ef ~a tale of melodies~ [08] – reutter


Is running away a solution to solve everything? How long will you continue to run away from your problem?

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Yuu and Yuuko ran away together and eventually find a place to stay while Yuu works. Yuuko and Yuu made love one night but eventually the next day, Yuuko thought that maybe Yuu’s just like her brother, which only takes her for pleasure. She runs off in a cliff but Yuu stopped him and clarified that he’ll really take care of her.

Yuu runs into Yuuko’s brother one day and he stays out late that night thinking about what he said to him which causes Yuuko to worry. She goes out to look for him but she encounters her brother and he asks her if she wants to go home. Frankly, Yuuko was stupid enough and she nods in agreement.

Meanwhile, Yuu and Nagi talk with Kuze, and try to make him think more positively and find a real reason of living, but he only serves to get Yuu and Nagi angry at him for what he says. He said that he’ll never see Amamiya Yuuko again, which only made Yuu beat him down. After Yuu left him, Kuze now attacked Nagi by saying that she’s only hanging on to Yuu.

Mizuki gets a package containing a violin and she tries to play it in the ocean, even though it’s already broken. Nagi then comes and tells Mizuki that she is probably the only one left who can save Kuze.

Tsui chats…

This episode goes down quite a few notches in terms of over-the-top artistic direction, but I guess it’s necessary. I find this episode more comfortable to watch now, and the Yuu x Yuuko part is something I really found very interesting. The Kuze part this episode was still not catching up with that arc, but maybe on the next few eps, it would have more depth.

I really don’t know about Yuuko. She is fucking confusing…  I think she can be very manipulative, which she even asked Yuu to kill her brother. And now she’s going back to him after running away? What’s even more twisted is her brother, who just sprout up everywhere when you least expect it. Yuu is mentally and sexually obsessed with his sister, which I really don’t know if I would believe him in saying that he really loves Yuuko because the real love or it’s just because he pitied his sister’s look-alike.

Mizuki gets a little screentime here, but it would brought up something more maybe soon. Kuze was a fucking jerk. Poor Nagi though… she’s like the string who stitches everyone together up, but she couldn’t even get what she wanted. Wish her for the happiest ending in the series 😀 The biggest question I have in my mind concerning ef ~melodies is where is Yuuko now in the present?


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  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    Warum Warum Warum Warum Warum Warum Warum Warum Warum Warum

  2. ffviiknight says:

    Don’t worry. Yuuko will gain your pity soon enough. T_T

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