Flying Witch – 08

Flying Witch - Someone's a little amped up

“You’re a weirdo”

winter15-highw It can be hard to write about a show that spends a whole episode in a cafe. Especially when there’s Overwatch to be played…

No Discrimination

Flying Witch - Confuzzled

Someone’s confuzzled

If you’re running a cafe that’s been around for 200 years, and is hidden in a run-down looking house, you’re probably going to have some strange customers. And if you can understand all sorts of people, then you can serve them what they want. This is what Makoto, Chinatsu, and Kei learn as they spend time in Cafe Crucio, er Conclusio. But this time they get to meet the owner of the cafe, Shiina, although this also presents a time for Makoto to get all confused, as she mistakes Anzu, the daughter of the owner, for her mother, and then proceeds to think that she’s changed her appearance via magic. This gets all sorted out pretty quick, just in time for Makoto and Chinatsu to be terrible customers in other ways.

Flying Witch - not scared anymore

Hey, mind if I bother you a bit?

How? Well, by bothering the other customers. First, when the Veil of Darkness comes in who is, in contrast to her name, a very nice person. I’d imagine that when you have one task that you have to do at sunset, there’s probably not a lot to fill the rest of your time, so reading in a cafe is a good choice. I have to say that the veil is also a nice person, because it tolerates being interrupted by Chinatsu, who has completely shaken off her initial “WTF?” reaction to the Haru no Hakobiya and now pretty much accepts anything that comes her way without a problem.

“OI! Quit Hassling the Other Customers!”

Flying Witch - Quit hassling the customers

I know when I go to a cafe I want to be chased around

Makoto and Chinatsu go even further towards driving regular custom away from the Cafe when they chase around the previous two customers, a couple of ladybugs on a date. Here they are just trying to eat their thistle, and these two bigjobs start chasing after them with their fingers out. I imagine that when they landed on Shiina’s finger they said to her “I’ll tell them where they can stick those fingers!” Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad because Shiina just laughed the whole episode off, or maybe everyone’s just that easygoing. But I thought they should have gotten yelled at.

Flying Witch - Hassles

“What is going on?”

And it doesn’t stop there, as the last regular patron comes in, a fox who comes to eat Chinese Lantern Berries (finally something in this show that’s not suspiciously poisonous). While he’s eating, he’s practically mugged by Chinatsu, Makoto, and even Kei, wanting to pet him (at least they asked first). But I really think the show missed a chance by just having him bark. Foxes really make an unsettling scream (and are nocturnal anyway), so despite there being a question about it, they kinda just punted on the answer.

Flying Witch - Ring-ding-ding-ding




And as if the show knows that just meeting people in the cafe isn’t enough of a show, we have a bit with Akane at the end, who manages to drain all the color out of a Vietnamese bay. I don’t quite know why it was sunny there, but Makoto was asleep in Japan, but let’s just accept that (it’s not like they are a bunch of time zones apart…).

Flying Witch - Get Makoto to do it

Someone has an early bedtime


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6 Responses to “Flying Witch – 08”

  1. skylion says:

    I wonder if there is a witch equivalent to frequent teleporter miles? And does Akane always travel a bit steamed?

    I really liked the Veil of Darkness’ design. I’m not the only one to thik of No-Face from Spirited Away, I bet? So, did A-1 rip it off, or is that design something baked into the youkai lore?

    • Highway says:

      I like that in that picture Makoto took, Akane and Kenny have the same expression.

      The Veil of Darkness did have an intriguing design. Things like the arms so thin and almost connected in the wrong place, the overall formlessness, it was really well done. And I’ve never seen Spirited Away.

      • HannoX says:

        See Spirited Away ASAP! The heroine is a bit young to be a loli, but she’s close.

  2. Namaewoinai says:

    Two Bugs: my advise is this SQUISH THEM I DARE THEM ALL XDDDD
    Veil of Darkness (AKA THE ALIEN): Well Not Really bad!
    The Bastard Fox…yeah, really, pardon anyways!…Uh…What else would expect, does he had a brain that the size of a human?…well who knows!

    Monochrome Lake (Well, That what i called it, When they turn to a lake from blue to black/gray)…Well Hopefully she won’t get caught by the “Local Authorities” there cuz you know how zealously defend their land is…However that kind of spell may had some advantage, Perhaps, they could use on this place

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