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So I’ve been wanting to watch and review this movie for quite some time, and hey, look who came along……Talk about delays, eh?
It has been more than 6 years since Kizumonogatari movie was announced (July 2010 to be exact). Which is weird considering this is the first story of Monogatari series and the franchise in itself has amassed quite a profit. So, you would imagine them the staff to follow timeline. But oh well, I do appreciate the heightened production quality and let Shinbou/Shaft off the hook by saying, better late than never!

Meet Mr. Lone Wolf


Bishoujo? No…LOLi? Yes….!

Kyokai/// Before Araragi Koyomi became a harem lead and got involved in escalating trouble, he was a loner, keeping to himself. Sure, he would stare off at interesting looking girls in his school but didn’t much bother with friendship. You can say, his reasoning of not having friends was flimsy and even idiotic but let’s remember he has two sisters, who are quite handful and must have kept him busy since they came into his life. He was not really alone but I guess too chuuni and imaginative to care. And then walks this perfect grade girl, who knows his name. Anyone would be surprised, how Hanekawa Tsubasa even remembered such a dullard but then Koyomi does stand out; he likes it or not. And thus, rests the now upgraded lace pantsu-shot of Hanekawa and the encounter of her making friends with Koyomi.

But it wasn’t easy….

But we all knew this was just a nod to the already released stories and the heroine of the hour is none other than Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade in her adult but broken form. It’s a shame that we didn’t get to witness the actual fight between Kiss-shot and the mysterious looking exorcists (Episode, Dramaturgie and Guillotine-Cutter), glimpsed in Bakemonogatari but there are chances that they would be alluded to in the later two parts. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! But what we did get is Oshino BAMF Meme in his full glory. Glorious doesn’t even cut it.

This was freaking cake!

This brings me to Koyomi’s self-sacrifice. It was quite clear that he was ready to run (hell, he did run), when faced with an impossible situation. Being food for a monster, who didn’t give him any regard except for labeling him as flesh and blood. However, there was a change of heart in both scenarios with Koyomi building pity for the broken monster, while Kiss-shot feeling humility and fear of an end for the first time in her life. These two changed each other and unknowingly transformed into their new selves, building a support system. It’s just the beginning right now but would be great to see their journey… Hey, who am I kidding?! We already know, well at least, most of their stories and how they make a mean team. But at least for now, let’s enjoy this arc until all pieces fall together nicely.

…a sigh is but a sigh…

Better LOLi than Never….


skylion/// Yeah, yeah, Koyomi whatshisface. WHATEVER. I mean, I guess the dullard deserves some mention or some credit for his supporting role this time around. But one should be careful with praise when one deals with the lower rungs of the ladder, or else that will lead to expectations of more, and we can’t have that now can we – oh goodness, do you think the idiot might even expect someone to make a series entirely about him. Oh…hang on ::looks some stuff up:: Dammit SHAFT! Tell your sh*t in order! Or at least on time! Or at least know who the most valuable character really is!

She demands fealty and bellyrubs….and five more minutes…

So yeah, welcome to the story about Shinobu Oshino, or as she is more properly known on this end of the storyline, Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade. Awfully nice of Meme to simplify that during Bake’s run, right? However that’s much later and that’s from the concentrated badassery that is our Minster of Balance. So I feel it ‘s unfortunate to mention him, but the gall of the likes of Araragi – who should be grateful that she even payed any sort of attention to him – to refer to her in such a familiar fashion is beyond insulting. While it’s true that the sapient bloodbag is a human that forget what it takes to be a person, and that Heart-Under-Blade is a person that forgot what it was like to be human, that’s no reason at all for him to put on airs and then take that familiar a tone. The very nerve! The two are nothing alike!

Nope, neither one of them tossed a tantrum….

But, we have to grudgingly admit, that a kind and gentle treatment of the bloodbag will pay off dividends. We shouldn’t underestimate a choice, for any reason. I think Heart-Under-Blade realizes that when she comes to the full realization of her diminished stature. So, softly soffly for the time being. Her timeline is long and full of mystery and adventure. The end is when she says it ends, the time is what she says the time is. If she can keep her wits and accommodate these newcomers. There is a game afoot, and the winner will be the one that decides the rules, and the victory conditions. At this point, the pieces are just getting to the board….and the storm continues to gather on horizon, coming ever and ever closer….

Know the hand of the real master!


Monogatari in itself is quite text heavy, which sometimes works but not always. It is a pain to pause on the right time and read through the fleeting text screens (I’m looking at you, end credits and bazillion such screens in the entire Monogatari series!). Kizumonogatari had very few and nothing much to miss, which I loved. Not to mention, a lot of scenes didn’t even need dialogues because just Hiroshi Kamiya breathing with different emotions would set the scene. I love Kamiyan for his unparalleled range and wearing his character’s skin to perfection. If him running around scared and screaming reminded you of Shinji from Fate/stay night, you get bonus points.

He does pain so very well…

There have been a lot of upgrades since we last saw the happenings between Kiss-shot, Episode, Dramaturgie and Guillotine-cutter in Bakemonogatari. They have become fiercer and I can’t wait to see them in part 2 and more of the badass Oshino Meme. I really missed him in the Monogatari continuation, so even if it’s late, it’s great to see the first adventure of this brilliant trio: Koyomi fighting to get his humanity back, Kiss-shot fighting to get her strength back and Oshino, who’s doing this for kicks, balance of the worlds be damned.


Whew, it’s been a long time, been such a long long long long time. Such a long time….coming. But we can finally enjoy the latest chapter of Bakemonogatari in the comfort of our own homes (dammit Aniplex! get your asses closer to me!!!!). I found this a very rich, engaging, and beautiful piece of work. The change to overall character design and the heightened reality of the backgrounds add to the idea that this the Very Big Beginning. While that kinda makes the television series look a bit pedestrian in comparison, I expect that the wider release of a the film necessitated an overall change. It’s one thing to have the idiosyncrasies of an Otaku-o’ Clock television program aimed at an otaku television audience, but a film budget demands that the nets be wider. So the simplified palette, the straighter story, and the stunning lack of some of Shinbu’s oddball method should be expected, and honestly is very welcome. It’s different, sure, but for the fans the familiarity is quite easy to find. For newcomers, I expect it to be engaging regardless…

Shinobu waiting for Part Two…

So with all that in mind, this is the first part of a three part story. It’s pretty easy to figure out why it’s in three parts (three big box offices!), so let’s concentrate on a harder detail. Does it work? Yes, I think this tells a complete story, then adds to the set up for the next chapter/film. The point was to find the place where a human falls to meet the monster and where the monster rises to meet the human….and they don’t so much succeed as make the effort. This was a chilling story of both their efforts, with tantalizing hints of what comes next. Meme is just the literal damn third wheel. But much much more is coming from the entire cast of characters….So….


See you next time.

Pic credit: boyaking(SBF) and ナカシマさんこ


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9 Responses to “Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen”

  1. sonicsenryaku says:

    Im not the biggest fan of the monogatari series as i find most of it to be quite pretentious, i actually didnt hate this movie. I dont know if it was because it was more visually appealing (man does that movie budget help, although some of the visual representations shinbou uses doesnt add anything to the narrative or the characters; come on shinbou, you know better) or whether it didnt have some of the more annoying characters of the series but i do know one thing, and this has been true for all the monogatari series’ in my opinion: whenever the series focused its lens on the relationship/dynamics between shinobu and koyomi is when the series is at its best which explains why i was able to enjoy this movie; to me, shinobu and koyomi are the heart of this series (no shipping bias whatsoever as im not that invested in the pairings of this series). I actually want to see the other 2 parts of this story now; any idea when the second movie is supposed to release?

    • skylion says:

      Well the series is INCREDIBLY pretentious! That’s what it’s selling! But I do agree that Shinbu’s style (and more than likely after Bake, his influence as SHAFT’S visual director over series and episode directors for the rest of the series) has gotten or is getting long in the tooth. I was quite overjoyed to see a change in the interstitial cards during Tsukimonogatari….So it’s even better to see another vision take over and actually improve on the original.

      I am one that actually finds Koyomi’s and Hitagi’s relationship to be a “first love, moving on soon” sort of relationship. But yes, I agree that this film does very much feature a unique and interesting OTP beyond just romance…

    • Kyokai says:

      On your question about the release date, 2nd movie to release mid-August, DVDs should be out by year-end of early 2017. 3rd movie has 2016 only as release date, which can either be December or early 2017. As the releases are slow, expect to complete this three-part by mid or late 2017.

  2. sonicsenryaku says:

    “I am one that actually finds Koyomi’s and Hitagi’s relationship to be a “first love, moving on soon” sort of relationship”

    That’s funny because those were my initial thoughts in regards to their relationship. It’s like, how do you tell your significant other that you have this vampire chick who is essentially an integral part of you and is bonded to you deeply than any person ever would? It’s like you said, their relationship goes beyond romance. In some ways, it reminds me of dante’s relationship with trish in the devil may cry series. But yea, this movie was visually crazy not and i found a lot of the visual storytelling worked this time around

    • skylion says:

      I think the franchise deals with relationships (and indeed characters) in very general fashions. In fact, his harem always feels like counter-gender facets of himself, either partially explored or unexplored. We see ourselves in other people….

      • sonicsenryaku says:

        agreed, which is another weakness of the series. I think if koyomi’s harem wasnt so “matter-of-fact”, id dig the character interactions a bit more. Still, i can understand the core humanity so to speak behind koyomi’s relationships with the girls (even if the narrative doesnt express those dynamics exquisitely) so im stil able to get something out them at the end of the day

  3. thorgriim says:

    I also enjoyed this movie greatly! I may even watch it a few times just to pass the time. The visuals where just top notch for me, however some CGI moments where a little awkward. The scene where shinobu was walking up some stairs? the bit where shinobu runs off and jumps off the building in a fireball, the movements just felt off to me, but that didn’t really bother me much just noticeable. Other then that the backgrounds and artstyle was perfect for me hehe.

    So The one thing that really bothered me was…”Time-Line!” Were does this take place? I get it that this is the very start, Koyomi running into Hanekawa Tsubasa But the Shinobu bit seems very different. Now Im talking about the shinobu with the motorcyclist cap, she wasnt talkative at all untill Koyomi shared donuts with her, Koyomi also seems to not really know her, and if this takes place before then… what? I have read bits here and there saying, Shinobu and Koyomi had a fight and she stop talking.

    Ive not read the novel or anything, and This could be the movie that fill in the gaps, or a stand alone movie that has bits of the story and new stuff to help it become more entertaining? or at the end we will find out how these events lead up to the “Neko Black arc, Shinobu helps defeat Black Hanekawa.” more to come later on this

    Lastly, this Koyomi seems different than the one in series, In the series Koyomi didn’t come off as being a loner or timid when you meet him. He was more a silly goofball and friendly. Im just guessing the movie shows how he chances to the koyomi we know, or again this is more of “The Real Story” where the series is just for the funs.

    Either way I can understand that this ‘could’ take place at the start, this is how he meets shinobu for the very first time, became a vampire, then later Koyomi did something that made shinobu mad at him, and blah blah blah story. Without knowing this I still enjoyed the movie and no “REAL” complaints hehe

    • skylion says:

      This movie/novel is the beginning of the beginning so to speak, so yeah there are some changes to go through before we get to the familiar character seen in Bake. But there are two more films to go to flesh the beginning, so sit tight…or not, you could be very very anxious for them like me.

    • sonicsenryaku says:

      yea this is clearly the prequel so im sure we’ll get all our answers here. This is part of the reason why this movie actually hooked me in comparison to the tv incarnations

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