Billboard Hot 100 [03/21/09]


So starting this week, along with the Oricon Charts from Japan, I’ll be also posting the Billboard Hot 100 from the US of A!!! Heeey~~~ Lol because it makes such a perfect filler post weekly. Great credit to BillboardGoddess from youtube, for the videos. I’ve been already a follower of the Billboard charts since who knows when. I mean, even before I followed J-Pop too. So basically, I love everything music ^^. To share some of my current faves on the chart were Lady Gaga (rooting for Pokerface to be #1 next week!), The Fray, Beyonce’s Diva and Halo (but got too tired of Single Ladies since it’s all over the neighborhood -_-), Neyo and many more (lots, actually). Though I have to rant though on Miley Cyrus because WTF, she just… sprouted at #6?! I honestly don’t like her awfulness, so sorry for her 9-year old fans XD.

[EDIT:] I lol’d at the frame display XD.

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