Keijo!!!!!!! – Series Review

Keijo - our main heroine

Nozomi Kaminashi’s Final Form

winter15-highw This “obvious” fanservice series surprised everyone with its tone in the first episode, but did it keep that up throughout the entire run?

A Different Kind of Sport

Keijo - creative escape

Nozomi uses her gymnastics athleticism to avoid Fujisaki

Actually, Keijo isn’t really that different from most sports, and it was interesting the way that it was set up: It was a sport that’s designed to be a betting sport, like horse racing or boxing. But they kept it firmly away from American Pro Wrestling, which is far more of a scripted show (yes, the moves are real. Yes, you can get hurt. But the larger points, like who wins and loses a particular match or belt? It’s hard to argue that that’s not all planned out ahead of time for maximum audience engagement). Yeah, it’s a sport that has very limited rules: You can’t hit the opponent with anything other than your butt or your boobs, and if you touch the water, or the ground with anything but your feet, you’re out. But the overall excitement of the sport was there, and you could see how it could be a success, at least in anime land where amazing feats of gymnastics and body control can simply be drawn, rather than actually needing a human to perform them. And in a lot of these aspects, Keijo!!!!!! was much like other sports anime, with beginner players powering up through sheer grit and determination, discovering new abilities, and making ridiculous speeches, while short matches take far far longer than their actual time, such as a less-than-5-minute match taking up something like 35 minutes of screen time over two episodes.

Keijo - I'll never pull turnips again

“With god as my witness, I’ll never pull turnips with my hips again!”

But I feel like Keijo!!!!!!! didn’t take it to the ridiculous lengths that most sports anime do. Yes, they had newbies who had to go through training arcs. Yes, they did have the misfits trying to succeed, in two levels even, with the individual level of Nozomi, Miyata, Non, and Kazane trying to not get the status of losers who quit, and also with Setouchi being forever underdogs to Suruga, the other school for Keijo players. And yes, they did have 2 different tournaments in the show, and the last one took 3 and a half episodes (for only 3 5-minute matches). And they had a lot of different characters, and usually had them have one trait. This is all the kind of stuff that I complain about in most sports anime, because honestly, it usually turns boring. Usually the fighting parts feel like they take way too long, the personal development of the characters takes way too long, everything takes way too long. Why was Keijo!!!!!! different?

Keijo - strength vs strength

It even had special attacks with silly names printed right on the screen

A Different Kind of Sports Anime

Keijo - using the Land

Creative use of varied playing fields allowed for interesting strategies and visual interest

Maybe it was because instead of some interminable tournament with multiple rounds, it was 3 matches, 4 characters per match per team, one-and-done. Having multiple participants allowed for individual focus on our main characters, but got through the whole thing a lot faster. Maybe it was because the scope of everything was well-matched. This wasn’t for the end of the world. It wasn’t even for a championship. It was for bragging rights and personal reputation, and a short fight with one or two powers per person works well for that. Or personal redemption: Miyata against her decision to become a Keijo athlete rather than a judo champion or Nozomi, Non, and Kazane against everyone discounting them as no-names. And the fights were engaging and fun, with a good amount of drama and uncertainty, because they kept the stakes low. It’s hard to overstate the importance of that. A show where the world will end, or someone important will die if the hero doesn’t win doesn’t have uncertainty: the hero is gonna win.

Keijo - seen this before

Kazane should know that every time Gilgamesh pulls this move out, he loses

But in Keijo!!!!!!!, there was honest doubt because Seitouchi could have lost, but still have been redeemed with a good fight. Nozomi and Non and Kazane all lost fights throughout the show, but they still gained reputation and status, because that’s what it was about. In fact, about the only thing that I would have liked to see that the show didn’t do with regards to winners and losers would have been for Non and Kazane’s to have won their match in the final tournament, because losing it to set up a winner-take-all 3rd match was what is always done. Let them win, let them show that they’re not just the designated losers. They could have still had the third match, and it would still have meant almost as much even if it wasn’t deciding who won the East-West War, because it was about the characters not wanting to lose.

Keijo - Kawai supports Nozomi

Nozomi gets a boost from Kawai (yes, I’m avoiding obvious puns too)

Not Becoming Average

Keijo - good vibrations

Kaya and Nozomi with good and bad vibrations (ok, I’m not really succeeding)

A series that surprises in the first one or two episodes will usually “revert to the mean” and lose a lot of what was surprising or interesting about it. Sometimes this is because all of the good ideas of the writer are used up and they can’t support a whole series (say, something like Shimoneta). Sometimes it’s because the surprising parts at the beginning are an anomaly and just not representative of the rest of the series (a show like Kotoura-san). And a lot of times when they lose that spark, they feel like they’re even worse than if they were “merely” average, disappointing in the same way that your elementary school teacher was disappointed that you “didn’t live up to your potential.” So with the opening that Keijo!!!!!!! had, it wouldn’t have been surprising if a lot of people thought that it couldn’t hold up throughout the entire run, since there are a ton of pitfalls in the idea of showing a story about a sport where women compete only by hitting each other with their butts and their breasts, especially in a medium that rightly has a reputation for objectification and distracting sexualizing fanservice.

Keijo - layin tha smack down

Meteor Hip is very satisfying in combination

So the fact that Keijo! didn’t slide into completely sexualizing the characters is something that I think needs to be lauded. I’m not going to sit here and say that it’s not fanservice, because of course it is. And I’m not going to say that it’s not objectification, because of course it’s that, too. But I think that, if anything, the objectification of women’s butts and boobs in this way is more empowering, and pushes away from the idea that boobs are only sexual as much as anything else does. I feel like it did this by (almost) never making the attacks sexualized (the only time it did was something I found to be a bit of an annoying anomaly, when Kusakai defeated the twins from Suruga by overstimulating them, but even that was part of her “S” personality). Even when Miyata rubbed her boobs to make her nipples hard, it was for a different purpose: using them as a hook to pull someone over in a judo throw, or when she pulled her bikini bottoms up so far that she ripped them, again it was for the purpose of winning the match through enhanced speed ability. We can argue the idea that having a massive wedgie would make you faster, but that’s arguing the merits of the show. But nothing these girls did made them self-conscious. It was all about the sport, doing your best and hopefully winning. And that helped the viewer not be embarrassed for them, and kept it earnest and straightforward, not sketchy or skeevy.

Keijo - The finishing blow

Nozomi delivers the finishing blow to Maya


Overall, Keijo!!!!!!!! was really a treat to watch. It was well done throughout, both in story plotting and in visuals, although it did feel like they had the smallest amount of “We’re out of time” production issues in the last episode, where the banquet scene went off model for people’s faces. But apart from that, I’d have to say that it was a nice successful series for Xebec (at least from a TV viewership standpoint), a studio that you have to say usually goes a lot more overboard on ecchi (with shows like To Love Ru, Kanokon, Triage X, and Maken Ki). This is a show that drew people in with good sports action, even for a made-up sport, and kept them with engaging characters and great restraint from doing things that would turn viewers off.


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7 Responses to “Keijo!!!!!!! – Series Review”

  1. skylion says:

    Very well thought out. This is one of my favorites of the year if not the season. They pretty much got everything right, just as you spell out. I did want to add that this is how you do characters if you’re going to do a show like the. They weren’t overly complex with insipid or silly backstories, or nonsensical over-arching goals. They got played straight, even if they weren’t the most well rounded, but rounded as the story and plot demanded them be.

    As for objectification, I think I take a slightly different tack than you, but staying in the same general body of water. They din’t have to do some generic “flip the script” sort of deal. But embraced empowerment in a way that stated, “you can’t help but look at all the boobs and butts, it’s center stage” But they did that through the sport, which you really could take to seriously, but the rules were so tight you kinda have to for it to work – HUUUUGE deal breaker there, and the most rewarding benefit of doubt I’ve seen in some time – and while you’re there, they make it about the better part of competition anime, as you spell out.

    • Highway says:

      Yeah, the motivations for the characters to go into Keijo was spot on: I wanna be rich, I want to be famous, I really like Keijo, I think I can be good at it. And again, that keeps the stakes low, in the realm of human thinking.

      One of the thoughts I had about the sport and the lack of over-sexualizing it had was like you say: The rules prevented them from putting hands on each other. That one rule kept it from being a jello wrestling gropefest.

  2. HannoX says:

    Given its premise this could have been a really trashy show. But it wasn’t because they took their silly, sexist sport seriously. It also helped a lot that the characters weren’t embarrassed by what they were doing. In so much fan service the characters are embarrassed or its done in such a way that the viewers are spying on them which gives it a pervy feel.

    But the names of their attacks and the attacks themselves! Those were so outrageous and over-the-top that that left you sputtering or laughing you forgot about the sexist, exploitive nature of the sport.

    So again, a show that could and should have been pure trash that turned out to be a surprisingly good sport anime that did not descend to the depths you would have thought.

    • Highway says:

      I didn’t think about it at the time, but it showed good anime awareness to use attacks adapted from other anime series. And they were used to good comedic effect.

      • skylion says:

        There is a great layer of almost sarcastic satire going on, especially when they got to that silly Gilgamesh effect, but very much with the two Attack on Titan jokes…

  3. MR.KLAC says:

    Well i got into keijo hype & so good indeed yea show stealing series.

    Give been on watching in it dub by Funi indeed they make so more “hmm” to watch.

    Overall keijo is sonething that really creative.

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