Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~: trailer

Another show I’ll probably watch this Fall is the 2-part OVA entitled Zettai Shougeki -Platonic Heart-. The story is will be about a huge competition where 11(or is it 12?) girls duke it out and get it on to win the Platonic Heart. Why I’ll watch it? That’s because it has girl power written all over it. No boys I’ve seen so far…. I’ll just watch out on its fan-service, which includes tearing up of outfits but I hope there’s nothing beyond that and I hope that it wouldn’t b like Ikkitousen. The music is called “Tatsumaki WAVE (タツマキWAVE)by Little Non, which would also be the OP theme for the show. It will air on October 29.

Sorry for the poor quality. Watch the hi-res video on the official site.

Random Question: Which amongst the girls shown here you prefer? I personally like the nurse one because she’s cute ^_^