Vampire Knight Guilty: 08 – Onii-sama, may I drink your blood O_O?

Wow, I’m beyond speechless with this episode. Lots of blood-sucking, neck (and mouth) licking, snow (yep, it’s should be mentioned here), and an AWESOME fight scene between Shiki and Rima!!! Yuuki also had her hair long now! [LOADS of spoilers ahead!] Continue below for the image spam and summary as well :).

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Kaname revealed that Yuuki is the Pureblood Princess of the Kuran clan to Zero, after which, Kaname carried Yuuki off while still unconscious. Zero was unable to shoot his Bloody Rose at either vampire because of shock. Meanwhile, Yuuki gets a flashback back then when she, and her Kaname onii-sama, together with Haruka and Juuri, their parents where still together. That flashback was also the time where Haruka and Juuri were both killed by Rido in a snowy night to protect them both. Yuuki’s mother used her remaining life to seal away Yuuki’s memories as a vampire.

Back to the present, the smell of blood alerts the other vampires of the Night Class and they now figured out that Yuuki is, in fact, a pureblooded vampire. Kaname explains that Yuuki is also his fiance, as long as she chooses to remain so. Upon regaining her consciousness back, Yuuki revitalizes herself by drinking Kaname’s blood and recalls that her mother and father were also siblings, and that pureblooded vampires often marry within the family to maintain the pureblood line. Kaname orders that the day students are to be kept in their dorms, guarded by Akatsuki and Aidou, among them is an apologetic Ruka, who’s still hoping to prove her value to Kaname.

Meanwhile, Rima battles Rido, who’s in the body of her friend, Shiki. Ichijou was also there, trying to stop Rima, but she is very determined to take her friend back. Rima showcased flashes of thunder while Rido used Shiki’s blood whip. Rima was stabbed because of distraction but just as she is about to lose to him, she calls out to Shiki within him, saying that he’s stupid for letting someone enter him. That awakened Shiki for a short while and he momentarily suppressed Rido.

Yuuki decides she wants to speak with Zero and flies outside her room, ordering Aidou and Akatsuki, the guards Kaname has placed for her protection, to stand down. Despite her conscience telling her that she is now a monster that Zero loathes and her actions to speak with him would be fruitless, she proceeds. As she approaches Zero’s room, she hears Zero point the Bloody Rose at her through the closed door to his room.

Kan chats…

The anime sure is catching up with the manga. I must say that this episode did not disappointed me at least. The incestual bed scene with Yuuki and Kaname was so overflowing with sensuality that I don’t know if I would be disgusted by the fact that Kaname is Yuuki‘s older brother. We also get to see more of Juuri and Haruka (their parents AND they’re siblings as well) on the earlier parts of the episode. Nevertheless, I really don’t like Kaname, he’s a selfish pedobear (Yeah, I mentioned it a million times already XD). Plus, we can officially add incestual to his description too. Anyway, there are lots and lots and lots of blood, fangs, neck (and mouth) licking, action, and emo angst in this episode. IMO, Yuuki looks better with longer hair 🙂

The best part of this episode for me is the fight between Rido (in Shiki’s body) and Rima, of course. Nothing really gets very very interesting to see a potential couple and my two favorite characters fighting each other. Rima is awesome! I really appreciated on how the anime made their scene longer and they did showcase Rima’s powers. They showed her fast healing rate, acrobatic skills, and her lightning powers, which is not given that much exposure in the manga at all. I really love Rima and she still stayed her gothic cool factor for she could still pull off humor and poise at the same time (in regards to her being a model). Too bad that Rido was too strong and made his blood whip hit Rima. But her calling Shiki “Baka”/Stupid had really  inflicted the most damage throughout their battle for that’s the part where the real Shiki got even just a small snap of what’s happening (notice how Shiki’s dual colored eye went back to both silver).

I’m quite surprised, that Vampire Knight Guilty had been so good lately. I guess I’ll be following it further more ^_^.


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10 Responses to “Vampire Knight Guilty: 08 – Onii-sama, may I drink your blood O_O?”

  1. biankita says:

    me get hives *shudder* will watch only for the rima and shiki fight.

  2. crimson-butterfly says:

    ZOMG you made it faster than Random Curiosity! Thanks for the fast review!!! I also don’t like Kaname, not only because he’s Yuuki’s brother but because I really like Zero better! Kaname is just selfish and only wants Yuuki for his own reasons and for the line of purebloods while Zero loves Yuuki for what she really is.

    I also like the pairing of Shiki and Rima too ^^. My heart was totally beating fast when they battle each other because it’s so hard to watch those two, who had been very close to each other, just fight. Poor Rima, she got hit by the bloody whip :'(… I agree that the manga didn’t show Rima’s lightning powers too.

  3. kanzeon says:

    @biankita: Yep. That’s the primary reason why I watched this too XD.

    @crimson-butterfly: Wow really faster than RC? Thanks ^_^. It’s nice to know that we share the same opinion on the characters too :).

  4. tisha says:

    I can’t wait for the subs~

  5. […] unknown . Excerpt: Zero was unable to shoot his Bloody Rose at either vampire because of shock. Meanwhile, Yuuki gets a flashback back then when she, and her Kaname onii-sama, together with Haruka and Juuri, their parents where still together. … […]

  6. Yuxie says:

    Wow it’s already episode 8 already! Things are going really fast here and there’s a lot of build-up. There’s also a lot of changes from the manga too. I wonder how will this season end?

  7. kanzeon says:

    @Yuxie: SPOLIER/SPECULATION: I think the season would end up in Rido’s defeat and then Zero points this Bloody Rose and fabulous thorns at Yuuki. I think that was the most climatic scene the manga has to offer and I guess that’s how season 2 will end.

  8. vivian says:

    omg that fight scence was awesum!!!

    😀 go rima touya!!!

    every episode gets more intense 🙂

    cnt wait to watch episode 9 =)

  9. amayalee says:

    I’m tickled! I really do like Yuuki with Kaname…even if they are siblings…the whole vampire thing just kind of cancels out the incest for me…

    I love her long hair.

  10. kanzeon says:

    @vivian: Rima’s my favorite character in VK ^_^. I was glad that they show some of her awesomeness in this episode 🙂

    @amayalee: Okaeri! Yeah… I guess it’s normal for vampires to have incest (eww) but I’m still rooting for Zero xD. I also love Yuuki’s long hair ^_^

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