Little Witch Academia series review

Keeping with magical girl themes the final outfits are white.

   It’s been a while and yes my voice sounds a bit rough here cause I had a sore throat while recording this video! Yeah I probably could have just waited, but anyway I wanted to do a quick series review on Little Witch Academia cause it was just too good not to! Also to keep this from not being a spam of screenshots from random episodes I wanted to share some of the fun LWA fanart I’ve collected and bookmarked via Pixiv.

LWA fanart

Thought this was really cute! Akko with some time travel magic

All the silly animal transformations <3

Cool twist on Shiny Chariot’s outfit.

Loving Diana and Akko’s causal outfits~

Kill la kill x Little Witch Academia!!

Gotta have a Gurren Lagann x Little Witch Academia as well <3

Sucy with the best photo bomb skills.

Lotte stuck in the middle…

Love the panty and stocking style on Amanda and Akko!

Fun stuff from the final episode.

Bonus Art


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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20 Responses to “Little Witch Academia series review”

  1. zztop says:

    Will you be doing any 1st impressions of any of the Summer anime series? It’s the 2nd week of the new season.
    Also, are you still covering Re Creators? The metaness has been increasing.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah eventually I think? So far i’ve only planned on covering the new season of Symphogear and Knight’s & Magic.

      Yeah ill do somethin soon for Re:Creators.

      • BlackBriar says:

        That’s good to hear. You guys really had me worried with practically two weeks of inactivity. And I’ve got to catch up with Re:Creators since the last I saw of it was episode 9. Things have been hectic lately. But that, Bahamut: Virgin Soul and Hero Academia were the best of the Spring season for me. Good to know they’re still continuing.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yeah we’re all going through our own stuff ie time management and real life things and taking a post when you got time attitude towards blogging about anime, but we’re still alive!

          All good 2nd halves for those continuing series so far especially HeroAca.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I don’t think the First Impressions will be a problem. This is like the longer version to the incident that happened at last season’s opening when the site went down. They had to cram 2-3 episodes for the First Impressions to be up to speed and follow the flow for the rest of the season.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Nawww those are easy just gotta make some time is all for the first impressions~

      • skylion says:

        For myself, I’ve taken this Summer off from blogging. I may chisel out some time this weekend and make a big “This is what Skylion Watched” post aka a First Impression post, just not a show by show series of FIs. At the moment, I don’t have any plans for weekly posts and I don’t know if that will change, but probably not.

  2. Highway says:

    This was a show I wasn’t going to watch, because of the narrative style of the OVAs (watching Akko willfully screw stuff up is not my interest). So when it seemed like people kind of cooled on the way the series was going, because it went away from “lol wacky hijinks!” and Zero-to-Hero narratives, I thought I’d give it a try, and I’m glad I did.

    I really liked the overall story, and the continuing narrative that they brought to the series. I liked that the story didn’t hinge on “I got stronger because of grit and willpower!” It specifically went to other aspects, such as friendship, loss, and patience (although that was probably the worst example of Akko finding a word). And instead of flanderized characters meant to be max appeal in minimum time, it focused on developing a few characters a lot, and really backed off on the others. While this probably annoyed Sucy and Lotte fans, I thought it was great, because they were so one-note anyway.

    It was also good to see another series that I like from Trigger. People have given me a hard time because “Highway just doesn’t like Trigger”. This kind of thing proves that it’s not Trigger I don’t like. It’s poop from Akira Amemiya and Hiroyuki Imaishi that I don’t like. In fact, everything that they’ve done that didn’t have either of those two with “Director” after their names has been pretty good, imo.

    • Foshizzel says:

      As far as the dead horse i’ve beaten over and over again Akko isn’t always the one starting the problems.

      ep2 Diana caused the tree to go nuts
      ep3 Amanda stole the red super broom
      ep4 Lotte’s fandom of LWA twilight got them in trouble
      ep5 Amanda and yes Akko were to blame at the start
      ep6 Akko woke up the polar bear
      ep7 Akko almost killed the fish professor
      ep8 Sucy knocked herself out with a failed potion
      ep9 Sucy and Akko woke up the undead guy

      Point is 50% of the “problems” and “lol wacky hijinks” were started by another witch leaving it all up to Akko and friends fix the issue by working together, but the second half Akko improves a whole bunch and isn’t causing issues as much that and you gotta give her a break because we get that reveal about chariot stealing magic from kids aka Akko.

      I loved how Akko didn’t keep her mission a secret from everyone and most of them actually help get the hidden words with Akko thus bringing everyone closer as friends! Yeah the ending was power of friendship to save the world.

      Sucy and Lotte definitely got the short end of the stick as far as character development goes and the creators even said at AX this year they really wanted to give Lotte some more things to do instead of being a side kick of a side kick.

      As far as most Trigger series go you can tell they put a lot of care and love into LWA compared to their more wacky stuff like Kill la Kill, Ninja Slayer, Inferno Cop and Space Patrol Luluco. Gotta hand it to Trigger for NOT to do any up skirt/panty shots of the girls riding brooms to keep things family friendly because there were tons of opportunities to do so.

      • Highway says:

        Dude, I was saying they DIDN’T do that in the series. And they didn’t replace it with anyone else screwing up willfully, which was good. That poor horse didn’t do anything…

  3. HannoX says:

    One of my favorites of this decade. I do wish Sucy, Lotte and Amanda had gotten more development, but it was Akko’s show and since she started from zero compared to the other characters it’s understandable the focus was on her and her progress and quest to discover what happened to Shiny Chariot.

    Can’t wait to add the series to my copies of the two OVAs.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah at AX this year Trigger mentioned how there were a few characters they wish had more screen time vs Diana and Akko who were the focus especially in the second half of the series.

      Yeah you can treat the OVAs as “what if” or “side stories”

  4. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Little Witch Space Program. MOAR BOOSTERS!

  5. skylion says:

    Generally speaking I enjoyed the show. Trigger cannot help but bring the pretty to this concept, and there wasn’t an episode that lacked that massively good animation fiber.

    But overall I was kinda disappointed. For me, the best mold was Akka, Sucy, and Lotte, and a good supporting cast doing school stuff and having fun doing school stuff…the tone that the OVAs gave us. If feels that the show would have been great as a series of vignettes. Two or three episode blocks for bigger arcs, but I felt that smaller would have been better. I didn’t like that it got away from the core group, and even thought I feel the other characters, Diana etc. are just fine, I found the original three to be very well made and suited to exploring smaller yet still impactful stories.

    Overall I found the plot arc during the second half to be mostly paint by numbers, and I cannot help but shake the feeling that this second half started life as a basic template for a 12 ep basic shounen script that they stapled on to bring LWA up to two full cour. Find this, get that, don’t forget to emote!

    But, overall, I’m very happy that something like LWA exists in the world, and I think it’s better to have it than not have it. But, like most people, I had my expectations of a perfect show…

    • Foshizzel says:

      While I agree on the Akko, Sucy and Lotte being the great “core” of the series. Personally I feel the second half of the series was a huge improvement over the first half because I remember seeing a few fans complain that their wasn’t a “story” and a few hated the silly one shot magic adventures. As for myself I didn’t mind those wacky one shot adventures; however at the same time I was really craving a real story and for the most part I liked most of it even though the Diana x Akko bits kinda came off as forced just to get them to become best friends.

      Same i’m glad LWA exists! It’s very rare that we get an anime series that generally everyone loved! Yeah I know that its not the perfect series, but very few anime series hit that 100% perfect status.

      • skylion says:

        i don’t mind so much if a show doesn’t have a “story”. So long as it has a core thematic element they want to explore with good characters, it can be about nothing or it can be about virtually anything. Yeah, the whole friendship thing did feel forced. I liked it better when Sucy wanted to poison them all! That’s a real magic school! LOL

        • HannoX says:

          If Sucy threw a tea party you have to wonder how many of her classmates would show up.

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