Touhou – First Impressions

  18. sakura1714 says:

    😉 :omg: :kyaa: trop beau :kyaa2: orihime je ladore 😳 :7: :15: :14: :nosebleeds: je suis fene delle est aussi de sakura je les aimes et orihime trop cool 😉

  19. I don’t get it, Tracy Houlahan

  20. Rapture says:

    What do you not get?

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