Kannagi: 03 – Pure-Pure-Boy and Aho-Aho-Man

After watching this episode, I therefore conclude that I’ll start worshipping Nagi-sama (together with Sebastian-sama and Taiga, of course ^_^)…


This episode introduces Jin’s school life. He is a member of the school’s art club, together with co-freshmens Hibiki Daitetsu and Akiba Meguru. Hibiki is the one whom Jin always looks up too while Akiba is an aspiring manga artist who’s an Akiba-kei. Kimura Takako and Ookouchi Shino are glad to have some company but they thought hazing them to officially welcome them.


Whoa! Excuse me ma’am but your nose is bleeding outrageously!


Jin and his clubmates receive the task of cleaning an old, not to mention the rumored-haunted storehouse from their seniors at the art club. Jin was scared of ghosts as well as the giant Hibiki. Upon arriving thereツ with Tsugumi accompaning them, Jin finds a spider-like impurity wandering there. Jin thought that it was an impurity.


Kannagi goes Higurashi-esque!


At home, Jin just kept the fact that he saw some impurity from Nagi because he knows that Nagi would just annoy him to make her go to school. However, Nagi suspected about his behavior and the next day, Jin was just surprised about seeing Nagi being an instant school idol already. Lol at the scene where Nagi ran towards Jin to hug him but Jin dodged him XD…


Nagi got into school because she asked Tsugumi to let her borrow a school uniform from her. Jin wondered why did Tsugumi had an extra, because the uniform was very expensive but Tsugumi kept her secret that the reason why she bought another is because she got fat.


Tsugumi also asked some questions regarding Jin but Nagi said that there’s really nothing going on between them. Nagi already suspectd that Tsugumi has a certain crush on Jin. Nagi also said that she already has someone she likes. Back at school Nagi revealed that Jin likes girls with big breasts so when Tsugumi compared her cups to Nagi’s flat ones, she became more motivated.


Nagi continued tagged along Jin and his classmates to figure out the mysterious being knocking from the storehouse’s basement. It was none other than Dokusasori-sensei, their club adviser. Nagi was disappointed and runs away to find the impurity, when she goes over to a place of worship, she witnesses a girl in a nun-attire destroying the impurity. The nun girl then addresses Nagi as her imouto.



OMG this show continues to impress me. I guess I’ll continue this up from now on. I love the comedy happening in here because honestly, it never failed to make me laugh. From the storehouse horror to Jin dodging Nagi XD. I also lol’d at how Takako and Shino labels the three art club newbies, especially Jin as the pure-pure-boy. The final scene where Nagi meets the girl in nun attire while being accompanied by the ending song was just perfect. I fell in love with that style.

I’ll end this post with a SUPER FALCON KNEE STRIKE!!!


Ouch… that would have hurt like this one…



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9 Responses to “Kannagi: 03 – Pure-Pure-Boy and Aho-Aho-Man”

  1. This episode is freakin’ funny. I lol’d at Jin’s on how scared he was on the haunted house. XDD

    lulz fanservice. This is the bestest part on this episode. haha

  2. Are you an Downtown fan (comedy duo)? Refering to the headline.

  3. Kitsune says:

    Looks like things are heating up for this anime 😛

  4. thepoop says:

    This is something I now feel I really need to look into! I just found your page today and I really like it 🙂

  5. kanzeon says:

    @Kairu Ishimaru: Yuri baits for your win?

    @Kitsune: Yep. This is better than Hyakko too ^_^.

    @thepoop: Kannagi is one of the better series this year. Hope you like this anime ^_^.

  6. nazarielle says:

    omg I know this has more to do with Toradora than with Kannagi but that shot of Taiga getting a ball to the face has me rofling for no apparent reason other than it looks hilarious in freeze frame.

  7. kanzeon says:

    @nazarielle: Lol me too XD how that ball sunk into Taiga’s face is just priceless!

  8. nazarielle says:

    omg, I just could not get enough, I slowed it down to watch it in slow motion and it made me laugh even harder, ahahahahaha too good. Oh man, I wonder what Nagi’s attempted leap into Jin’s arms would look like slowed down *rewatches Kannagi 3*

  9. kanzeon says:

    @nazarielle: Lol how Nagi knee drops Jin’s face is very funny!! Jin’s face was sunk! XD… Epic! OMG I’m gonna rewatch it in slo-mo too xD!

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