SA ~Special A~ 02 – Pride/Pro-Wrestling

Time for the main event…Its a tag team match between Hikari and Kei and… two Rey Mysterios!!!

Hikari and Kei were challenged by the student council president to a pro-wrestling showdown but they were cheated when Hikari and Kei got handcuffed. That didn’t let them lose and SA ended up as victors..


I think there’s nothing special about this episode and the comedy is totally lacking something… and that repetitive “Ni-san” joke is already getting old and corny. I also find Kei’s character design…um…bad compared to the manga because he really looks good there. Last but not the least, the OP theme… I wonder why Yuko Goto’s Mikuru voice is singing it. It’s just too…Mikuru-ish(HORRIBLE in other words)..


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5 Responses to “SA ~Special A~ 02 – Pride/Pro-Wrestling”

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