Soul Eater – 02

Episode 02 – “I’m Definitely a Star!: The Extremely Big Man, Revealed Here?”
“Ore koso Sutā da! ~Mottomo Biggu na Otoko, Koko ni Arawaru?~” (俺こそスターだ!~最もビッグな男、ここに現る?~)


Black Star, along with his kind-hearted and patient kusarigama living weapon Tsubaki infiltrate the home of Al Capone, intending to kill him and his men in order to take their evil souls, but the plan fails horribly since Black Star cannot do what ninjas can do(like hiding PROPERLY, sneaking NORMALLY, and he talks so much…). He feels like he’s a kind of a superstar or something… really a retard lol. Shinigami later gives Black Star and Tsubaki a chance to kill Capone, his men, and a witch all at once, which would make Tsubaki a death scythe. When they arrive, Capone and his men have already been killed by the witch’s bodyguard Mifune, and Black Star challenges Mifune to a fight. During most of the match, Mifune is dominating him, but Black Star manages to defeat him in the end because of unleashing his technique. Angela, the witch Mifune was protecting, appears and shows herself to be a young witch in need of protection while she is still unable to perform magic well. Black Star ends up not killing either Mifune or Angela because of pitying them, and even gives the souls of Capone and his men over to Shinigami since he himself did not kill them.


Every character here in Soul Eater is fun(not to mention stupid) in their own ways.. Black Star is really funny but I think he looks better in the manga. Anyway, the quality of the animation here is still top-notch and I’m really excited for the next episode because my fave character will end the 3-part prologue of Soul Eater..


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