Maria†Holic: 01 – Oh noes it’s a trap!

Kanako Miyamae is a new student at Ame no Kisaki Girls’ School, on a mission to find her love of her life there, just like how her mom and dad (a school instructor) met. Kanako was quite surprised about the school’s silence and size, and then she encounters a maid named Matsurika Shinouji, who calls her a pig because of her unusual height compared to girls about her age. Then a beautiful girl appears. Her name is Mariya Shidou. She appears to be wearing a different uniform, which Mariya explains that she’s still in junior high, but she’ll be entering high school on the next day.


Mariya asked Kanako why she got accepted, despite the fact that those who only came from junior high gets accepted. Kanako explains that it’s her family background that made her get inside the school. Mariya then asks if Kanako has a boyfriend, which Kanako immediately replied with her difficulty with them, because she gets hives on her body when she gets touched by some. Kanako then continues to compliment Mariya then Mariya plants a surprise kiss on Kanako’s cheek. After that, Mariya invites Kanako to join her later for her to explore the school grounds. Kanako noticed something on her skin though, hives.

Mariya then practices at the archery club while Matsurika asks her about her action a while ago. Mariya said that it was just a joke. Meanwhile, Kanako enters the dorm, and there she met the oddly small dorm manager with moving cat ears. Kanako then gets introduced to her beautiful roomate, Ryuuken Ishima. Now that she realized that she has to go meet Mariya, she finds her and ends up in the archery club’s hallway, thus hearing Matsurika’s voice.

Kanako thought that Mariya could be in there as well so she opened the door and witnessed Matsurika putting up a corset and fake breasts for Mariya, which utterly shocked Kanako. The two however, just continued their dressed up and pretend as if nothing had happened when they tour Kanako around the school. But Kanako proved that she can’t be fooled and immediately expressed her frustrations by wrecking a tree. Then it’s all confirmed when she grabbed something on Mariya’s body. Mariya said that it’s all none of her business and it’s not like he wants crossdressing either. Mariya then brought back up to Kanako, revealing that she is really a lesbian, with how she reacts to Mariya’s beauty. Kanako then said that she only became like that because she’s disgusted by boys, plus she had a childhood trauma regarding them.

Kanako then confirms that Mariya should be thrown out at school. But Mariya immediately ripped Matsurika’s clothes to reveal her bra (which Kanako bled her nose more into) and acts as if they were assaulted by her. Kanako thoguht it’s ridiculous but Matsurika revealed that Mariya is the daughter son of the school chairman that’s why they’ll believe her more than a new student. With that, Kanako was hopeless so she just have to shut up.

Back at the dorms, Kanako was surprised that Ryuuken isn’t her roomate anymore, and she was replaced by Mariya, so that his secret won’t be revealed. Mariya also added that she’ll be under his survaillance and control, 24/7.

Here goes thy picture spam:


Pig girl.



She’s your god dorm manager so show some respect.


Or else you’ll die.


Corset: check.


Fake boobs: check.




LOL pretend you saw nothing…


Don’t fool a yuri girl’s heart.


You have some *bleep*bleep* below!


Come on, nothing’s below there!


Guess what Kanako just grabbed on Mariya?


Mariya’s reveals her…err his other half.




Kanako is a lesbi…




“Yuri” is a far more “elegant” term!






This is not wine, it’s tomato juice!


Tsui says…

I contacted Kanzeon and she said she wouldn’t be back yet so I’ll be the one to cover the first episode of Maria†Holic. Got this from the early preview promo so the HD wouldn’t be available until January 🙁 So where will we start? Oh, Mariya is so hot until it’s revealed that she’s got a dick, LOL. Kanako, even though she’s noisy, still maintains to be hilarious with all those side reactions. Matsurika is probably my favorite character. Why? One word: MEIDO. Everything seems fairly interesting too, and I wonder why did Mariya decided to be a crossdresser in that school. I have not known the manga so maybe I’ll follow this one.

Also, what I really found exquisite is the voice acting. Mariya’s seiyuu Yu Kobayashi really did a great job with voicing the girl side and the sadistic trap side. Marina Inoue (Matsurika) really did well also, as well as Asami Sanada (Kanako).

To sum it all up, trap anime is win. Shaft might make another gem with this one but at the same time, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up high. Definitely worth checking out this season though. Plus, among the two Winter animes I’ve watched, I definitely choose this one over that (piece of) Akikan (shit).


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11 Responses to “Maria†Holic: 01 – Oh noes it’s a trap!”

  1. mikaino says:

    The show sounds fun! Must give this one a try. Traps are so win especially when they’re sadistic!

  2. FuyuMaiden says:

    Don’t keep your hopes high? Psh. This is already my favorite anime for Winter (and I haven’t seen anything else!). Of course we won’t get into how Winter is crap, because this would be my favorite new anime anyway.

    Sadistic traps are just awesome. Especially when they’re so pretty and good at being girls (and so wonderfully mean~).

  3. 53RG10 says:

    Oh I just watched Maria Holic with no sound…oh wait, it’s just an image spam…>_>

    Kanako will either annoy me in the long run, or be the wild crazy comic relief I’ll need. Maria, well, s/he’s the anime’s whole selling point and MY reason for watching it! ^_^

  4. Kitsune says:

    I placed Maria Holic on evaluation period. I’ll drop it unless something will impress me in the next couple of episodes. If I do drop it, I’ll definitely refer people to this blog because you have an extensive visual coverage of this anime 🙂

  5. […] tsui: To sum it all up, trap anime is win. Shaft might make another gem with this one but at the same time, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up high. Definitely worth checking out this season though. […]

  6. Fucking subs where!!?

  7. shinn says:

    fucking trap. Mariya is my type T____T

  8. Xiao says:

    I am amused so far. xD Will watch the better quality one when it comes out in January and see where the rest of the episodes will take me from there. But I alike Mariya and Matsurika a lot. lol
    Kanako disturbs me just because but eh.

    Thanks for the summary and the review! ^^

    And I thought you were going to watch Akikan or at some point, said you might give it a chance…or was that Kanzeon? *can’t remember* o.O;

  9. kanzeon says:

    OMG I can’t see any photo!!!!! gotta watch this now! I didn’t know what I’ve been missing TT.TT

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  11. GGmon says:

    :thumb: God Damn! XD
    I love Maria’s twin sister :nosebleeds: she’s super!O

    :omg: :omg: :omg:
    :thumb: They gotta put more Yuri~ shoujo-ai stuffy to make it :nosebleeds:

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