Urara Meirochou – 04

Don’t worry folks, Kon has the problem well in control…

 Don’t know why TAN was so late on this one. But let’s spend some time getting not-wet, and some time looking for moles…

But maybe the rain…

…a quick escape from the downpour…

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Just as soon as we take shelter from the rain, we usually start looking for the sun to come out. Though it’s beneficial, the rain, most of our daily lives need us to be not-wet. So we’re going to look for that stable point, that patch of blue in the grey, hoping for the not-wet. That’s part of our pattern-seeking, pattern-needing lives. In that respect we start to look for meaning where really, there isn’t any need to find any. For our cast, we get three examples of that. All of them common enough, but can they predict our fortune? Not really, but they do create opportunities, for us too look beyond the incident. Which I thought was a lovely focus for the first part of our two-parter, and clever of Nana to make looking for bad omens into homework, leading them to focus on the good, eventually. All of them are very good natured despite Koume’s wacky imagination. Be like Chiya. Life is an adventure, and take stock in enjoying the normal things like rainstorms…daydreaming with friends, coming up with oddball plots and schemes, and helping someone overcome the fear of the thunder.

Cloudy with chance of Oddballs…

This show is so mo(l)e

Look out folks!

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But those patterns are still ever so elusive! But, there are still stable spots, like studying your lessons and failing your tests anyway! So this time around we have “Mother’s Spots” or moles. I think that somewhere in my readings of fantasy/folklore/magic etc. I must have come across this sort of divination technique. But over the years I’ve given it so little thought, that this came as a surprise. I suppose it’s a good a focus point as any, but I love how they resolved it, with Chiya giving Nono a spot of love, cause that’s the important part; those tiny details in life we try choose to give meaning to. So yeah, the hopes and love of a mother given form, or junk in the womb…LOL. It can go one way or another, depending on what it is you want to see. But this one was one of my favorite vignettes of the show so far. Kon getting a work out with Koume, the vampire remark, and Nono growing up a bit more, a bit further away from Nana, were surely worth the watch.

One of the greatest examples of a deviation of retrophrenology

I foretell even more Extras…

Some might be NSFW, so look out….

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Next Time: Doom Bunny!


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4 Responses to “Urara Meirochou – 04”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    More looks like Lelouch Bunny.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Another feel good episode! I liked the bits with Nono who doesn’t have as much POP as the other three girls in terms of personality so its nice to give her some screen time.

    The mole reading lol totally opened the door for fanservice and it works.

    • skylion says:

      Well the quiet ones usually have depth, and I think this one gave her quite a bit. One reading could see these two bits as Kon’s episode, but it was as much Nono’s – and Matsuko’s! They played off the both of them really well.

      Should we wait for nipplemancy?

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