Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 02 – The Girls Get FIERCE.


For the second photoshoot, the girls settle down underwater to pose in accordance to having a FIERCE contact to the camera using their eyes. It’s all about smiling with your eyes! Not only the eyes are the part of the photoshoot, for they could also experiment with their hands and legs. It’s all about endurance underwater, creativity and most of all, FIERCENESS!!! And the result: A haunting yet fabulous acid-grunge inspired photo shoot!

Obligatory: Watch the OP!



Girls girls girls!!! See my fierce eyes? You’ll be doing some of this! Are y’all ready for the second photoshoot??? Bet you should! Breathe a lot of air to charge up fierceness because you will be settling half of your face underwater!!!

Kanzeon will be the one to photograph and edit your photos for additional fabulousness! The theme is that you’ll be poisonous water serpents! Good luck and stay fffiiieeerrrccceee!!!!!

Now, let’s proceed to the girls’ best shots with their fierce eyes:



Girl of the Week: SHANA

Shana got the highest votes in the previous elimination. Therefore, she’s the Girl of the Week. She will be automatically safe from the next elimination.





























NOW IT’S TIME TO VOTE!!! Which of the ten girls got the FIERCEST PHOTO? Who will be the next Girl of the Week after Amu and Shana? Who would be eliminated? It’s all in your hands so vote wisely!!!




YOU CAN BE A JUDGE BY COMMENTS!!! I wanna hear what you think of every other girls’ photo :). And what do you think of the photoshoot?


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22 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 02 – The Girls Get FIERCE.”

  1. issa-sa says:

    For such a bland character in Bleach (again, the last time I watched anyways, which was aeons ago), it’s a wonder Orihime gets such FIERCE art XD

  2. Ashe says:

    OMG this is super great!!!!!!! Good job on editing the photos! I really like the grungy touch in them XD

    Wow Nanoha’s photo is stunning! I also like Sakura’s but…
    MISA is FFFFFFFFFFIERCE! Wonder how did she do that… XD
    *votes for Misa*

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  4. Misa is the BESTEST evar!
    I think the most boring girl is Rika. FFFF.

  5. 53RG10 says:

    What? Misa? It has to be the White Devil! Nanoha eyes are saying you WILL BE BEFRIENDED!!

    I admit Misa looks pretty damn good in her photo, but it’s all about the fierce eyes.

  6. nazarielle says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ranka looking fierce :p But all the same, I voted for her, because she’s my second favorite :>

  7. Kitsune says:

    I like this because we can only see the eyes and some parts of the body. Eyes can be very expressive and tell many things about the person and the mood.

    While I commend your photoshop skills, most girls don’t look fierce 😛 It looks more like they are drowning in a toxic lake, and the award should have been which girl you want to save based on her expression 😛 I understand that it is not easy to find fierce-looking shot of those girls though, and you did the best, given the pictures, by adding some background.

    The expressions range widely, including flirting, hesitation, fear, thoughtfulness, playfulness, curiosity, but none really rooks fierce. The only one that is somewhat close is Orihime as evidenced by the angle of the eyebrows and partial closing of the eyes, but the expression is more “How could you?!” than fierceness. Based on the responses, it seems that the voters just chose the most seductive pictures regardless of the competition theme 😛

    If the fierceness is defined as “smiling with your eyes”, then Amu is a clear winner because she is the only one who has a nice open expression, augmented by her hands that express care-free attitude.

  8. FuyuMaiden says:

    Oh god so many great images. For the first time, I really feel like using the word fierce.

    Personally I’m having a hard time choosing between Sakura and Amu. It’s an image of Amu that I really liked and then seeing just her eyes sort of above the water made it seem so different, so that kind of made an impact on me, but Sakura made an impact on me too. And OMG Ranka. I thought she would really fail this week, but she’s right up there.

    I’m saving my vote for later in the week since it’s really hard for me too choose this week. This was supposed to be easy, I figured I could just vote for Amu every week. This is why it sucks having so many of my favorites in here! And having them all look great! >_<

  9. Xiao says:

    …ARGH! I can’t decide! I’ll need a week to choose! Though I’m leaning slightly towards Nanoha. >.<

    Are the cutoffs on purpose? Was just thinking maybe that’s why I can’t pick. I’d like to see the full faces but I got a feeling it will come later on. ^^;

  10. mikaino says:

    Rika looks embossed >_> It’s really disappointing that her photo is VERY lame this week..
    Ranka’s eye color is FIERCE. It looks brighter compared to her whole body and it’s darn strong.
    I vote Orihime. She’s soo FIERCE!! Love it!

  11. ? says:

    The girl of the week’s votes are the fewest!! that’s no good!
    Still, she’s safe >_>

  12. misswitch says:

    Very good job. I think the “fierceness” this author meant was the exact “fierce” that Tyra Banks or Christian Siriano is referring to: cool, bold, sexy, amazing and the BOMB. Fierce doesn’t only mean being scary, or ferocious. It’s already the 21st century, people! So I must say that this is a really great project!

    Work it girl! Stay fierce 🙂

  13. omisyth says:

    LOL at rankings. I think the girl who deserves to win this one is actually winning!

  14. kanzeon says:

    @issa-sa: Yeah, I rly wonder why XD…

    @Ashe: I think Misa’s photo was great too ^_^

    @Kairu: Don’t blame me for that

    @53RG10: Nanoha really looks effing fierce ^_^

    @nazarielle: Ranka can be fierce 🙂

    @Kitsune: Thanks. Eyes can really be expressive. Well the “fierce” I meant here can also be sexy ^_^

    @FuyuMaiden: Hope you could decide whom to vote ^_^ I think your favorites looked all great IMO.

    @xiao_jie: his week the girls are on underwater while the eyes are above the surface so you really can’t see their full faces ^_^

    @mikaino: Don’t blame me for that

    @?: Yea, that’s the advantage of being Girl of the Week 🙂

    @tsuiteru: I’m crazy that’s why, and I got this idea from RL ANTM 🙂

    @misswitch: Hey thanks 🙂 I was supposed to explain that but either way, thank you for sharing it ^_^ You’re fierce.

    @omisyth: The rankings this week are really really interesting! This might end up in a shocker elimination, I think.

  15. Parker says:

    Misa Misa rulzzzzzzzzzz

  16. Xiao says:

    Ohhh~…should I judge on that criteria, too? Who looks best with their eyes poppin’ out of the water? xD

    Ok, here goes:

    Shana – Nice. I like how her hair is blown back. I think “refreshed” would be the best way to term it. 😀
    Nanoha – O.O Such…a FIERCE! gaze (it’s the “BEFRIEND!” one, *gasp* D8 ). & the arm positions (and how she’s holding her staff) really accentuate her eyes. But Nanoha~! You’re not supposed to wear clothes under water! xDDD;;;
    Rika – She looks cute. But nothing’s happening. I only see the top half of her head. No deductions cuz that insults all short people but no points added either. :/
    Sakura – Ooo, very nice arm posing there. And the knitted eyebrows give a nice touch to that angsty look (that qualifies as fierce, too, right?). Hmm, yea, Sakura-chan has very pretty eyes. ^^ Ooo, look the background is green, too! It matches! *stares at the pretty green* 8D
    Misa – I definitely like the pose but I only see one eye. Doesn’t help that it’s partially covered by her bangs. -_-; The eye looks fierce but you need both, girl! Don’t get so cocky and arrogant so early in the game!
    Amu – *streeettcchhh!* xD Did I mention I absolutely love golden eyes? Ah, and Amu’s are so nicely shaped. I see a mixture of an innocent girl and a young lady in them. And she looks very relaxed in a way. Awesome, Amu-chi! *thumbs up* 😉
    Ranka – *gasp* They glow! OoooOOoOooo~… O.O Very nice tilt of the head there. Kinda giving a message like “I got a secret. Wanna hear it?” hehe xD Argh! Why are you wearing clothes AND boots in the water? D:
    Yuki – The arm is what gets me. I like the arm (why am I judging by the arms? xD; ) but something feels off with her eyes (they’ve got great expression in them, though). Hmm…maybe it’s the hair. Her hair looks kinda awful. :/
    Belldandy – Oh, this is nice. 🙂 Nothing more to say. She met the standard.
    Orhime – Wow. BIG improvement from last time when she wasn’t even there =P. The hair blowing that way and that…that anxious look in her eyes. *nod* Very fierce. Keep it up.

    Ah, round two is so great. Very hard to decide one which one I should vote for. BUT! I have a solution to that (oh ho~). Since I’m convinced that this season should go to the lolis (ha, doubt it will happen that way), everyone who isn’t one is off (Misa, Yuki, Belldandy, and Orihime). And those who were lolis but suddenly decided to grow up and un-lolify (wut?) themselves are off, too! (Nanoha, Sakura) Shana’s safe so I don’t care about her (she’s more tsundere than loli anyway) and Ranka just stepped into puberty (ugh, ugly).

    My logic is perfect. 8(

    So Rika and Amu are left…and it’s obvious. Yay~! Amuuu~! <3

    I really have no life. xD; Can’t wait till Saturday for the judging. ^^

  17. Kitsune says:

    I see… Well, it looks like I have just expanded my very limited fashion vocabulary 😛

  18. kanzeon says:

    @xiao_jie: Wow, you win the Fiercest Commenter Award!!! ^_^ And lol I actually made all of the girls’ eyes glow for some reason (see Amu and Sakura) but most people only noticed Ranka’s XD… Maybe it’s because all of the other girls have darker eye color that it can’t be obvious. Now that you mentioned Misa’s cockiness… that can somewhat go to the judging (but it’s up to the judges if it’s a good thing or not ^_^). And yea~ nice choice for the vote ^_^ Thanks for the comment! Had lots of fun reading it 😀

    @Kitsune: lol 😛

  19. revolemina says:

    what an….interesting photoshoot this round. Although I have to say that the girls look like they’re hiding behind an opaque sceen that’s supposed to be water. However, i do find it rather effective for the purpose =] Photos this week were well chosen with a few surprises from the weaker candidates from last round. My picks would be Nanoha and Orihime.

  20. thepoop says:

    wow. Ranka and Nanoha’s are just amazing 🙂 Cool Photo editing.

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