Macross Frontier: 2nd Original Soundtrack

The Macross Frontier series had ended quite some time but it still lives up to the hearts of many. I must say that the soundtrack for the anime was really epic and astonishing, definitely one of the overall ‘best’s this year so far. Let us all relive the deculture with the 2nd original soundtrack of Macross Frontier entitled Nyan Tra!


(Zipped. Individual songs are in MP3 format.)

The 2nd OST of Macross Frontier contains the complete version of Do You Remember Love (now subtitled with ~bless the little queen) by Ranka, which gives me goosebumps because of Megumi Nakajima’s soft and cool voice; to the powerful yet flashy Northern Cross by Sheryl, voiced by May’n. The soundtrack also contains Aoi No Ether and the non-acapella version of Aimo, which are two very beautiful songs. Apart from that, we also get to hear some other songs by these songstresses and some wonderful instrumental music. Last but defnitely not the least, the Nyan Nyan Service Medley is a VERY FUN song, which mixes different soundtracks like Seikan Hikou, Lion, Diamond Crevasse and many others. It is like a huge grand showdown for Ranka and Sheryl. Please comment if you love the soundtrack and enjoy listening ^_^!