Hyakuen! – Ch. 02


We get to learn more tips how to save money from these two girls. Last chapter, we learned how to save money by thinking of how much the food we’re buying is worth of its cost…

Now on this chapter, we get to learn how we could save tons of money while taking a bath! Yes, fanservice intended.

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First Look: Hyakuen!


Hyakuen! (One Hundred Yen!) is Tooyama Ema’s 2nd seinen manga with a slight touch of GL… Wait… Tooyama Ema? Seinen? GL? Isn’t she all known for shoujo fluff such as Koko ni Iru Yo! and Watashi ni XXX Shinasai? Lol. Actually, this is her second seinen manga (first is 1 Love 9) and we’re not sure about the yuri yet, since MangaFox is the only one who says so (but it’s obvious anyway that these two girls are smelling GL all over XD). So yeah, I gave it a shot~

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