Dragonball Live Action Movie – Trailer …*facepalms*


Here’s the trailer of the upcoming 2009 anime-to-live movie adaptation Dragonball: Evolution. I remember those good ol’ days were I’m addicted to this series like curry. Now with that Goku, the hot Bulma, and the err… green Piccolo, along with the others (except for Krilin, can’t see him here) now getting into the hills of Hollywood, will the original anime fans rejoice, or rage?

Tsui chats…


*facepalms and bangs knife to the head*

Before I RAGE and got cursed by those who think that the movie would be great, I still wanna wish the best for this movie and hope NOT destroy this anime legend…

And now here goes my rage:  I think it would be fucking failfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfail

failfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfailfail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!111one!!!!!111oneone Suck Dragonballs instead… FAIL!!!!!! Go make a Teletubbies live-action movie instead! Hey wait, isn’t Teletubbies live-action already? Then just make a Dora one!!! LOL… moving on, FAILFAILFAILFAIL!!!!!111one BUT BULMA IS FUCKING HOT!!!!! BUT MAKE HER HAIR BLUE! [Repeat 10000672439 times].

But I’m still gonna watch this movie for the lulz. LOL. Tsui signing off.

Question: What do you think of this new childhood memory-raping sh*t from Hollywood called Dragonball: Evolution? EPIC FAIL or FAIL only? Will you spend money on it on the theaters?


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14 Responses to “Dragonball Live Action Movie – Trailer …*facepalms*”

  1. blissmo says:

    haha, I’m not going to bother watching this. The action looks terrible. If Walt Disney was responsible for this movie, I would cry. Disney is the best 😛

  2. kugokugo says:


  3. nero88 says:

    OK first Dragon Ball GT hurt the series now this? I’m only guessing the guy behind this “BS” has never watched of the Dragon Ball series. It’s as bad as the guy behind the 3rd X-Men move who said himself he’s never read a comic in his life. This guy should really get Toriyama on his side to fix this crap. No Krillin, No Kid Goku and a Brunet Bulma?? WTF. If anything Blue Hair (Or Pink like in some of the Dragon Ball Movies). As a huge Dragon Ball fan this is a sad time for DBZ Fans Everywhere!

  4. biankita says:

    This is Hollywood raeps every child’s wet dream from the 90s. -_-

    I will only classify this as a fail… because everyone has low expectations to begin with. If people are salivating over it and got crap, it would have been an EPIC FAIL

  5. kanzeon says:

    It’s good! Just kidding XP

  6. FuyuMaiden says:

    I think it fails as an adaptation but if you look at it with absolutely no connection to Dragonball (since there seems to be so few anyway) it’s not that bad actually. Corny, but it’s not really worse than other action movies I’ve seen.

    Of course, that’s just me. It’s almost impossible for me to connect a live action adaptation with its animated (or manga) source material. Plus, I was never that big of a Dragonball fan anyway.

    I’m probably going to watch it. Whether or not I’ll pay for it is a different story though~ (One of the local theaters is apparently very easy to sneak into)

  7. omisyth says:

    “I think it fails as an adaptation but if you look at it with absolutely no connection to Dragonball (since there seems to be so few anyway) it’s not that bad actually. Corny, but it’s not really worse than other action movies I’ve seen.”

    Exactly what I thought. Take away the names, the costumes, the green, the Japanese influences and any sort of relation to the Dragonball franchise, rape the chldhoods of any person who’s ever seen/ knows of the plot in any way and dump their defiled minds into a river which you then poor cement on to and bomb with a nuke, and this movie could look retardedly amazing!

  8. CS says:


    Made me cringe too much, eww ¬¬

  9. FlareKnight says:

    My God…..Think I just died a little inside after watching that. I mean seriously what the heck was the guy behind this thinking? You could put a bunch of producers in a room, make them drunk as hell and you still wouldn’t get something this moronic.

    This is just so bad you can’t even describe it properly.

  10. Epic fail. Cant stand ze failure.

  11. foomafoo says:

    Bulma is cool. I didn’t saw her hold any guns before from DB. I just don’t know why it turned to be a martial arts show. If that’s so, then they should have made a better movie rather than to do a DB movie T_T. The energy balls’ effects sucks. Also, WHY EVOLUTION???

  12. ffviiknight says:

    Given that I haven’t really touched DB/DBZ, I’m not sure what to expect from the adaptation part itself… but from the trailer, my eyes bleed.

  13. mikaino says:

    FTW. (Facepalm That Wumble.)

  14. The reason you didn’t see Krillin is that he isn’t in it. They wrote him out of the continuity.

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