Shuumatsu no Izetta – 11

Lesbian make out scene in the sky!

Looks like the yuri baiting has hit a climax this week.




Two great minds.

Well would you look at that. Turns out Berkman defected and chose to aid Eylstadt after all. But that was really the only path he had left after Otto ordered the SS to execute him. So yeah, that was definitely a poor decision on Otto’s part. Because now Finé has another very intelligent man at her service. And this one even comes with inside information about Germania’s plans and technology. But before we get to that, I’d like to talk about the comparison between Berkman and Seighart that is highlighted here. We know that both men are pretty much the brains of their respective operations. But the key difference is that Berkman acts in his own self-interest, while Seighart acts selflessly for the sake of his country. That said, I still can’t blame Berkman for betraying Germania. While he was in Otto’s service, the guy did an outstanding job and brought his country’s magical knowledge and resources to where they are now; his actions were most definitely beneficial to Germania. But when the leader of his country effectively betrays him, much like Seighart’s ancestor did to Sophie at the orders of the princess, it’s hard to argue that Berkman should have stayed the course and allowed himself to be executed. It’s not like his death would have done anything for Germania aside from deprive it of one of its brightest minds. In fact, I would argue that Berkman really betrayed Otto more so than Germania itself. It just so happens that his country is currently under the iron-fisted rule of said power hungry maniac.

The Bomb

Sophie’s judgement is at hand.

But that’s enough debate about whether Berkman’s actions were truly selfish. In the end, the guy himself admits to placing his own welfare first, even if he might have just been humoring Seighart to gain his trust. So I won’t pursue the topic any further. Instead, let’s return to the matter of Germania’s magical technology. The latest addition to their arsenal appears to be a magical equivalent of a nuclear weapon. Powered by the crystalization of magical energy, referred to as “exenium” by the Germanian scientists, the bomb is set to be used on Eylstadt’s capital as a show of power to intimidate the allies. Obviously this is meant to be Sophie’s ultimate revenge against the country that betrayed her. But I still remain skeptical that even a magical nuke can completely eradicate all of Eylstadt from existence. Such a weapon would “merely” obliterate a city. And we don’t even know if there will be any associated fallout to render the surrounding area inhospitable, like there is with real life nuclear weapons. But given the fact that the weapon is powered by magical energy, and said energy hasn’t been known to have any adverse physiological effects to living creatures (it flows naturally within the land), I highly doubt it does. So really, dropping the bomb on Landsbruck will most likely just destroy the city and leave the rest of the country unscathed. Which if you ask me, is a far cry from the total annihilation of Eylstadt that Sophie desires. But clearly the show is waving its hands here and telling us not to sweat the details.

There’s also a segment this week featuring some alone time between Finé and Izetta before they set off on their respective missions. It’s full of beautiful imagery and a hearty helping of yuri bait. But honestly, the show has stumbled in building the relationship between the two overall. There’s been very little real development between them, and especially little character growth for each of them over the course of these past 11 episodes. One last sparkling flight into the starry night sky, while pretty, doesn’t add anything of real value. Which is very unfortunate, because this was a huge missed opportunity for the show. Anyway, the episode closes with a bit of a cliffhanger, as Captain Basler appears to catch Finé and company at a checkpoint as they try to sneak into the conference between the allied forces and Germania. But I’m certain that he’s not going to give them away despite all appearances here. The guy seems to have some respect for Berkman, and we can count on Berkman to come up with a way to convince the captain to play along. So I’m calling the show’s bluff about Finé getting caught and failing at this critical stage in the story.

A breathtaking scene.



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  1. skylion says:

    Berkman’s ideals are not dissimilar to any nation. If you are not prepared to devour your neighbor, you will be devoured by your neighbor, is the first rule of statecraft. Alliances are based, in varying degrees, about who is hungrier for what more than anything else. If hungers are shared, so to are resources, etc. He forms a convienient alliance based on a similar, but still different, hunger from Edylstadt.

    But this is shaping up to be a blow out, espically with Clone Sophia’s impatience…

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