Manga Hunting: Little Busters!


Little Busters! is a Key visual novel game. This manga is pertaining to Mogura Anagura’s work, not the 4-koma one. This one focuses on the main storyline of the game than the slice-of-life boredom of the 4-koma one.

Riki Naoe was once a weak kid and always gets bullied until he met 4 children who call themselves as the ‘Little Busters’. Riki was invited to become their newest member. The Little Busters is leaded by Kyousuke Natsume, which is a year older than them then followed by rivals Kengo Miyazawa and Masato Inohara. The final member is the only female in the group: Rin Natsume, the younger sister of Kyousuke which seems to be quite a tsundere (all hail tsunderes!) and an anti-social.


RIN is MOEEEE!!!!!

The story starts on their high school, as they are doing their wackiness, which seems to be like everyday for the Little Busters. We get to know Rin-sama on the first chapter a little bit, as Riki attempts to make her become more closer to her classmates who always make fun of her because of her anti-social personality, by making her help in school cleaning duties. Rin loves cats very much that it’s so moe everyone could die. Rin seems to have names for every cat she knows.

As the first chapter ends, Kyousuke suggests that they should form a baseball team, with their name as ‘Little Busters”, the actual name of their group. And with that words, their world began moving… and moving and moving…


I am really anticipating this one to be turned also into an anime series but before that, I’ll just stick first to the manga. I’ve read its article on Wikipedia and I read lots of spoilers and I was just astounded on how great the plot will become sooner or later. I’m definitely looking forward for more of this. Btw, Natsume Rin ROCKS!


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4 Responses to “Manga Hunting: Little Busters!”

  1. Sylon says:

    Actually, Rin isn’t tsundere. She’s simply antisocial. Just a quick note. At least, I didn’t see any tsundere tendencies during her route.

    Just a heads up.

  2. blissmo says:

    The cats … are adorable!

  3. kanzeon says:

    @Sylon: Ok, but in the manga she is beating up the guys…

    @blissmo: Yep ^^

  4. FuyuMaiden says:

    Ah. Thank you for posting this or else I would have entirely forgotten that there was another way to get the whole Little Busters story without waiting to understand enough Japanese. I haven’t bothered to check up to see if the manga about the real story was being scanlated since…I first heard there was a manga for the regular story.

    Heh…of course even after checking this out I still need to learn Japanese and buy the VN for the full Rin effect.

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