ToraDora!: 06 – Fake bitch isn’t fake anymore… But still a bitch.



Expect the summary to be short for today. Busy and sad high school student is busy and sad.



After being chased by what can only be described as a stalker, Ami takes refuge at Taiga’s condo where she was subjected to hours of torture in the form of what Taiga describes as “Rapid-Fire Impressions”. Soon Kitamura, upon learning what happened in Taiga’s condo, asks Taiga and Ryuji to befriend Ami due to the fact that they know her true self.



However, before any progress could take place, Ryuji, Taiga, Minori, and Ami takes part in a clean-up event. However, due to Taiga and Ami getting into each other’s skin, they split into two groups leaving Ryuji with Ami. During the event, the same stalker appears and at which point Ami hides. She then reveals to Ryuji why she transferred school.



Unfortunately for the stalker, he crosses paths with Taiga, who proceeds to beat him up with her garbage bag when the stalker tried to take a picture of her. Impressed with Taiga’s fearlessness and honesty, Ami shows her darker self and chases down the stalker and effectively drives him out. After the mishap, she takes shelter at Ryuji’s house where she shows a love interest in Ryuji, asking him whether he would fall in love with her by showing her true self… and then Taiga walks in. Uh-oh…


Kan chats…

Ok, first of all, I apologize for the bad summary (admit it, it’s bad…). I think I just can’t seem to handle comedy for today. Now onto the episode, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I found Ami quite… entertaining and I expect to see more from her in the next episode where she’ll show her ‘true’ self. I wonder how will her classmates react to that. Hmm.. Anyway, by the end of the episode, I still disliked Ami because she was caught in the act with Ryuuji by Taiga. But I still think that she’s a strong character attitude-wise and I get to see Ami admiring Taiga for her true self which made her finally loosen up and stop being fake anymore… But she’s still a bitch, bitch.


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10 Responses to “ToraDora!: 06 – Fake bitch isn’t fake anymore… But still a bitch.”

  1. thepoop says:

    i’m not your bitch,bitch. (is that where that came from?) anyhow.. good review! I am so excited to watch this episode and btw I am sorry to hear about your break up. I hope you find something to cheer you up.

  2. thepoop says:

    oh quick off post question but you use photobucket right?: what do you use put where it says : Source in the upload photo section? Sorry if I am being a bother.

  3. toonleap says:

    Ami reminds me of Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic…(character design) in some of the screenshots. I still need to watch this episode…seems funny and interesting. I like FMP so probably I will enjoy this.

  4. Machinany says:

    You might want to revisit the bitchslap to put a smile on your face. 😉 The real bitch is free as of now. Let’s see how that ends up…

  5. Kitsune says:

    That was one crazy abdominal area attack! lol

  6. kanzeon says:

    @thepoop: Thank you ^_^. And about the question, is that about the embedding? If so, copy the third code under your photo’s thumbnail in your gallery and just paste it on the HTML of your draft/new post. That’s what I do because it’s a lot more easier and faster for me 🙂

    @toonleap: Yeah, she looks like her, but personality-wise, Ami is worse. Btw, the episode is very entertaining and you’ll get to know more about Ami ^_^.

    @Machinany: Oh lol that b*tchslap XD.

    @Kitsune: Flabs massage!!! XD

  7. thepoop says:

    so just copy paste? that just makes the link show up. how do you get it to let you in put html. man I probably shouldn’t be bothering you with this. i am very sorry

  8. kanzeon says:

    @thepoop: No it’s alright! Don’t feel like that ^_^.

    To put on an image without the link, you can copy-pasta the one I mentioned above and click the icon with the broken chain (sorry I forgot what’s it called XD). Or you can type in the HTML view.

    For more tips or info, you can also go to the Help section here on WordPress 🙂

  9. thepoop says:

    thanks so much 🙂 you helped a lot!

  10. kanzeon says:

    @thepoop: No problem 🙂 I really hope I helped in a way because my explanations here were kinda vague XD.

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