Danganronpa 3: Mirai Hen – 08

Danganronpa 300003

Once again, the mecha saves the day.

For only 2 sleeping periods having passed (well, 3 if you include the one where Yukizome died), there are a lot of dead characters…

Kizakura didn’t really get much of a character introduction until recently, but wow he ended up being a pretty good guy. It’s also been a while since the NG Codes have killed anyone, so it’s kind of nice to see that the plot hasn’t decided to throw them out as plot devices. They make the show really interesting after all, so it’s good that they’re still a threat (and more useful than just the comic relief of seeing Asahina carrying Naegi everywhere).

Danganronpa 300007Danganronpa 300008

Back to Kizakura though, I guess his sacrifice ties into how Kirigiri’s father asked Kizakura to look after his daughter. He seemed kind of suspicious before since he was following her while she investigated, but now it’s more understandable why he would seek her out. From his frivolous attitude shown previously, who would have guessed that he actually took that promise to protect her to heart. Not only in how he gave his life in this episode, but while the whole plot of the first game happened, it seems like Kizakura was on the outside trying to save her. I don’t know if the anime will go into the exact details of why he saved her, but at least Kirigiri has some vague idea of why he died for her sake, and because her father asked him to is probably one of the conclusions she came to. The line about his friend (probably Kirigiri’s father) hating detectives was probably a good clue for that.

But in any case, it’s good that Kirigiri survived because there were finally some explanations about the killings. Apparently the true killer is very specific, which makes things difficult still. Maybe if they were more flamboyant with their method, it would be easier to pin the blame on someone, but a stab wound to the heart is pretty tame and generic for this series. Really, it seems like anyone could have done it. Overall though, it’s kind of nice to see Danganronpa get back to it’s roots again and see someone exposed for a murder using investigations and logic.

Danganronpa 300014Danganronpa 300019

Andou seemed pretty suspicious, but from how clumsily she worked this episode it would be odd if she was the killer. Her fall to draw attention away from the bookshelf was pretty obvious, and Kirigiri figured out her motives pretty quickly. Also, it seems like Andou only killed Izayoi and didn’t do anyone else in since she screwed up the method of killing. From that, it didn’t seem like she quite understood that everyone died from the stab to the heart from how she placed the knife. It was pretty heartless of her to kill him off, and she didn’t even seem to be that upset about Kimura’s death either, so maybe there won’t be a redemption for her character after all.

Once again, mistrust seemed to do someone in again. Izayoi seemed like he would have done anything for Andou (or at the very least, listen to her requests). Maybe if she would have told him about her NG Code, he probably would have totally forgotten about escaping and they could have just hidden somewhere until it was over. He didn’t seem like he would have killed her to escape. Instead, Andou seemed to be worried about betrayal and just ended up killing him anyways. Though maybe she did ask him to stay and he refused. Who knows. It’s kind of hard to judge how long this game has been going on for, but he would have probably starved to death if it went on for too long.

Danganronpa 300011Danganronpa 300009

At the beginning of the episode, Sakakura seemed intent on regaining his honour or whatever through doing Munakata’s dirty work. There have been interesting developments in Sakakura’s character within the Zetsubou Arc too. We’ve seen him feel like he’s inadequate in Munakata’s trio, since he believes that with Yukizome there he has no real role. This would explain in this arc why he’s so intent on killing everyone getting in Munakata’s way since he might feel as if he needs to prove his worth. And then in this episode, there was the flash of how Junko seems to have beaten him at some point too, which probably didn’t really help his self esteem issues.

In the end though, it’s interesting to see that when faced with continuing to try to kill Kirigiri or escape, Sakakura seemed to want to take the escape route. Maybe he’s tired of trying to do Munakata’s work, or maybe he thinks that Munakata would benefit more from everyone escaping. Either way though, it seemed kind of out of character that he would forget about Kirigiri like that when his whole purpose these last 8 episodes seems to have been taking out Naegi’s group.

Danganronpa 300005Danganronpa 300021

Oh and I guess Togami showed up too. Hagakure still doesn’t seem like he’s doing anything useful, but maybe Togami can help the people on the inside. …Provided that the trap triggered at the end didn’t kill him. I doubt that it would have, but you never know.

The deaths seem to be coming in pretty steadily, even if there are episode long breaks where nobody dies. Even with the amount of characters decreasing though, finding the culprit still seems like it will be difficult. Surely Kirigiri is working on that still, but there doesn’t seem to be much concrete evidence (revealed so far anyways) pointing towards a specific person. But for now, I guess Munakata is still a pretty big threat to everyone right now, even if Sakakura seems like a little less of one if he does manage to escape.


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5 Responses to “Danganronpa 3: Mirai Hen – 08”

  1. Nayrael says:

    Andou proved to be an even bigger piece of BLEEP than Sakakura and Munakata. She’s that DR character that you’d LOVE to beat in a Class Trial.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I beg to differ on that. In spite of what she tried to do, she’s nowhere as infuriating as those two douchebags. Not by miles.

      • Karakuri says:

        I dunno, from what I’ve seen, Andou is pretty bad. She’s a different kind of bad, but at least Munakata and Sakakura are kind of loyal to each other. I’d put them on the same level.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Once again, the mecha saves the day.

    That was unexpected and it would’ve been ugly if Monoka decided to switch on that function when she was siding with the Remnants of Despair. Almost everything else would’ve ended up as lesser concerns.

    For a show centered on mutual killing, the body count is going at a slower pace than I thought. More than half the total of people are still alive, not counting the ones coming in.

    R.I.P, Kizakura. A bit of a carefree slouch but he proved himself a decent person. More to him for keeping a promise made years ago after the world itself collapsed. For his absence in the first Danganronpa, I’m guessing the incident Junko caused scattered everyone in all directions and he was not yet able to find Kyouko. He’d certainly have been an interference in Junko’s eyes if he were there.

    Andou’s behavior is what I’d call being driven by desperation. Her well-being so threatened by the wrist band that her self-preservation outweighed all other matters, especially people. Whoever set this scheme up wants to make sure there isn’t a happy ending.

    • Karakuri says:

      Her just deciding to kill everyone with the mecha wouldn’t have been in the spirit of Danganronpa though, so I doubt she would do it. …Or at least not in the middle of a killing game where the point is that everyone knocks each other off.

      I’d like to think that this season, there is going to be more survivors. I mean, despite what the other characters are doing, they could technically all walk away if they just figure out who the culprit is.

      Oh I figured it was more that he couldn’t get into the school after everyone found out that Junko was behind everything. During the first game the characters did mention that they could hear distant gun shots, and Junko even bragged that she was picking off everyone on the hope side trying to save them from the outside.

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