Another Dump of Icons…


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Blog Blabber, RenAi Blogger icons and more!

I find this week very weird since the only things I’ve watched besides from the ones I blog were Macross Frontier [19], Xam’d [05], and Allison to Lillia [16]. I think I’ll drop World Destruction on blogging if it still doesn’t impress me to lighten up my heavy anime load because it would be full as soon as Fall approaches. I also had finished my post for the 5th episode of Natsu no Sora but it came out very short since I found the episode quite frankly boring so I guess I’ll just join that one with the episode 6 post. On other stuff, I know it’s kinda late, but I finaly got Black Diamonds by Nana Mizuki (or Utau of Shugo Chara) and as usual, it was pretty good.

So out of my boredom, my hands just got moving and I ended up creating icons XD.  Starting off with Hinano’s RenAi blogger game, which I’m so hooked into so I made a spoiler-free icons of the 4 main girls. Next are some anime and manga icons of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Mahou Tsukai ~Natsu no Sora~, Haruhi Suzumiya, Doubt Manga, AAA Manga and Allison to Lillia. So here are the fruits of my boredom…

RenAi Blogger (120×120)

RenAi BloggerRenAi Blogger

RenAi BloggerRenAi Blogger

Random Anime (120×120)

Random Anime and Manga (100×100)



I know they look fail since it’s just my first time lols so sorry ^_^”… I personally like the 100×100 ones since they’re all where I put my most effort in especially the AAA recoloured scan. I also had fun putting blood over Mika’s psychotic face XD. If you like then I may make some more next time but now heading off to read the final chapter of Mistress Fortune so toodles until my next post!

Last Important Note: Thanks again for those who tuned in to my live Absolute Anime Openings special yesterday and y’all gave me another milestone of 1,034 views! That was the most views that happened on my blog! Thanks again and I made an Absolute Anime Openings page found on this site which lists everything and it will be also updated soon as I add the honorable mention songs there.