Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 1st Elimination


This is the very first elimination of Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2!!! Which girl will be the first one to pack her bags and leave this early at the competition? Last time, we opened this cycle as the girls do a photoshoot regarding Global Issues. Which girl will get her problem solved? Which girl will go down as the first to go home?

Obligatory: Watch the OP!

The judges:



First of all, let’s meet the panel of judges for this season. First of all, our new Head Master for this season, Nagi, which also seems to be under huge controversies these days with her mangaka struggling in some health issues. The next one is supermodel, veteran fashion icon, and had walk in several runways on the anime world: Yukari from Paradise Kiss. The third judge is the perfectionist guy with a wacky case of OCD plus son of a Death God: Death the Kid from Soul Eater. And the fourth judge is none other than the inocent, cute, adorable, and whose words are so sweet and helpful like cotton candy: Akira from Lucky Star! Last but definitely not the least, our special SECRET judge of this episode, the frontman in the Hard-Rock Heavy Metal Band Detroit Metal City: Krauser [highlight his comments under Akira’s to read them… They can be pretty disturbing. Not for the faint of heart! And thanks tsuiteru for typing some here ^_^]!!!

Now let’s go to the deliberation!



1: SHANAUnemployment


Nagi – Unemployed? I need a new publicist! I just fired my old one for scattering all those fetid comments on me -_-… And well since this girl is fierce, she’s hired!

Yukari – It’s a very strong photo to start the competition. The emotion in her face is really effective plus she really looks like a busted job applicant. This girl really has potential.

Death the Kid – Not symmetrical enough to impress me but this photo is really oozing with splendor!

Akira – Looks like she got fired! Hahaha!!! Get it?????




2: NANOHANuclear Debate


Nagi – Nuclear Debate… Nice pun.

Yukari – I like the intensty of the eyes. It’s very effective for the strong theme and it’s like the whole photo’s saying what would be the effect of Nuclear weapons. Very nice start on the competition.

Death the Kid – Well, not perfect but I guess it’s effective. She looks like she’s going to kill me. HA! but you can’t!

Akira – I was expecting her getting Gay Marriage and having a hot lesbian action with Fate -_-

Krauser – YEAH!!! THIS ROCKS!!! EXPLOSIONS!!! Kill everyone! Killkillkillkillkillkill!!!!!!!!!



3: RIKA [with Hanyuu]Gay Marriage


Nagi – Woi!!! Rika is pretteh in this pic!!! Plus she stood out more than Hanyuu.

Yukari – That’s a very very sweet and effective photo for the topic she’s portraying. A really controversial issue and Rika had a good job handling it. Stunning.


Akira – Lesbians… Kukukuku…




4: SAKURA – Healthcare


Nagi – Ohohohoho~!!! MOE-desu!!!

Yukari – Wow that’s a really strong photo! Very impressive indeed.

Death the Kid – Her hat and face are symmetrical!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT (face explodes to blood)

Akira – I F*CKING HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does she have to be cute?!?! AHHH!!! Why can’t she just dress up as those nurses from Silent Hill?!




5: MISA Child Abuse


Nagi – Talk about non-virgins…

Yukari –  Well I think this photo is stunning. She really got up to the topic she has and presented it well. The emotion in her face really gets sympathy. Good job.

Death the Kid –  She should have moved more a bit and  don’t tilt her head and we’ll get a perfectly symmetrical photo!

Akira – She looks like a child prostitute begging to get raped.




6: [Girl of the week] AMU – Cloning


Nagi – Ohohohoho~!!! The first Girl of the Week on Ani-NTM history!!! and I think this photo’s a good start for her too!

Yukari – I love how she made an interesting shape with her pose, especially that her picture had used effects. It’s really effective and good job.

Death the Kid – This is fucking horizontally symmetrical!!! OMG too much fabulousness with the pose! Cool!!! But I’m cooler…

Akira – UGH. Not very effective at all. She looks like she’s just stretching and saying ~oooh I’m so cute with my tweeny big heart on my head…~ Plus she has MOI pink hair. PASS.

Krauser – PINK IS THE COLOR OF A PIG. I’ll kill ’em and eat their organs out for dinner you pig slut!!!!!!!



7: RANKA Greenhouse Effect


Nagi – “I’m dead! I’m going to heaven and continue my idol-stardom there!” – not.

Yukari – She is losing some of her fingers. Plus I don’t think it really says Greenhouse Effect at all without the Greenhouse on her background.

Death the Kid – At least it’s symmetrical… Three fingers on each hand…

Akira – I hate this one! Well, I hate everything! Fuck that lame-assed photoshopped background from SA!!!

Krauser – You wonderin’ why some of her fingers are lost? I CUT THEM OFF AND PUT THEM IN MY ICE CREAM.



8: YUKI Education


Nagi – She looks drag, but somehow I get the message.

Yukari – This really reflects the issue properly. The background shows messy and outdated books, the environment looks unclean. The only thing is, the background did better than the model.

Death the Kid – I agree, it’s not the background or the photography to blame, she’s just standing there!

Akira – She looks like she’s hiding a pen-s in the way she’s holding that book O_O…

Krauser – Poor student… MWAHAHA that’s ‘coz I KILLED HER PUPPY!!!!!!! AHAHA!!! …AND EAT ITS ORGANS!!!



9: BELLDANDYEnergy and Transportation


Nagi – B()()BS!!! I NEED SOME!!!!! Huhuhu…

Yukari – That’s a weird way to present Energy and Transportation but she can show more than that. I really would like to see more from her.

Death the Kid – Well, her proportions are perfect though…

Akira – LAME. Whatever you say… She just have that f*cking assets… bitch.

Krauser – Ride that motorcycle, and don’t hold back because I’m gonna RAPE YOU AND TAKE OFF YOUR LUNGS AND THROW THEM TO OUTER SPACE!



10: ORIHIME Natural Environment


Nagi – OIOIOIOI!!!!!!!! I’m the only GODDESS here!!! GTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yukari – It’s calm, serene, and peaceful. I really like this photograph. And it’s pretty even though the fact that she has her eyes closed.

Death the Kid – Glamorous.

Akira – You care for nature? Pffft.. LAME!!!

Krauser –  NATUrE? Come on! Burn it with fire and throw dead corpses on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



11: SHINKU – Economy


Nagi – This photo was so miserable that I’m laughing so hard XD!!!!! She’s so going down like the economy!

Yukari – I think she looks stellar but she just got lost in the topic… She is being too cutesy and she lost it.


Akira – FAKE.

Krauser – She RAEP’D the economy!!!!!

[NOTE: All percentages are rounded off. Thanks PollDaddy!]



Now that Shinku was the first one to be sent home, 10 girls are remaining and the competition is just heating up! Shana’s currently our new Girl of the Week! What challenge will the next photoshoot bring? Who will outshine others and who will be the next one to go home?

Fiercely yours,



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9 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 1st Elimination”

  1. ffviiknight says:

    Somehow, Shana’s pic reminds me of one of the random 1st episode character in Kyōran Kazoku Nikki…

  2. thepoop says:

    YEY! my pick was in the top 5! (#4 to be precise) Based on the photos I can definitely see why Shinku was eliminated.

  3. nazarielle says:

    Ah, that’s too bad, I wanted to see more of Shinku, she looked pretty cool in the first post. Oh well, Shana’s #1, that’s what really matters 😀

  4. Xiao says:

    Sad that Shinku lost. She would have been a great competitor but the photo just didn’t cut it. :/ *sigh* Oh well.

    Yay for Shana. I was initially “grr” at her taking the lead but only because I was so reminded of Saimoe and how she just wouldn’t step down after like…three years. =P
    But now that I look at it, her photo does look nice, especially with her ponytail.

    Krauser…um, yea… ^^; I highlighted his comments only after I read through everyone else’s. xD;
    But nice to see the old judges back (let’s keep Nagi as a permanent, lol).
    …oh, I just thought of someone who could be a great judge. Ami. lol xD

    Hmm, ok. Can’t wait till the next ep. ^^
    & lol “Fiercly yours” That’s awesome. xD

  5. FuyuMaiden says:

    Aw. Bye-by Shinku. Sorry to see you go, but you kind of deserved it. Shana reflect the heartache of unemployment then the economy…looked too cute and there’s something slightly odd about that.

    But yay! Shana won! I hope the same happens every time I support someone (it won’t).

    Huh. I actually think the one who deserved to win did and the one who didn’t lost. The order overall makes some sense to me. What’s going on? I’m being lulled into a false sense of security.

    And lol. Krauser. I couldn’t help but read all of those comments. So twisted. Wonder who it will be next time.


  7. biankita says:

    i’m shocked that krauser didn’t rape anyone in the judges panel.

  8. mikaino says:

    I agree with Death The Kid’s comment on Shinku’s photo.

  9. Issac Maez says:

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