Anime’s Next Top Model: Deliberation for the Final Three


We are very close to our Grand Finale and our very first Anime’s Next Top Model will be crowned soon! Which one between CC, Chii, Enma Ai and Haruhi will be eliminated next and who will complete our FABULOUS FINAL THREE?


Joining Kallen in the panel of judges which will help you decide, or just to plainly confuse you, are Rima Touya, cool and classy Top Model from Vampire Knight; Yukari, legendary supermodel from Paradise Kiss; and last but definitely not the least, Akira… No introduction needed but she is one of the reasons why Anime’s Next Top Model became successful ^_^… Now let us go to the call outs:




Kallen: This girl is effing fierce! OMG I wanna bring back my confession to Lelouch like, RIGHT NOW and be a lesbo.

Rima: Is this Chii or Freya?

Yukari: OMG this girl continues to bring up the heat! I love how she works it with that pose and her face is so fierce!!! I like both photos. Definitely the best photos of this cycle yet.

Akira: YOU BIATCH! They’re too good… Not much to critic!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH!!!





Kallen: This girl shocked me… I didn’t know that she could pull off the second one…

Rima: Enma Ai fanboys are drooling right now…

Yukari: The first one was very calm and it fits her theme, ‘Earth’ very much. The second one looks like she’s an elegant doll! I love it!

Akira: AAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!! NO WAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! Its fucking pretty!!





Kallen: Again, safe and commercial. She should bring up a more high-fashioned shot. I like her outfit in the gothic lolita btw, it looks better than Lelouch and Suzaku’s dresses outfits on Code Geass…

Rima: I never liked ‘commercial’-type girls who spew rainbows all the time >_>..

Yukari:I really like this girl because I see so much potential from her. It’s about time she should show it.

Akira: The first one looks like she’s only showing off armpits… The second one only reminded me of a girl wearing gothic lolita clothes… Bitch!





Kallen: The first one is an ‘okay’ shot. The second one is a tranny mess. Horrendous, but still she had been a competitor throughout the competition.

Rima: She looks like a dude with a long green hair on the second one, really.

Yukari: The problem with her photos this past two weeks is that it lacks something, which is I don’t know. The light on the second photo also didn’t struck her face that’s why it hadn’t made such impact unlike the other girls did.

Akira: OMG NUNALLY IS STILL ALIVE ON CODE GEASS!!!!!!!!!! There had been also a change on their fantabulous costumes! OMFG!!!!

CC’s Portfolio



CC is now out and the FABULOUS FINAL 3 is officially named! Who will become the very first Anime’s Next Top Model?


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7 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model: Deliberation for the Final Three”

  1. biankita says:

    anything looks better than Lelouch and Suzaku’s dresses outfits XD kallen sounds sad this week… she shouldn’t be THAT heartbroken. it’s lelouch for pete’s sake! XD

    haruhi all the way!

  2. amayalee says:

    Good, CC needed to go. 😛 I really want Haruhi to win damn it! But I’m ok with the top 3 because I love all of the girls. Mehe. CC’s portfolio has the same face shot over and over and over…I wonder how she lasted so long.

  3. omisyth says:


  4. mikaino says:

    ENMA AI FTW!!!!
    she really deserves to win, you know.
    and OMG, it’s a tough fight between the three!!

  5. Kitsune says:

    I like first picture in this post (Kallen?) and Haruhi picture with sky background 🙂

  6. issa-sa says:

    LOL, with all this talking about fabulousness, you should bring SLulu and Suzaku as guest judges for next week XD

  7. kanzeon says:

    @biankita: Yep ^^ Kallen had the EMO syndrome this week…

    @amayalee: Lol I also noticed that she’s always making the ‘innocent face’… XD I’m being a judge XD

    @omisyth: Sometimes, I can’t understand whether you’e rooting for Ai or Chii ^_^” anyway, sailing two rivers in one boat is fine here ^_^

    @mikaino: When I first started this, I wasn’t really expecting these three to be the Top 3… Well, expect the unexpected ^_^

    @Kitsune: The first photo is a fanart (found on Photobucket) and the Haruhi in the sky pic is from the “Four Elements” photoshoot where she is ‘Air’.

    @issa-sa: Lol it’s been a while since I haven’t put up a guest judge/s in here… Maybe ^_^

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