Haifuri: High School Fleet – 10

Emergency in Engineering!

They’ve been through quite a lot, the crew of the Harekaze, and they have quite a bit ahead.  So it’s time to let down their hair, let off some steam, and let the Festival begin.

By Neptune’s Beard!

I want a Chibi Golden Age of Sail short…

This is good timing for a Festival episode. While Blue Mermaid high command in busy planning Operation: (to be featured as the show’s final arc) Perseus, the girls of the Y-467 are busy planning for a once in a lifetime event, the first time Crossing of the Equator! It’s important to note that Perseus is the plan to eliminate the pesky virus once and for all, and so Misaki’s girls are going to be involved with it despite the BluMer’s reservations on using students to get the job done.

Four ships can be tracked already, but the ever elusive Musashi remains the final boss. So this important ceremony is serving multiple purposes. One, it really is a sailor’s right of passage, for both experienced and novice. Two, it’s a way to let off steam and provide contrast, but more on that later. Three. It let’s them write a “typical festival episode” with high school girl concerns into a sea-going adventure tale.

haifuri 10-003

Water guns seem to hit pouty people on this ship…

So with all that in mind, the first half of the episode shapes up to be “all mice and no cat”, as the girls really don’t quite know what to do. I don’t really blame them. It can’t be that easy to come up with skit material on the fly, keep up with the ship maintenance, and measure up to Maron’s ever increasing demands. Leave it to the boiler stocker to get fired up good and proper for when it comes to fun time. I really enjoyed seeing her character at work. She’s bossy yes, but she keep the engines going. It was a neat contrast to see that when her demands aren’t met, she shuts down and becomes pouty; kinda like an engine? But she was able to motivate them all in the end.

haifuri 10-005

…she just had to make her own little skit snit to start everyone off…

I would love to say that the writing pulled double duty and allowed for foreshadowing with the various bits and skits that happened for the bulk of the episode. But, what’s up with members of navigation and engineering (see below) doing giving the key to the captain? Isn’t the crew supposed to be the same grade level? How can a few be more experienced (already crossed the line) than all the rest? Unless there is experience they have to pass when the moment arises next arc? Navigation is asking question that needs outside help, help that eventually pans out negatively? Rin kills the XO! Will Fanficu-chan seek revenge!? Kuro kills the captain?! Will Rin take revenge?! Bad slipstick from Artillary!!! It still kills!

We’re Sailin’ Sailin’ Sailin’

haifuri 10-007

The traditional Neptune’s court…(does that make Megumi and Sakura Shellbacks?)

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This was a fun, atmospheric kind of episode. We get to see the cheerful side before the girls have to take the serious plunge. I have no doubt that the story will probably make it so that the BluMers are able to take out the first four remaining lost sheep, only to have Misaki and the Harekaze square off against the Musashi. They’ve been building it up with pensive captain looks for most the show after all.

haifuri 10-019

pictured: pensive captain look

So why would they cheat up out on it?  The wouldn’t. So yes, this was the perfect time to reflect and build up some motivations and characteristics. During the talent show all Misaki  had to do was depend on her crew, and everyone found out their duty to the festival, they can do the same on the high sea. Sure, Maron got in a snit, but she’s OK. A sullen engineer is alright by me.

haifuri 10-020

But she’s awesome in that Happi!

Now earlier I did read a bit about how an episode like this was badly placed going into what is going to be a decisive battle, and what was one on the Spee. So to the one that wrote that bit I read…do you even watch anime? They do this all the time! Japanese storytelling works great/better with contrast, and the much ballyhoo’d breather episode is one you look forward to. It shows what’s on the line. Now given that this show is much softer than most battle type show, that might not be that bad, but surprises do happen. See you then….


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5 Responses to “Haifuri: High School Fleet – 10”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    The Fleets of Abbadon the Despoiler shall turn all in its path into offerings for Khorne!

  2. Namaewoinai says:

    So they had a festival in the equator itself…

    I think this kind of festival is sacred but yet forgotten…by most people that is!!

    So, 2 more episodes remaining, hopefully in the last episode will give some announcement or hints for the 2nd season…i really doubt it. but we just wait!

    if they do…well

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    • skylion says:

      I don’t know if they’re aiming for a second season, but the show is well received enough, so who knows.

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