ToraDora!: 05 – Bitchslap for the Bitch!

Is it just me or ToraDora had been keeping it up high and awesome? This episode finally introduces the last piece of the  main characters of the story, Ami.


Taiga is reading a fashion catalog while eating at a restaurant together with Ryuuji. Coincidentally, when Taiga points out the bag that she likes, the girl who’s modeling it, Ami, comes to the restaurant and it turns out that Ami is a childhood friend of Kitamura as Kitamura showed up to her. Taiga and Ryuuji were both surprised, but there’s something more that they should be surprised of.


Ami shares to them that she is often called to be an air-headed and more of a blonde, as what some people had told her. She also charms Ryuuji with her beauty. When the two guys went to the comfort room, Kitamura said to Ryuuji that he should investigate Ami more. It appears that Ami is a narcisstic bitch who commands people without thinking of them. Well, she unveiled her true colors to the wrong person, the tiger, and she receives a SLAP.

Let’s look at Taiga’s bitchslap again in freeze frame version…


And the winner for Best Bitchslap of the Year… TAIGA!!!!!

That slap was well-deserved. God if I were Taiga and met a person who’s already bitching up on our first encounter I would do that too, or much worse than that… *loads up gun*.,


The next day, Ami happens to be a new student at their university, and Ami was also quite surprised on how she felt that she’ll be juiced by Taiga when she looked at the Palmtop Tiger’s face. Ami already became an instant Miss Popularity because of her charm. She also told her classmates in a “cute” way that she’s not an airhead, only leading to them finding her more adorable.

Minori investigates her in a funny way and Kitamura and Ryuuji also watches Ami in the field. Kitamura explained to Ryuuji that he didn’t said to him and Taiga that Ami is transferring to their school because he want Ami to show up her true self to them and not to lie. Kitamura seems to care about this girl…


Anyway, while drinking up soda in class hours, Ryuuji and Ami chats up about what happened in the restaurant. Ami invented some story of her own and said that it wasn’t her fault. It was Taiga’s impatience to Ami’s ‘airheadedness’ and ‘bubbly personality’.

Back at the classroom, Minori sends Ryuuji a letter about how was she disappointed in him for he’s caring more for Ami than Taiga. Ryuuji then replies and Minori makes a hilarious reaction. After classes, Taiga asks Ryuuji to clean up he locker while she waits for him in the classroom.


Oh God, Minori just made the funniest scene ever in ToraDora yet!


Ami then comes in and accidentally encounters Taiga. Then the bitch-off begins! Taiga’s words against Ami seemed to be quite effective because Ami looked quited scared to the Tiger. Taiga doesn’t seem to be affected by Ami’s words until Ami said that Kitamura was disappointed in Taiga’s actions back at the restaurant and he doesn’t want to see her again.

That night, Ryuuji and his mom noticed that Taiga isn’t there to have dinner. Ryuuji’s mom implied that he should go to Taiga’s house to check her out. Ryuuji found Taiga in bedsheets while in deep depression about what Ami said about Kitamura. Ryuuji explained that Kitamura knew everything, even Ami’s true self so she should not worry.


Taiga finally got back to her true self and decides to eat dinner together with Ryuuji. Ryuuji’s mom then calls them because they ain’t got no Katsudon sauce. Ryuuji and Taiga then went off to the convenience store to buy some and Taiga seems to have found out something about Ami when she’s reading a magazine. On their way home, they saw Ami in disguise while carrying bags full of sweets.



Omigod! Is it just me or do I think that Ami turned out… fine, for a bitchy character at least. I never liked slutty bitches and THANK GOD she did not fall for that category. At least she’s convincing enough to be bitchy and dumb, and her acting in class was really convincing for me to hate her. But I always thought she’s like, the over-flirtatcious dumb type but she definitely proved me wrong (yet). She’s just that Mean Girl-type which also has a weakness, that’s why she gave a good bad impression for me… If she just get her hands on Ryuuji big-time, that’s where I’ll start disliking her I guess. Anyway, she turns out to be an interesting character. Anyway, I still like Taiga and Minorin more than her… I can’t wait to see another bitch-off next episode!


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10 Responses to “ToraDora!: 05 – Bitchslap for the Bitch!”

  1. blissmo says:

    There’s obviously a reason behind Ami’s way of behaving and I think Kitamura knows, which is why he doesn’t hate her and instead wishes she was more honest with herself. Minori’s cute-radar is awesome 😀

  2. kanzeon says:

    @blissmo: Yep that’s why I really found Ami to be very interesting as well as her relationship with Kitamura. OMG Minori is epic in this episode!

  3. omisyth says:

    I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, I was too busy watching Taiga pwn.



  4. nazarielle says:

    Haha, this episode was pure win. Taiga is so awesome 😀

  5. FuyuMaiden says:

    Haha. Taiga slapping Ami was the best thing that’s happened in this series (not quite, but it was still satisfying). Right now I hate Ami, but I’m sure I’ll like her. I don’t mind bitchy characters that much really, but I’m mind mean bitchy characters and two-faced bitchy characters. Right now Ami is both.

    But the preview looks promising. Though I think it’s impossible for me to like Ami more than either Taiga or Minori…or anyone else really. I just like them too much.

  6. kanzeon says:

    @omisyth: Minorin and Taiga pwns. (but Taiga pwns more ^_^… and Ami pwns least… but still she pwns too ^_^… What am I talking about???)

    @nazarielle: Yes. This episode is really awesome and Taiga is always awesome but she became more awesome in this episode ^_^! Taiga is awesome-awesome!!!

    @FuyuMaiden: Yeah. That slap was so satisfying. Though I was hoping for something more than that like hair-pulling and a rumble, I’m still happy how Taiga slapped Ami when she touched her last nerve. Me too. I think it’s quite impossible for me to like Ami more than Taiga, Ryuuji and the current main characters ^_^.

  7. Bitchslapped eh? Thats gotta hurt.

  8. kanzeon says:

    @Kairu Ishimaru: Yep^^.

  9. Xiao says:

    I love Ami. Heh.
    But I totally understand your impression of her…which is probably a reason why I like her more or something. I dunno. It’s weird. Normally, I’d hate characters like Ami but I can’t hate Ami (it’s because she’s so interesting, lol). Ah yea…this is going on my Must Buy list now. xDD

  10. kanzeon says:

    @xiao_jie: I don’t hate Ami that-super-much. As what I’ve mentioned above, she turns out fine for a bitchy character. But I still love Taiga and Minori a mile more than her ^_^.

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