☆Absolute Anime Openings ~part 3~☆

Now we’re down to the Top 10!!! This time from 10 to 6, we cover 2 scary and freaky anime OPs, a melancholic anime OP, a catchy mecha number, and everyone’s favorite shoujo anime OP. We are getting more closer to the top spot and I guarantee that the songs will get better and better!

10: LION – Macross Frontier 2nd OP


When it comes to current anime that is airing right now, “The Lion Song” stands out among the rest. No doubt this is my favorite of the year. The animation is shiny, flashy, busy, whatever you might say but it goes well with the upbeat and powerful song!. May’N and Nakajima Megumi did a great job!


9: PLATINUM – Cardcaptor Sakura 3rd OP


Maaya Sakamoto’s singing voice in this one is so cold and relaxing that it can heal you when you’re sick! It is so laid back that it’s perfect for a lullaby! I totally love the song and the video sequence is simple, which fits the song really well.




Paranoia Agent’s opening sequence is really crazy and freaky which I really like! It never fails to give me ‘the chillz’ everytime I watch it. The laughing people will make you crazy especially when you only stare at their faces when watching it for like, 8-10 times repeatedly LOLZ. It suits the psychological theme of the show because it shows their insanity and they’ll make you… paranoid.




One of the best OP songs in terms of how it fits the show, and in terms of how it creeps the heck out of you by just listening to it. Eiko Shinamiya has a very beautiful voice which gives me goosebumps. If you had seen her PV for this one, she looks like Edea from FFVIII… Anyway back with Higurashi, the song makes you sink into the eerie atmosphere of the show and it rocks!


6: LAST REGRETS – Kanon 2006 OP


Like the musical piece entitled ‘Canon in D’, the OP song has similarities to it. Even if I repeat playing it over and over, it gets more beautiful. I find it weird since I always imagine snow and melancholy when listening to it. Last but not the least, the top-notch animation by Kyo-Ani makes it more effective! Kanon is definitely one of the FEW harem shows that I fell in love with.. Uguu~~~~


Time sure flies fast and it’s time to close this Live Countdown event by the next post! What do you think would be the Top 5? What about your favorite anime openings? Comment!!!


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7 Responses to “☆Absolute Anime Openings ~part 3~☆”

  1. kiruxsuki says:

    Kanzeon, this is really the best batch so far! Great choice!!!

  2. slaterj says:

    WOW!!! Paranoia Agent and Higurashi ROCKS!!!

  3. CinderBird says:

    I don’t know about Paranoia Agent but I think I don’t wanna watch it anymore…

  4. biankita says:

    alright! purachina!!! yeah~… that’s the only one i know. i haven’t seen any of the others… XD

  5. amayalee says:

    I love the Kanon opening! It’s so bittersweet! ^.^

  6. Kitsune says:

    I like Lion and Paranoia Agent OP the most 🙂

  7. kanzeon says:

    @kiruxsuki: Sankyuu >.<

    @slaterj: Yeah! It’s freaky but that what makes it great!

    @CinderBird: Paranoia Agent is a crazy anime which tackles on psychological stuff, if you’re so not into that, then it’s not for you ^_^

    @biankita: Lol, lots of great anime are in this batch so check them out when you have time 🙂

    @amayalee: The song really fits the story… and the hair-blowing of the girls in the video ^_^

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